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Honor Cadets Get Jet Training
52 Given
At Perrin

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VOL. 1 No. 8




USAF Auxiliary
OCTOB]~R, 1959

,,.,, e., v..,
sv M.i! Sub|crllOIon


Arizona Drill Champs
Units Urged
To Suppo rt
WISI Drive
N AT I O N A L H E A D Q U A R T E R S , E l l i n g t o n A F B , Te x . - Why I'm Staying In... WISI !
This is the cry which is now
rising to a slow crescendo:
through the ranks of the Civil Air
Patrol across the nation.
With CAP membership renewal
already underway, National Headquarters is urging all commanders,
personnel officers and ISO's to
promote an all-out effort to make
this year's membership drive an unq~alified success.
THROUGIIOUT the year, news
media in every S~te of the.Union
have stressed the strong and-ililportent role the Civil Air Patrol
plays in community life.
WINNERS of the first annual drill competition of the Arizona Wing were the Tucson Sky Queens
The important mission of CAP
also has been stressed in Congress,
shown standing in their good luck circle before taking the spotlight. Left to rightare Drill Capby USAF, by federal and private'
tain Pat Stell and Cadets Irene Simko, Becky Spencer, Carole Levine~ Stephanie Cooke, Sandy
organizations and by the general
Lipscomb, Karen Kaminski, Marty Thornton, Marilyn Neumer, Rose Swanton, Lenette Pfersdorf and
Adele Rister. (See story page 6.)
In all of these messages the general theme is that the Civil Air~
patrol NEEDS YOU and more men~
+and women of your calibre!
The Texas Wing started its renewal effort by urging its membersI
and prospective members to become "a part of the jet age."
In a pamphlet, the wing trum-i
pc'~s . . , "The Civil Air Patrol]
makes dreams come true."
It points out that "you have the]
ELLINGTON AFB, Texas -- Na- to CAP, are doing actual research Patrol Is to cooperate with ama.
teur scientific groups.
opportunity to ride a sleek, fast AFI tional Headquarters is making an and experimentation in this adjet; get an all-expense trip to
vanced science," explained Dr.
Under this regulation, the CAP
Europe, the Near East or South all-out effort to promote and Stim- Mervin K. Strickler Jr., chief of is required to make "educational
America; take orientation flights ulate interest in rockets.
a v i a t i o n e d u c a t i o n a t N a t i o n a l teaching materials, student workin USAF planes; go to summer enPlans are already on the launch- Headquarters.
books, instructor guides and color
campment at AF bases; be a mem- ing pad for a study of researct~
Dr. Strickler and Capt. James sound training films" available to
ber of a crack military drill team;
projects undertaken by amateur J. Ves'sells, assistant director of
scientific groups.
take flight training as a winner of groups across the nation and to information services, attended an
The regulation points out that
a CAP flight scholarship, and have compile materials, data and guid- army-sponsored amateur firing "these basic materials will provide
the privilege of wearing the dis- ance which will lead to safe, sane exhibition at Camp A. P. Hill, Va.
most of the introductory scientific
tinctive blue uniform of the USAF, and successful experiments.
principles basic to an understandseveral months ago.
with special insignia."
lag of the characteristic properties
be no
T h e D e l a w a r e W i n g a l s o h a s it "There can peopledoubt about
that young
MORE THAN 250 cadets from of rockets and missiles in terms of
)repulsion, flight and guidance."
(See COMMANDERS, Page 13)
the country, many of whom belong 11 States attended the event and
both agreed young people are becoming increasingly more interested in aerospace projects but
they need necessary guidance, research material, supervision and
encouragement if they are to join
the ranks of aerospace scientists
in future years,
A step in this direction is al-i
M I A M I B E A C H , F l a . ~ H a w - [cipal in Morris[0wa, Tenn., was
thorne C. Evans, Jr., outstanding also promoted from the grade of ready in orbit, according to Dr.]
WILMINGTON, N.C.-- An estimember of the Tennessee Wing, TSgt. to the rank of 1/Lt. in the Strickler, with the publication of! mated throng of 70,000 persons
received ConAC's coveted "Out. air reserve.
the aviation education textbook, jammed New Hanover County Airstanding Air Reserve Airman
Evans' appointment as a reserve The Dawning Space Age.
port here to attend the second anAward" in ceremonies held here.
officer comes as no surprise to his
A n a r t i c l e i n t h e A u g t ~ t i s s u en u a l C A P F r i e n d s h i p D a y s a i r
The presentation of the award friends and colleagues in eastern of Speed Age Magazine, entitled l show.
was made during the 13th annual Tennessee, where his accomplish- "The Big Boom in Amateur Rock- Sporsored jointly by the Cape
etry" by Captain Ves'sells and Dr. F e a r, W i l m i n g t o n a n d F e d e r a l
n a t i o n a l c o n v e n t i o n o f t h e A i r ments are well known.
Force Association as country-wide
He is the of a cadet Strickler, also outlines some areas Point .Squadrons and, WECT-TV,
attention was focused on the ac- squadron in his home community, of future interest.
the two-day event was descUbed by
is cadet encampment commander
tivities of the" Civil Air Patrol.
It was pointed out that an AF veteran airmen as one oi~ the most
I n r e c e i v i n g t h e r e c o g n i t i o n , for the Tennessee Wing, and was
regulation specifies that one of colorful and informative to be held
][vans, an elementary school prin(See TENNESSEE, Page 10)
the functions of the Civil Air in the country this year.

New Rocket Program Seeks
Increase in Interest, Safety

Tennessee Wing Man
Wins Reserve Award

P E R R I N A F B , Te x . - - T l ~ e
Civil Air Patrol careers of 52
cadets from across the nation
reached a stunning climax
here when they were introduced to ultra-modern flight techniques during the annual Jet Orientation Course.
Highlighting the week-long pro.
gram were three cross-country
flights each cadet made with an
AF instructor in a T-33.
Marking the fourth year this
base has been host to the CAP
project, the enthusiastic cadets
... each of whom is an honor
member of his Wing... were
given a warm reception.
They were given all the privileges of student officers and were
extended invitations to attend
civilian socials in the neighboring
communities at Denison and Sherman.
The entire program was geared
to give the cadets experience in
every phase of Jet flying. They
were trained by the same veteran
AF officers and airmen who instruct pilots in the F-86L interceptor course carried on at this
Air Training Command installation.
Academic courses included T-33
engineering, weather, navigation,
flight safety, flight planning and
physiological training.
FLIGHT training was divided
into periods devoted to day transition, instruments and cross-country flights. The flights took the
cadets and their instructors to
Oklahoma City, Wichita Falls,
Tex., and return.
The cadets were required to perform cross-country navigation according to the flight plans they
prepared in ground school.
During the 28 hours devoted to
ground school studies, the fledgling pilots became familiar with
the cockpit and controls of a jet
aircraft. This was done in a C-11
synthetic trainer prior to their
first flight.
Most of the cadets had sufficient
flight experience to operate the
plane under the supervision of his
instructor, however. Even those
without previous experience found
they could fly their jet by the
time of their final flight, instructors said.
The cadet who came the longest distance to attend the jet
program was Lt. Leslie Tam of
Honolulu, a physics major at
the University of Hawaii.
(See 52 HONOR, Page 6)

Wilmington Air Show
Draws 70,000 Visitors
One of the highlights on the program was a split-second aerial performance by the crack AF Thunderbirds, who thrilled the huge
throng with high precision maneuvers.
In addition to the Thunderbirds,
Marine jet fliers from Cherry Poi~
Naval Air Station and AF pilots
from Johnson AFB in Goldsboro
brought gasps from the crowd with
high speed flyovers.
The throng also was treated t$





PROVING a jet fighter can make a take-off Erom a shelter designed to withstand an atomic blast,
an Air Research and Development Command F-100 super-sabre completes a zero length launch
at Holloman AFB, N.h4. AI Blackburn, of Los Angeles, Calif., was at the controls.

CAP Praised Air University Meets
By Yarborough
Vital Air Force Need
WASHINGTON.--Sen. Ralph W.
M A X W E L L A F B , A l a . - - N o f y e t designed to meet the scientific, techYarborough of Texas praised the h a l l o w e d b y h a l l s o f i v y, t h e A i r nical, and medical requirements of
Civil Air Patrol cadet program on University nonetheless has all the the Air Force in the aerospace age.
the floor of the Senate and cited earmarks of a topnotch educational
The University is dedicated to
that "many people owe their lives center, with a faculty and facilities
preparing officers for positions of
to the fast rescue work of the
increasing responsibility in the Air
He made particular mention of
Force. It does this by providing
a practice SARCAP mission staged
them with the necessary knowledge
by Group 5 in Lubbock, Tex., on
and background in various courses
Aug. 2g.
In his speech, which was printed
of study.
in the Congressional Record, the
A series of postgraduate profesTexas lawmaker said:
sional schools help train and deLOWRY AF , C
s no
"Mr. President: The members of everyone whoBcan o l o . - - I t ' him- t velop sir commanders and staff ofpromote
the Civil Air Patrol furnish good
ricers in much the same way ciA PRE.FLIGlqT briefing is given to Lt. Coh Sarah Duke, ISO
examples of good citizenship in self and demote himself at his own vilian Universities produces doctors
l e i s u r e a n d n o t g e t i n t o t r o u b l e :and lawyers.
for the Southeast Region, by Capt. John Metzger, 14th AF jet
" T h e s e p e o p l e s p e n d a g r e a t with authorities.
pilot, before her initial flight in a T-33. Lieutenant Colonel
Besides this professional training,
But that's the unique situation A i r U n i v e r s i t y i s a l s o a c t i v e i n
deal of their personal time and
Duke was given her first jet flight because of her enthusiastic
f u n d s t o p r e p a r e t h e m s e l v e s t o in the military life of TSgt. Gerald providing doctrine guidance to keep
support of CAP and AF activities.
help others. They keep themselves E. Stetson, attached to the 3428th abreast of changes and developready for emergency work. Many AF Student Squadron, who is fast
ments in weapon systems.
people owe their lives to fast resmaking a widespread reputation
The University's "main campus"
c u e w o r k b y t h e C A P. D u r i n g t h e f o r h i m s e l f a s a C i v i l A i r P a t r o l and headquarters is located near
w a r, i n u n a r m e d l i g h t a i r c r a f t , captain.
Montgomery. Here are the first and
W h e n n o t a t t e n d i n g t o h i s A F second level schools--the Squadron
they helped maintain a vigil
around our country's coasts.
duties, TSgt .... er Captain Stet- Officer School for lieutenants and
"In addition, the CAP cadet pro- son can be found hard at work in captains, and the Command and
gram is one which helps our young the headquarters of the Colorado Staff College for captains and maROBBINS AFB, Ga. -- Enthus- it a year ago and her request for
people to become more self-reliant, Wing as deputy for communica- jors.
iastic support of CAP and AF ac- t h e fl i g h t o n l y r e c e n t l y c l e a r e d
more responsible and better citi- tions.
A l s o a t M a x w e l l i s t h e s e n i o r tivities paid off for Lt. Col. Sarah channels. From then on, however,
Because of the outstanding work school of Air University--the War
it was the "red carpet treatment"
" A g r o u p o f Te x a s C A P m e m - he has performed as a CAP officer College--whose objective is to pre- Duke, a licensed l~ilot and ISO for
the way.
bers recently conducted a simu- and communications chief, Captain pare men for high command and the Southeast Region, when she allThe AF sent a twin-engine plane
Stetson has been singled out for a staff duty with the Air Force's larg- w a s r e w a r d e d w i t h a 5 5 - m i n u t e
lated air search to keep in pracflight in a T-33 here.
to her home city of Chattanooga,
tice for the real thing. I ask unani- possible promotion in the non-com- er organizations.
S h e s a i d s h e w a s " e s p e c i a l l y Te n n . a n d fl e w h e r h e r e f o r h e r
mous consent to have printed in missioned officer ranks of the AF.
institution can
This was done by Col. Charles beIn this Air Force from the Army, thrilled" when the pilot, Captain initiation jet flight.
the appendix of the (Congresfound students
J o h n T. M e t z g e r o f t h e 1 4 t h A F,
sional) Record, as a salute to these F. Howard, wing commander, who N a v y, M a r i n e C o r p s , R o y a l A i r put the plane through a series of about toI'll have lots more to talk
prospective cadets," she
public spirited citizens, an article warmly praised Stetson in a com- F o r c e , a n d R o y a l C a n a d i a n A i r 10,000.foot dives, sweeping climbs,
m u n i c a t i o n t o h i s A F s q u a d r o n Force, with a sprinkling of civilians.
f r o m t h e L u b b o c k ( Te x . ) A v a loops, rolls and other precision
lanche-Journal entitled 'All-Day commander, and requested that he
The Air University operates speProblem . . . Simulated Air Search be considered for a higher grade. cialized courses such as the Aca- maneuvers
Lieutenant Colonel Duke said
"The Colorado Wing is extremely demic Instructor School for trainin Area Slated by CAP'."
Captain Metzger "wrung out"
The full-length newspaper story f o r t u n a t e i n h a v i n g a p e r s o n o f ing officers, airmen, and civilians thatplane at her request.
Captain Stetson's calibre and abil- as classroom instructors; and the the
explained that" planes from each
"T e fl
as w
of these communities and about 50 ity as deputy for communications," Wa r f a r e S y s t e m s S c h o o l f o r i n - thingh I'vei g h t wdone o r t hthev e r y ever
cadets participated in the mission. C o l o n e l H o w a r d s a i d . " H e i s a n struction in weapon systems and the
outstanding credit to the U.S. Air impact of technology on air war- A i r P a t r o l a n d t h e A i r F o r c e , "
It also explained in detail many of
she said on landing.
Force due to his leadership, knowl- fare systems.
the events in the exercise.
WA S H I N G T O N . - - T h e F e d e r a l
The host squadron is commanded edge and ability to win friends and
A major activity of Air UniverAgency has
S H E e x p l a i n e d t h a t o n e o f t h e Aviation Regulations amended the
by Lt. Noel Bryant. Lee Dex Ves- create favorable impressions for sity is the School of Aviation MediCivil Air
to clarify
the U.S. Air Force."
sels is the cadet commander.
cine, which is moving from Rar~ most impressive features about jet physical and mental conditions that
He added that Captain Stetson dolph AFB to nearby Brooke AFB, flying is its quietness. Ordinarily, will disqualify an airman from holdGroup Five takes in squadrons
a s h ou
f r o m P l a i n v i e w ( h e a d q u a r t e r s ) , h a s a g o o d s e n s e o f h u m o r a n d San Antonio, Texas. This school a t e . ap r p li a n e b c r ea me t t p r a n g hi s ing a medical certificate. Without
Amarillo, Borger, Dalhart, Mule- "has the ability to influence and provides the necessary instruction s e d v e , u t
a currently valid medical ccrtificale
persuade" his CAP colleagues that i n a v i a t i o n m e d i c i n e a n d a l l i e d "strangely quiet," she said.
shoe, Childress and Lubbock. It is
" I t s i m p l y r a n o f f a n d l e f t t h e ~ a c person flmayt pilotwan aircraft o r
--commanded by Maj. Clayton Camp- regulations should be obeyed.
t as a igh cre member
areas and also conducts medical reI t w a s p o i n t e d o u t b y C o l o n e l search--including space medicir.e-- noise," Lieutenant Colonel Duke airport traffic controller.
H o w a r d t h a t a s d e p u t y f o r c o m - which affects Air Force flying per- smiled.
Her flight in the jet was not by ! The A i r R e g u l a t i ton PartP29 s i c ihe
munications, Captain Stetson has sonnel.
o s, " hy
charge of all fixed, mobile and airFrom Gunter AFB, Air Univer- chance. The AF started on Standards for Airmen" becomes efOctober 1959 ]seue--VoL I, No. $
borne HF and VHF radio stations, sity directs its Extension Course
fective October 15, 1959.
Vtlbli~ed monthly by Army Times Publish. radio equipment and CAP commuThe disqualifying medical condiIng' Co., 2020 M St., N.W., Woehington 6, nications personnel in the State. I n s t i t u t e , w i t h a n e n r o l l m e n t o f
Barry Cops Title
tions which are spelled out in 1he
about 265,000 extension students.
D.C. St.00 per year by moll |ubeerlpUon.
H e i s a l s o r e s p o n s i b l e f o r t h e A branch of the School of Aviation
QUANTIC0, Vs.--David Cupper new revision include: diabeles mel(Civil Air Potrol membership dues inpreparation of policies, correspond- Medicine is also at Gunter.
Barry Mackay, representing ConAC l i t u s r e q u i r i n g i n s u l i n ; c o r o n a r y
elude subscription).
ence and decisions affecting operBackstopping the Air University:s in the interservice tennis cham- artery disease; a history of psySecond elaee postage paid ot Weshl, gton.
ations, assignment of equipment educational program at Maxwell are pionships here, blasted' four op- chosis or certain other mental or
D.C.. and at additional molnnll of Jlces.
and personnel and other matters two noteworthy units, the Air Uni- p o n e n t s o f f t h e c o u r t t o w i n t h e nervous diseases including bebaviCHANGE OF ADDRESS
concerning the state-wide commu- versity Library and the Research all-service singles crown without our disorders, chronic alcoholism,
Pleose use form eft Page 14. It will speed
yeur change @f oddress.
nications network of the wing.
losing s set.
Studies Institute.
drug addiction or epi.lepsy.

This Sergeant
is a Captain

Efforts of Lt. Col. Duke
Rewarded by Jet Flight

FAA Clarifies
Medical Rule

New 'Copterl
Boasts High





Cadet Mans Radio
Despite Injured Leg

HOUSTON -- Cadet Jimmie Roberts of the Houston
Squadron three months agomade a decision to undergo bone
W I C H I TA ~ K a n . - - A n e w
surgery to correct a leg ailment so that he might physically
h e l i c o p t e r, e m b o d y i n g i n h e r qualify to enter the AF Academy.
ent stability characteristics
Because of this he was unable important messages and to monicomparable to those of fixed
to attend summer encampment, t o r C A P e o m m u n i e a t i o z i s b e i n g
wing aircraft, has been defrom the
lost a chance to win his proficiency sent r o u g h o u thurricane tarea. i s .
6igned by the Cessna Aircraft Co.
the nigh he l
Designated the CH-1C, the air.
certificate, and could not partici- t e n e d a n d i n f o r m e d h i s s q u a d r o n craft opens an entirely new repate in all of his aviation hobbies. c o m m a n d e r o f s t o r m d e v e l o p gime of flight capabilities for heliBut despite his disappointments ments.
and handicap, he proved his
When the storm exploded, CaEngineers pointed out that the
m e t t l e a n d h i s d e v o t i o n t o C A P det Roberts did not have to be told .
inherent stability achievement
when a vicious hurricane slammed what to do. He knew his mission
represents a substantial technical
i into this city one night.
was :cut out for him. He' went
NEWLY NAMED LO for the Pacific Region, Lt. Col. Richard L.
advancement for it qualifies the
I Ignoring sleep and a heavy quickly to work to modify his
Portillo, left, receives the AF Commendation Medal from Brig.
CH-1C for instrument flight operb u l k y c a s t w r a p p e d a r o u n d h i s radio equipment so s e v e r a 1
Gen. Stephan D. McEIroy, national commander, during head=
ation without the necessity for
leg Cadet Roberts stubbornly re- channels could be heard simulcomplicated electronic stabilizing
quarters ceremonies at Ellington AFB, Tex. Lieutenant Colonel
mained by his home radio to relay taneous~.
Portillo was cited for developing and improving the tactics used
In addition to its instrument
by bombers and tankers while he was chief of the tactics section
capability, engineers said the heliof the 15th AF.
copter is designed for reconnaissance-observation, light personnel
transportation a n d instrument
training missions.
The new aircraft has the normal
flight and engine instruments plus
a five-inch altitude gyro, a fiveinch directional gyro, a turn and
slip indicator and an instantaneous
vertical speed indicator.
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.- The American Legion unaniIt was explained by engineers m o u s l y a d o p t e d a r e s o l u t i o n a t i t s n a t i o n a l c o n v e n t i o n h e r e
that the lateral stability of the airit
d p
s g
e ca
c r a f t h a s b e e n a t t a i n e d c h i e fl y e n d o r s i n g C i v i l A i r P a t r o l a c t i v r aiie sn a np r o grra imi.nT h t h r e s o ld e t
ni g
through a mechanically driven
pointed out that the hUge veterans'
gyro which inputs a control force,
organization has supported CAP for
proportional to the roll rate and
many years and urged its 2.7 milroll displacement, to the rotor conlion members at posts throughout
trol system.
the country to continue to support,
Longitudinal stability, they said,
encourage and participate in the
is the result of a new design un.
CAP cadet training program.
/'~swept, uutapered and symetric-secIt was also stated in the resolve
tion horizontal ~pk~fi.__~TJ~is _is
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. ~ Brig.
c o m b i n e d w i t h a " g - s e ~ l i s ] ~ ~n. Stephen D. MeEIroy, national that "adequate liaison be estabwhich stabilizes any longitudinal commander, told sol~ie-60~ p'erso-h~ l i s l r e d a n d m a d n t a i ~ d , b e t w e e n
WHEN A SEVERE hurricane slammed into Texas, Cadet Jimmie
attending the North Central Rethe American Legion and the Civil ' Roberts of the Houston Squadron, who recently underwent bone
Engineers also explained that a
gional Conference here that the Air Patrol.
surgery to qualify for the AF Academy, stubbornly, remained by
newly designed tail rotor, with the
one-third annual turnover in senior
his radio to relay important CAP storm messages.
This, the resolve said, would
c e n t e r o f p r e s s u r e o n t h e p i t c h membership is weakening the CAP
prove helpful in providing inchange axis, is credited with pro- program.
formation and program mate.
viding directional stability.
In a move to overcome this
A three to four place helicopter, s i t u a t i o n , h e s t a t e d t h a t s e n i o r rials to enhance the working
relationship between the Amer.
the CH-1C has a maximum gross t r a i n i n g p r o g r a m s s h o u l d b e
w e i g h t o f 3 1 0 0 p o u n d s a n d a n s t e p p e d u p w i t h a n a s s i s t f r o m lean Legion and the cadet train.
ins program through the distri.
empty weight of 2050 pounds. It national headquarters.
is powered by a Continental 270
A l t h o u g h m a n y p r o b l e m s bution of the booklet "A Na.
net horsepower reciprocating su- cropped up during the past year, tional Education Program" to all
percharged engine located forward B r i g a d i e r G e n e r a l M c E l r o y e x - interested groups.
BROOKS AFB; Tex.--Medical pa- in the totally hostile environment
plained that the Civil Air Patrol
of the cabin section.
The resolve declared that "the t i e n t s o f t o m o r r o w m a y l o o k t o (space) is the task which concerns
The helicopter has a fuel capaci- accomplished many achievements. C i v i l A i r P a t r o l C a d e t p r o g r a m b e e l e c t r o n i c a l l y m o n i t o r e d a n d aerospace medicine today."
ty of 90 gallons and has a maxiHe lauded the benefits members offers training in the fundamentals watched from a central recording
mum cruising range of about five received from the Staff College
of aviation education, including
table many miles away, Maj. Gen.
hours. Cruising speeds range from held at the University of Montana the theory of flight, meteorology, O. K. Niess, USAF Surgeon Gen80 to 105 knots. The rate of climb and expressed hopes that the col- navigation, aircraft engines and eral said recently. Such a practice
at sea level, with maximum gross lege would be held next year at pre-solo flight training.
is not inconceivable, he said.
weight, is 950 feet per minute.
an AF base, possibly Ellington.
"In addition to these technical: advancedwas speaking before the
course in aerospace medisubjects," the resolve Contint~ed,
" t h e C i v i l A i r P a t r o l c a d e t p r o - cine for allied officers at the Air
Force School of aviation medicine.
gram also offers boys and girls~ He said that the conquest of space
WASHINGTON. ~-- The 18th
in the 14 to 18 age group character
training, leadership training, and durnig the next 10 years will pose Anniversary of the Civil Air Pao t h e r p r e - i n d u c t i o n t r a i n i n g t h a t the most stimulating challenge ever t r o l w i l l b e m a r k e d w i t h a n
oversized, bonus CAP Times
have proved valuable to them when encountered by medicine.
I n c l u d e d i n t h e c l a s s w e r e 1 4 Special Edition full of features,
they are called for active service, i
medical officers from 12 c~untries.
historical and current, about
"Experience proves," the resoNiess said that the impact of
EAU CLAIRE, Wisc.--Lt. John
lution said, "that this training has aerospace medicine upon general
Brig.Gen. Stephen D. McEISteinmetz, who entertained Amerenabled former Civil Air Patrol
ican troops overseas as a member
medical practice has been tworoy, National Commander, plans
cadets to advance more rapidly
fold. B e s i d e s increasing our
to make the December issue of
of the Four Teens, has been named
and to serve in positions of greater knowledge about the human body
commander of the Eau Claire
CAP Times a reference edition
responsibility in all branches of
Squadron. He succeeds Lt. Louis
in relation to the earth's environfor senior members, cadets and
the armed forces, especially the
ment, it is also influencing the
others interested in the organiPaulsrud.
air arms."
development of medical instruzation.
A licensed pilot for six years~
I t m e n t i o n e d t h a t t h e c a d e t mentation and methods used in
Senior members and cadet
Lieutenant Steinmetz spent four
training program "at the commudiagnosis, observation and thersubscribers will get the issue as
~years on active duty with the AF
n i t y l e v e l i s a m a j o r a c t i v i t y a t apy.
part of their subscriptions.
and saw service during the Kothis time."
"The next 10 years should pose
Non-subscribers and t h o s e
rean conflict.
the most stimulating challenge yet
who may Wish extra copies sent
While a member of the Four
encountered by medicine," he said.
to themselves or others may obTeens, Lieutenant Steinmetz per"Providing the means for man's sur- tain them by sending 25 cents to
formed on programs with stage,
vival iS that task which concerns
cover cost of the edition and
screen and television stars, includaerospace medicine today."
mailing to: Circulation Manager,
i n g B o b H o p e , A r t h u r G o d f r e y,
l~ational Executive Board
CAP Times, 2020 M Street NW,
Steve Allen, Ted Lewis and Sophie
National Headquarters, EllingHE SAID that space medicine has Washington 6, D.C.
developed and tested new methods
ton AFB, Houston, Tex., 1,2,3
Cadets may obtain a year's
During the quartet's swing in enof instrumentation in space simu- subscription, or 12 copies, of
tertaining American troops, Lieulators and actual rocket flight.
CAP TIMES for 50 cents. If the
Regional Conferences
tenant Steinmetz sang in the U.S.,
"The application" of these new
subscription is received by Nov.
Southwestern, New Orleans,
Japan, Korea, at South Pacific
methods and highly miniaturized
10, 1959, the BIG ANNIVERLa., 8-11 Oct.
bases, Greenland and England. He
instruments to hospital patient care
SARY Edition will be included
Northeastern, N e w Haven,
has been a member of his squadron
could be profound," he haid. "Proas part of the subscription,
Conn., 16-18 Oct.
for a year.
viding the means for man's survival
LT. J O H N L . S T E I N M E T Z

Cadet Training Plan
Lauded at Legion Meet
Dangers Cited
In Turnover

New Challenges Seen
For Space Age Medics
Birthday Special
For CAP Times
In December

Former Singing Star
To Command Squadron

CAP Calendar

Civil Air Patrol Times

Leader of Champs

By Charles J. Wol

The Civil Air Patrol Times is sn authorized publieatlon of the Civil Air Patrol,
a prlvste benevolent corporation, and sn auxiliary of the I)SAF, existing under, and
by virtue of, aets of the Congress ol the United $tate~---Publle Law 476, 79th Congressj
Chapter S27, Snd Sees/on, July I, 1946 (36 U.S.C. 201.~0S) and Publle Law S57,
Conlress, Chapter 349, 2nd Sesslonj May 26, 1948, as =mended, (5 U.S.C. 626, I & m).
/)pinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of the U. S. government
cr any of its departments or agencie|.
Published by the Army Times Publishing Company, 2020 M Street, N.W., Washington
8. D.C. Editorial offices: 2020 M Street, N.W.. Washington 6, D.C.; editorial copy should
be addressed to Editor. CAP TIMES, at this address. Subscription inquiries from other
than senior members of the Civil Air Patrol. and all inquiries concerning advertising
zoatters, should be directed to the Army Times Publishing Company.

Nauonal Commander .................... Brig. Gen. Stephen D. McElroy, USAF
Director of Information Services ............ Maj. James W. Hickman, USAF
YOL. 1 NO. 8

my M.i, Per Year


Well Done
ctiv i
for he summ
T H1959Inow A I R completed.' SInaspitei tofe smany tdifficulties e r o f
frustrations which each of you encountered in attempting to
get the job done this year, I am sure that you will be surprised and pleased when the accomplishments of the summer
months are passed in review.
11 , 0 0 0 C i v i l A i r P a t r o l c a d e t s a t t e n d ed summer encampments on 38 Air Force
52 young men cadets of the Civil Air
Patrol, with their 5 CAP escort officers, attended the Jet AgeOrientation Course at Perrin AFB, Texas.
52 young women cadets of the Civil
Air Patrol with 5 CAP escort officers attended a Jet Air Age Orientation at Gunter AFB,
1 4 3 c d t s CAP escort officers o l a 20
McELROY companied abye 20 o f t h e C i v i l A i r P a t rand c -

TEAM5 1957-- 1950

S O P H O M O I 2 E AT T H E

USAF officers, were guests in one of the following countries
this summer: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark,
. r-,
France, Great Britain, Greece, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,
and Turkey.
134 young men from organizations similar to our
own in the countries listed above, accompanied by 38 escorts,
were guests of the following Civil Air Patrol Wings this summ e r : N e w Yo r k , M i c h i g a n , Vi r g i n i a , N e w M e x i c o , I d a h o ,
Florida, W. Virginia, Minnesota, Alabama, New Jersey, DelaA
ware, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hamp-I
_ _.
~hire, Illinois, Montana, California, and Nebraska.
Approximately 15,000 Civil Air Patrol cadets participated in the National Drill Competition. From this number,
220 cadets representing the champions in each of the eight
Regions, plus a team from Puerto Rico and Hawaii, accompanied by their escorts, participated in the National Drill
Competition in New York City, the World Series of this event. Appreciation




T h e N a t i o n a l C h a m p i o n H a w a i i D r i l l Te a m r e p r e THANKS A MILLION . . . The Melbourne Composite Squadrc
ORLANDO, AFB, Fla. m I wish
to extend my sincere appreciation Group 6, Florida Wink was presented with a $500 donation by the Go,
sented Civil Air Patrol in the International Drill Exhibition
for the excellent cooperation and Neighbor Fund, an employee organization of the Boeing Airpla:
in Toronto, Canada.
assistance rendered by personnel Company's Atlantic Test Section. The presentation was made to Ca]
Many other young women, cadets of the Civil Air
of the Central Florida Squadron Richard Robbins, squadron commander, by William C. Gearhart, pre~
Patrol, participated in the Inter-Region Cadet Exchange.
of. the Civil Air Patrol during the dent of the group. The money will be used to purchase air and grou]
communications equipment.
Incomplete reports indicate 767 hours were flown by period 26 July through 31 July 1959.
During this period Air Rescue
CAP crews in search and rescue missions during the summer Service conducted its fourth annual
GREETINGS . . . Lt. Col. Vernon
* F.*Kullowatz,recent graduate
i World Wide Pararescue competi- the Air Command and Staff School at Maxwell AFB, Ala., has be
tion at Orlando Air Force Base named chaplain at national headquarters. A veteran of War lI aJ
89 SARCAPS were performed.
~ Florida. The Central Florida Squad-the Korean conflict, Lt. Col. Kullowatz holds the Silver Star, Bron
M o r e t h a n 1 , 8 0 0 s c h o o l t e a c h e r s a t t e n d e d f o r t y - s i x ron p T o v i d e d communications Star with Oak Leaf Cluster and__ the.Purple_ Heart.
Aviation Education Workshops in Colleges and universities equipment and personnel to operBIG SWITCH... Cadet Lt. Emil E. Schultz, Jr. of Foothill Squadrc
ate a communications net with
in this country.
stations at Flight Operations, Or- California Wing, was unable to attend summer encampment with
unit. The reason? He was in Virginia with his parents so he attend
1 3 0 t e a c h e r s a t t e n d e d t h e N a t i o n a l Av i a t i o n E d u c a - lando AFB, and the parajump site. the Virginia Wing encampment after he was made an honorary memb
tion Workshop at Montana State University.
On 31 July 1959 a retirement
ceremony, including a review of of the Old DominiOn State unit by Maj. Anthony Dingas, encampmc
28 Air Force Reserve Officers attended the National the troops, was conducted for Brig. commander. His father is a group officer and his mother is the Footh
Aviation Education Workshop at Montana State University. Gen. T. J. Du Bose, Commander, Squadron nurse.
2 0 0 o f fi c e r s o f t h e C i v i l A i r P a t r o l , i n c l u d i n g t w oAir Rescue Service. One of the
TEN.SHUN.., They said'it couldn't be done, but Barbara Wilfo
of this ceremony
busy Wing Commanders, Col. O'Connor from the Kansas highlights a formation of ARSwas a a former CAP cadet in Oak Park, Ill. did it. She became the fi
fly over by
air- coed at the University of Illinois to win an AF commission through
Wing, and Col. Chick from the Oregon Wing, attended the craft. The excellent timing of the
fi r s t C i v i l A i r P a t r o l S t a ff C o l l e g e a t M o n t a n a S t a t e U n i - arrival of the formation over the AFROTC program. Her desire to become an AF officer was generat
through her Civil Air Patrol training. Her fiancee, Robert Monsell,
parade ground is attributed to the an AF cadet studying navigation.
The National Headquarters, with approximately one communications provided by a
CAP radio vehicle at the parade
THREE R'S... Capt. R. C. "Bob" Blackman, former aviation edu(
l~undred people and a half-million pounds of equipment, moved
tion officer for Group 3, Florida Wing, and a pioneer in organizing
from Washington to Ellington Air Force Base, Texas.
I am looking forward to the Junior Air Cadets, is currently coordinating the aviation education sta
........ And somehow through all this, the units back home continued outstanding cooperation of the Florida Wing. An instructor at Florida State University, he
continued "business asusual." Civil Air Patrol as an organiza- between the Civil Air Patrol and currently projecting monthly releases on curriculum, techniques a
tion, and each of its members as individuals can be extremely Air Rescue Service.
proud of the accomplishments for the Summer 1959. I conSAFETY . . . The Alabama Wing has struck on a unique idea
Brigadier General, USAF
gratulate you.
promote and stress safety. It is publishing a pamphlet called the P
tector featuring a cartoon of a duck named Bama Alawing wh
quacks out safety themes, including the danger of being overweig
It is written by Capt. Henry L. LeMien, Jr. and the cartoon is dra~
CROW WING, Minn.--The Crow by Cadet Jerry G. Marchant.
Wing Squadron, USAF--CAP HeadFOR THE BIRDS . . . rds choosing to rest on the AF Miss
quarters, and the British Cadets
and Officers wish to thank the many Development Center sled track at Holloman AFB, N.M. have caus
severe damage to sleds traveUing at supersonic speeds. To overcon
individuals and organizations who
this, loud speakers have been installed along the tracks which broadc~
Brigadier General, USAF
made the British Cadet visit to machine gun fire, thunder and hawk cries to scatter the feathered cr~
(See LETTERS, Page 11)
tures before the sled comes whizzing along.
National Commander





W r i t i n g f o r t h e A P b y t h e A s . Ulanoff (Doubleday & Co., $3.95)
sociated Press Writing Committee is a slim volume that compiles all
(25 cents, 32 pages).
the armed services weapons. PreThis book is tailored for poten- liminary sections on guidance systial and seasoned news writers. It tems and power plants will help
dissects leads of actual news stories,
discusses sentence structure, story c l e a r t h e a i r f o r m a n y w h o a r e
organization, color and other ele- unfamiliar with these aspects.
ments of newspaper writing.
The book concerns Itself mainly
Alan Gould, AP executive editor, with current missiles and rockets
says in the foreword that "the committee's work has resulted in short- !but also looks into the "immediate
er leads with more punch, story future," discussing the AF's Dynalength has been cut and the pro- Soar and Minuteman, among others.
duction of bright copy has been
The more serious student of
stepped up."
rocketry will find that the Rocket
The committee has drawn on Encyclopedia Illustrated (Aero
A SURPRISE was in store for
ideas and material from AP bureau
chiefs and staffers throughout the P u b l i s h e r s , I n c . , $ 1 2 . 5 0 ) i s h i s
cadets of the Fourth Group,
world and offers criticisms on a meat. Here is the technology beOhio Wing, when they crossed
daily basis.
hind the blast-off: the engineering, !
paths with Vice President RichT h e b o o k m a y b e o b t a i n e d assemblies, components, processing
ard M. Nixon while en route to
through the Traffic Department, and production methods. The enWright-Patterson AEB, Ohio,
Associated Press, 50 Rockefeller
cyclopedia also covers the human
for their summer encampment.
Plaza, New York 20, N.Y.
side, i n c 1 u d i n g biographical
The meeting took place in
sketches and historical events conP a t e n t s a n d I n v e n t i o n s ( U . S . nected with the rocketry field.
Cleveland. (UPI)
Patent Office, 15 cents)
Many full-page diagrams are inWASHINGTON. -- Twenty-thou- ing style with ~imple, understandInventors who desire to obtain cluded in this volume, and nearly sand AF people have completed able language, Tarr states.
patent protection will find helpful every page has one or more picHe said
techadvice in this publication.
:ures. Of interest to the layman, A F ' s " e f f e c t i v e w r i t i n g t r a i n i n g niques of the principles and will be
A real treat
effective writing
course" since 3une 1958 and many
for your feet
This easy- to- read, informative this book can be invaluable to the
booklet outlines some basic points scientific-minded individual who more wili be taking it soon, offi- included in the curricula of all AF
~ N O W S Y M A I ' ~
an inventor should consider before desil;es more than just browsing.
cials here said last week. Several
seeking a patent. A section of the
In a similar vein, the Dictionary
booklet is devoted to answering of Guided Missiles (Van Nostrant commands say they will accelerate
CAA Approved ~:40OI~RADIO Limited
some of the most frequently asked Co., $17.50) is a book that can be the writing program soon.
Instrumente lonn I, 2, & 3.
questions "concerning patents.
extremely useful to those who
The course, begun in June 1958
Servf~,a Representative to Call on ~au
The booklet may be obtained by w a n t t o , o r n e e d t o , k n o w m o r e
at yol~r West Coast Home Airporl
writing to the Superintendent of about rockets and missiles than is under AFL 50-6, is a 10-hour workVISIT ONTARIO'S NEW
Documents, Govei'nment Printing usually contained in popular maga- Shop type of training given at variNOTE: Call or wire for 4ppoinlmerd
ous bases and commands. The
soles, rubber heels. Men's 6-12, ABCDE,
Office, Washington 25, D.C.
or y~et fly in
zines or daily newspapers.
cpurse stresses brevity and clearfrom stock. Other sizes 5-16, AAA to EEEE
Although it is a reference book, ness in writing, by avoiding long
made to order $3.00 more. ORDER NOW.
S am--4:30 pm
Enclose check or money order. WRITE FOR
T h e y F l e w t h e A t l a n t i c ( d e l a random reading can reward you sentences and paragraphs, redunOTTO'S INSTRUMENT SERVICE
C r a i x , t r a n s l a t e d b y F i t z g e r a l d , with many interesting facets about
PHONS YU 63-$221 or YU 6-6097
T/~IM~'C J
the research, design and operation dancy, and unfamiliar words.
/%,Flay Dept. 10CA, SOS S. SLat. St.,
Chicago 4, Ill.
Ontario, California International Airport
Col. ;I. T. Tarr, Director of AdAll of the adventure, drama and of spacecraft.
Pictures graphically illustrate ministrative services is sparking
excitement of the great pioneers of
the program. He's interested in ret h e a i r i s r e e a p t u r e c L ~ s b o o k . i the definitions, and there is much ducing paperwork and improving
Everyone has heard or i;~ad~t~,' ,tll~ reader c~ learn about aerody~ ]readability.
natnies, el e c t r cole S, pt,~pelflmts~an~
Lindbergh's dramatic 33-hour flight
play '~ The wrltin~tmprovement
from New York to Paris, but this numerous tother s i n t h e that s i l e
is the first step in a continuing
importan role
Loud and Clear 2-way contacts
book points out that there are otherI world.
effort to replace "federalese" writequally distinguished fliers whose
names are all but forgotten.
How many persons know, for ex.
~iiii~i~"" ~!i::~!:!:! .....
ample, that the first attempt to
cross the Atlantic Ocean by air
took place in 19107 This attempt,
made by airship, was technically
Increase your flying Hfety. With the
TR-102/CAP you can radio 60 to 100 miles
premature, however, and the diriahead for the weather at your destination.
gible was lost at sea.
With complete communications on CAP chanThis book explains that several
nels 6 and 7, your SARCAP end REDCAP misattempts were made in 1919. One
sions will be more efficient, more accurate,
marl valuable.
of these was a successful three.
u p t o 4 0 . . . .
4 0 u p . . . . . . . .
stage flight from Newfoundland to
the Azores to PortUgal to England
by a navy hydroplane. Shortly
afterwards, a flimsy Vickers biplane
Write for free catalogue m save at
made it from Newfoundland to IreUNANIMOUS APPROVAL OF THE NAland and a British Dirigible flew
from Scotland to New York.
CAP pilots and squadrons. It carries
The author lists the exploits of
P.O. BOX 38364, Hollywood, Calif.
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CITY, $TATI ..................................................................................................................................
Fitchburg Airport
P. O . B o x 2 0 0 F i t c h b u r g , M a s s

Effective/Writing Studied
By 20,000 in Air Force



~ii~!ii~!~il ......
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~.. s..,..,.., $5 95 I B,. ,..,..,.., $7 95

ONLY $7.95


zf ft.,,. .

f"" o,

. . o,d , todaj/




60 to 100 miles.




Tucson Un
ns Stat
Drill Test


National Capital Wing
Holds Test Mission

(See Photo, Page I)
WASHINGTON--Several hundred members of the NaTUCSON, Ariz. -- The T~
tional Capital Wing participated in an annual SARCAP efSky Queens, a highly polishe(
fectiveness test mission for two days in a 100-mile radius
cadet marching unit, parade
with top honors in the first al
of the nation's capi~l late last ambulance and carry-all equipped
drill competition of the Ar
, The drill was seen by scores of with a mobile radio unit.
residents and visitors here as CAP Major Harvey Lewis of the
Marching with ramrod prec
seniors and cadets manned radio Southern Sub-Regional Rescue Cothe team outdistanced anoth(
stations and airports throughout ordination G r o d p, commended
girl cadet unit, the Yuma
the area issuing directives and those who participated in the roleSaints, and three male units
performing ground support neces- alan.
Prescott. Maryvale and Tucso
Formed eight months ago
sary to the mission.
A problem of searching for a PHILADELPHIA, Pa.--ApproxSky Queens have gained con.,
able prominence throughout
"downed" aircraft was given to imately 650 seniors and cadets
State by their drill performar
Col: F. Joseph Donohue, wing cam- from the Delaware Valley area reThe girls thrilled an audien
mander, by Maj. Archie J. John- cently participated in extensive
5000 persons with their tacti4
son, wing LO, a few moments be- search and mobilization training
Armed Forces Day and carrie~
fore the huge search was set in missions.
Training operation bases were
heir maneuvers before hun(
The mission was observed by Lt. located at North Philadelphia,
: of others at the Veterans of
FREE TIME during one of his evenings at the Jet Orientation
eign Wars State convention,
Col. Jack D, Dieckmen, LO of the Perkiomen Valley and Millville,
Course at Perrin AFB, Tex. is used by Cadet Dixon W. Wallace
YMCA, the University of Ar
Middle East Region and his staff N.J.
of Prairie Village, Kan. to keep up with his audies as a pre-law Aviation Education Workshor
from Shaw AFB, S.C., and officers .Aircraft from units in this city
student at Washburn University, Kan.
this year's encampment.
from the 14th AF Search and Res- concentrated their search for a
Each competing team
cue Center, Robbins AFB, Ga.
simulated enemy submarine in
awardeda Certificate of Ac
Although the test mission was lower Delaware Bay, while a
only to test the SARCAP capabili- "downed" plane was the object
ties of the Wing, it was explained of an air-search conducted by DelYOU CAN EASILY BE A
ta many spectators that CAP is aware and Montgomery County
also responsible in carrying out units.
Your success depends upon what
duties such as setting up emercan remember. At the eonfererme t;
gency communication networks, HAWK MOUNTAIN, Pa.--More
cocktail table, remember names, p
administering first aid, flyihg than 200 cadets and senior personnumbers. Get top grades In.the e
(Continued from Page 1)
I A visit to the birthplace of Presroom. You can eamty Learn ~o rer
blood lifts and supporting Civil nel from the Pennsylvania Wing
Elsenhower and a tour of bet names, faces, numbers, s!oei
Weighted down with his sara |1dent
participated in rescue and survival
facts, etc. Complete home study ~
ory eour~ .how. you how.
chute, Mae West and crash helmet,! I a power plant and its facilities at
training tactics here.
wr~te tar It. b~och,,'e.
DALLAS -- Rolling into high One of the features of the on-Tam clumbed from the cockpit of J Denison was also provided for the
gear to locate a "lest" pilot, mem- campment was a demonstration ina T-33 and launched into an en-Jcadets by the military affairs
661 South Crenshaw Blvd.,
thusiastic sales pitch on ~ t1f ing. J
y committ ee of the Demson Chain"e
. Anaeles 5 California
Los ......................
bets of Group Four and Group Six aerial message drops and pick-ups
from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, by a plane piloted by Col. Phillip
"It, really gives you s smooth Jber. of Commerce.
completed a successful SARCAP F. Neuweiler, wing commander. r i d e , ' h e s a i d . " I t ' s a l o t d i f f e r e n t ~ ~
effectiveness test mission in a His observer was Lt. Col. Michael
from the Piper Cubs I've been IIh'
little more than 11 hours.
Hancharik, wing operations offi- flying."
Participating in the drill, which cer, who operated the drop equipL i e u t e n a n t Ta m , w h o h a s 2 1 llll/~ .A r~
~-.~ 'J_ 1__
covered a tremendous area, were mont.
hours flying time, said he wants |]J['~ ....~ L _ ~ ~ P '
~ T ~
18 CAP planes, three AF helicop- Another feature was the re~cue t o b e c o m e a n A F p i l o t w h e n h e ] | | 1 ~ i ~ . . J I I | | " ~ J r - lil~_ I[ ~11
~Is.__.~dE-]llk " ~ ' I P "
ters and a unit from the Dallas of a '>downed" pilot at night when
finishes school. He is a member ]|llvm mm
County Sheriff's office,
night navigation procedures had
ROTC and has been a mereThe search was touched off to be used. Instruction in para- of Airof the Hawaiian Wing for IIII
!111 S u b s c r i b e .N O~W t o t h e N E W
after a "pilot" had lost radio con- rescue operations was also given years.
tact in the vicinity of Texarkana, by personnel from Otis AFB, Mass. Equally sold on the AF, Cadet
Tex. on a flight from Greenwood
Capt. David Stay of Rosa, Nov. HI|
V 111 I I / ! 1 , 1 L . ?
Starts Air Career
said that flying a jet "is a lot more Hll
/ I
I I I I / l l I H ~
After 50 percent of the possibl(
fun than.propeller planes." He ex- Hil
J / ' I l l
l l _ I I I V J _
" J k
crash area was covered, the NASHUA, N.H. -- Donald C.
p l a i n e d h e p l a n s t o a p p l y f o r s d - I l l | . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
"downed" plane was located by Davidson, a member of theNashua
mission to the AF Academy.
Capt. Thomas Grizzelle and his oh- Squadron for the past five years,
server, Cadet Dale Williams along has started his Aviation Cadet jet
TSglNG PART in the jet course
the southeast shoreline of Lake pilot training at Randall AFB, Tex.,
it was reported here.
with the cadets were Col. James IIII
The ground rescue units, under Davidson started flying at the J. Mitchell of the IUinois Wing, IIII
S1O d "4 F n ,. .. .I .v ;. A"~
" 1
. .
the command of Maj. H. R. Craig, age of 15 and made his solo flightLt. Col. T. C. Dantis of the Minne- [Ill
svfung into action and a helicopter a year later. As a pilot he partial- sota Wing, Capt. Philip J. Andrew Illl
¢J~1 ir~Ir~ ~,~,., 4'} VgAOC
,l~a.vv non i- s=-ra~
n n d t
took off with a doctor to aid the pated in many SABCAP missions of the" Louisiana Wi g a a C p Illl
Warren B. Davis of the Washing----IIII
"pilot" pending the arrival of an for lost aircraft.
ton Wing.
Both the communities of Deni- Every month, CAP TIMES will bring you:
son and Sherman joined with the NEWS OF AVIATION--latest developments in ibis e×citing, ever-cho
officers and "airmen of this base
field; new planes, rockets, missiles, etc.
to welcome the cadets here. Denison citizens entertained at an out- NEWS FROM CAP HEADQUARTERS---on ~ny chonges in the cadet pro
ing at Lake Texoma while the resthat might affect you.
idents of Sherman staged a western-style barbecue and rodeo for NEWS OF OFFICIAL CAP ACTiViTIES---reports and pictures from su

52 Honor Cadets Given
Jet Training at Perrin






encampments, study courses, exhibitions, cadet exchanges, and ne
the scholarship programs,

the visitors,

The big, 18th Anniversary Spe. NEWS OF CAPsocial programs of other units to help you plan your own
elm CAP Times (December Issue)
activities; stories of cadets" on special missions, doing rescue work
will contain a" store of informat i o n a b o u t t h e C i v i l A i r P a t r o l . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .- . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Send a copy to someone you wish
to Join the Civil Air Patrol.

CAP TIMES 2020 M s,,..,., w.-wos~.,,.. ,. D.


LOOKING OVER the flight plan of Cadet David P. Petach of the
New Jersey Wing during the Jet Orientation Course at Perrin
AFB, Tex. is Capt. George C. Tillett, E Flight commander with
the 3556th Flying Training Squadron. The cadets were required
to make out a flight plan prior to taking to the air in a T-33
with their instructor.




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I n ¢



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .




Mercy Missions Flown in Four States, District
NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS, Ellington AFB, Tex.--Civil Air Patrol units, operat- tions took part in the search to
ing on wide-spread fronts across the nation, have performed mercy missions in Kansas, In- find the fliers.
diana, Kentucky, Washington and Washington State. Extensive search operations by CAP FLINT, Mich.--Civil Air Patrol
fliers and ground crews seeking
missing planes and pilots were also members, four cadets, six mobile automobile firm when the Red Cross pilots and observers manning some
carried out in Maine, Michigan and units and two station w:.gons into informed him that Grant Memorial 50 planes teamed up with ground
Florida with the Idaho Wing par- action when the squadron was Hospital had urgently requested an u~nits near here in an extensive
search for three residents of this
ticipating in a disaster relief mis- alerted to come to the aid of the
immediate delivery of the blood.
city reported missing in their small
sion due to the Yellowstone Napicnickers.
Within minutes of the alert, he plane.
tional Park earthquake.
was enroute to nearby Beacon, Va. Lt. Col. Benjamin F. Miller, comLEXINGTON, Ky.--Lt. Andrew Airport, where the needed blood mander of the Flint Squadron, and
HAYS, Kan.--Thomas Gatschet C. Wallace of the Lexington Com- supply was turned over to him by other authorities believe the plane
of the Hays Squadron flew a mercy~posite Squadron made a successful Fairfax County police.
was caught in a violent thundermission to South Bend, Ind, to ob- 200.mile medical evacuation mis- The blood, dispatched from the storm between here and St. Ignace.
tain a highly potent drug to save sion to London Airport to fly a local Red Cross chapter was relayed
the life of a mother hemorrhaging critically wounded State police de- by Metropolitan police to ArlingTWIN FALLS, Ida.--The Idaho
at St. Anthony's Hospital here.
tective here for emergency treat- ton, Vs. and in turn to Alexandria Wing, under the command of Col.
The woman was stricken shortly ment.
Va. and then to Fairfax County. Jack Farter, travelled more than
after giving birth to a son and
4000 miles on disaster relief misThe detective, Waiter Woods,
doctors said she was in immediate was wounded in the chest and left
SARASOTA, Fla.--Civil Air Pa- sions after a severe earthquake
need of the drug, human fibrin- hand by a shotgun blast fired by trol pilots and observers flew dozensjolted this area and Yellowstone
an escaped convict he was attempt- of search missions here in a val- National Park.
Doctors explained there was an ing to arrest in a remote and moun- iant effort to locate a small plane
Colonel Farrar said that more
insufficient amount of the coagu-: tainous section of Clay County.
reportedly downed in a heavy rain- than 500 man-hours were consumed
lent here, but were advised a suffiduring the extensive relief misLt. Ernest S. Bush, mission com- storm.
cient quantity could be obtained mander, said the request for the
Maj. Matt Pilcher, SARCAP com- sions.
at South Bend.
mercy flight was made by the Ken- mander, said 16 planes and 500Gatschet volunteered to fly the tucky State Police. Although Lieu- man hours were put into the unPORTLAND, Me. -- Pilots and
drug here in time to save her life, tenant Wallace flew the evacuation successful four-day search.
observers manned some 40 planes
hospital officials said, after authori- mission alone, seven senior squadhere in an all-out effort to locate
LONGMIRE, Wash.--On a re- a Massachusetts flier missing for
ties were unable to contact the ron members and one cadet parturn flight from a medical supply several days.
State Highway Patrol.
ticipated in the alert.
drop to Glacier Research FoundaCol. Norton H. Lamb, Maine
WASHINGTON. -- Fighting his tion, Capt. Harold Horn, operations wing, said the SARCAP
FORT WAYNE, Ind.--The Anway through low ceilings over officer of the Washington Wing, mission was the largest and most
gola Squadron spearheaded an
emergency operation to get 750
mountainous terrain, Lt. Col. Ed- and his co-pilot, Charles R. Gar- concentrated in the history of the
persons to hospitals and first ward D. Nass of the National man of Seattle, were killed when organization.
aid stations after they were Capitol Wing flew a cargo of whole their plane crashed near the 12,000.
stricken with food poisoning at blood on an emergency mission to foot level of snow-packed Mt. Ranter.
a ranch near here.
Petersburg, W.Va.
Capt. Clarence Lung, squadron
Lieutenant Colonel Nass, deputy
They had dropped the supplies
commander, ordered 10 senior for materiel, was at work in a local to Dr. C. T. Bressler, Western
Attach to License or
Washington State College pratesITrunk. Fits all cars. Attractive. $1.98, money
sol who injured himself at his
back guarantee.
mountain outpost. He later died
available for 7S groups
of fraternal, professionof a heart ailment on the mountain.
at & civic orders. Rush
Nearly 200 CAP personnel, 20
aircraft, 20 vehicles, 12 mobile STADRI Co., 'CA2~Bth Ave., Whitstone, NY
units and eight fixed radio sta-

th e~ery purchase
C.O.D.'a Aecepten

including XL
, 43-50


At one low
Completely water repellant and
windproof, extra large Mouton
fur collar, 16 oz. wool-quilt lin.
ing, extra heavy #7 jamproof
zipper, zipper sleeve pocket,
snap closure side pockets. Sizes
S (34-36) M (38-40) L (42-44)
XL (46-48) AF Navy blue or
new sage green.

L-2-A intermediate
New AF model for moderate
weather. Wind proof, water repellant shell, 12 oz. wool.quilt
lining, knit ollar, cuffs and
waist. Zipper sleeve pocket,
Jamproof #7 zipper. AF Blue
or new Sage Green.





These Replicas, made of soft, washable plastic material which con be
attached to the skin with gum or double-sided tape, and which ~ost
indefinitely, ore becoming increasingly
popular with those responsible for First
Aid and training programmes. PERFECT
replicas of wounds, they are used as
a foundation which, together with other
aids to casualty simulation will achieve
o finished condition of lifelike appearance. 3 Complete Sets of Replicas ate
now available, or they can also be
purchased single. Full details, together
with 2 sample wounds may be obtained
by sending $1.00 to:

UI~quW IF" Sll,lqt7 4~1B O/~Ullklllkla~__#~Lll~[gr'l~ot Dept. CAP
,Yorkshire,6, AberdeenEnglandStreet. HULL

A PRECIOUS cargo of whole blood is being handed to Lt. Col.
Edward D. Nass, right, of the National Capitol Wing by Officer
Lynwood Jackson of the Fairfax Caunty, Va. police prior to a
mercy flight to West Virginia. Lieutenant Colonel Nass piloted
his plane through a heavy storm to complete his mission. (Photo
by Rich.)

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A must for the student pilot, Instructors Aid, Written by ATR Pilots & Psychnloside
Effect of Controls Turns--Glides
Crosswind Landings
Slow Flight--Stalls Emergency Procedures Straight & Level Flight
Takeoff & Landing Ball Bank Instrument
Panic Button Control
Steep Turns--Load Factors Climbs,Climbing Turns Gliding Turns
Learn by repetition on subliminal record/net-ISPECIAL RECORD
No~ing to read--Just listen and get results ICons/sting of IS~
--.Complete student P/let Flyins Course for
JJquostJen, cudn-Sans.90 I I
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AF BLUE (Shade #84)


Class B Uniform, fine for flying.
Perfect cold weather shirt. ,~iz~
14 to 17----411 sleeve lengths.

Sizes 30-4~. ........................
Sizes 44.43 .......................
Sizes 43-S0 ........................
if pert. Govt ....t ls
Sizes 36 to 42


AIR FORCE re-issue
Regulation AF


Blouses ......
$ 5
si,e, 34 to ~i
Regulation AF
Trousers ............. ~ 0 l ~
Sizes 28 to 31 q'"'" PR.
Regulation AF
"Ike" Jackets .. $5.95 EACH

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Note: All garments arc cleaned,
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............................... CAP News in Vi

AN EXPRESSION of delight lights the face of Cadet Asa
Worchester Jr., a member of the Westbrook Squadron, Maine
Wing, as he sits at the controls of a Loring AFB, Me., pilot
training cockpit. TSgt. Walter J. Stank, training instructor,
ives assistance while Cadet John Washington, center, of the
anford-Springvale Squadron and Russell Dixon of the Caribou
Squadron, await their turn.



OUT.STANDING cadets of the Pennsylvania Wing encampmeqt
are shown with Lt. Col. John tl. Hill, encampment c~m~ahder~ ~'~
rafter they:were' :awarded trophies for their accomplishment.
They are Cadets Otto Thrweatt and Charlotte~ Gordon, both o.f

SWORN IN during special ceremonies at Lafayette, La., Cadet
Michael Nemsek of the Lafayette Composite Squadron became
the first cadet in south central Louisiana to Join the AF after
earning his Certificate of Proficiency. He was interviewed on
television and radio and was guest of honor at a special dinner.
Interviewing Cadet Nemsek is Maj. John E. Phillips, squadron
commander. The other officers are, left to right, MaJ. Edward
Christensen, LO, and Capt. Joseph Roche, AF recruiting officer.

escort officer from
nia Wing are welco
Washington Wing
rival for a 12-day
Evergreen State. Ma
Roy, acting deputy
second right, and Ca
err Huckers of Yal
the visitors. Left t.
Maj. Rainette Hei
mander Southern
~ ~; ,~- .Los ~Angeles; ahd*
Thiel, Hollywood S
Marti Stair, Squndr
Habra; Pauline Smit
7, San Fernando; or
Woodman, Calif

A WACO hi-plane, the type used to train fledgling pilots years
ago, still gives thrills and excitement to cadets of the Tacoma
Squadron, Washington Wing. Squadron Commander Charles E.
Yount.~, the pilot, and Cadet Betty Call are about to take-off on
on ormntation flight and some basic maneuvers and acrobatics.

IT'S A GREAT life s
Ruth Currier of tl
County Squadron,
Wing, as she prepa
the cockpit of a T
first jet flight as a
being judged the b~
her unit. She is t~
of Lt.,Col. Wendell
Is attached to SAC
bardment Wing, 1

THIS IS a family affair as Maj. Gen. Eugene P. Mussett, commander of Lowry AFB, Colo., pins the bars of a warrant officer
on the uniform of his wife when she became a member of the
Colorado Wing. Mrs. Mussett was assigned as assistant deputy
of cadets.

CHOSEN as the outstanding cadets of the Ohio Wing summer encampment were Ellen Harding,
a member of the Wright-Patterson AFB A~l-Girl Squadron and Robert Kelley, a member of the
106th Highland Squadron, Cincinnati. They are being congratulated by Brig. Gen. John D. Howe,
commander of Wright-Patterson AFB.

THE NOMENCLATURE of a home-made rocket is explained to Dr. Mervln K. Strickler, Jr., chief
of aviation educationat national headquarters, right, by Capt. B. R. Brinley, ISO of First Army Headquarters, during amateur rocket firing exhibition at Camp A. P. Hill, Va. The cadets looking on are,
left to right, George K. Berger, Far Rockaway, N.Y.; Michael Beltran, Brooklyn, N.Y.; PauiMurad,
Hunter Squadron 3, N.Y. and Robert Laurie, Nassau Group, N.Y. The rocket gear belongs to
Cadet Beltran who has been building missiles with amateur groups'for two years. (CAP photo by
TSgt. James Wray.) See story on page !.

THE LONG and the short of it bring smiles to the faces of
these Montana Wing cadets attending an encampment dance
at Malmstrom AFB, Mont. Escorting his partner, Cadet Donna
Lordemann (5-foot-1 i) of the Helena Squadron, is Cadet Clarence
Erickson (4-foot-8) of the Lake County Squadron.






Ansco Hikes Ratings of Two Films
As ASA Studieso Safety Facto


IF YOU have been looking in vainBfoJ/aC~'ay out of the exposure index dilemma, take
J . heart. The time has come when the film makers, admitting the error of their ways ia
r a t i n g fi l m s t o o l o w, t h e r e b y i n v i t i n g o v e r e x p o s u r e , a r e fi n a l l y r e v i s i n g t h e i n d e x e s u p w a r
for more accurate exposure and
improved picture results in consequence.
The first official step in this
happy direction has been taken
by Ansco of Binghampton in an
announcement that it has revised
its list of black-and-white speeds
NATIONAL HONORS were received by Hawthorns C. Evans,
Jr., center, prominent member of the Tennessee Wing, who was i n a n t i c i p a t i o n o f a n u p - c o m i n g
n a m e d O u t s t a n d i n g A i r R e s e r v e A i r m a n o f t h e y e a r. H e w a s change in the American Standard
also promi)ted from TSgt. to 1/Lt. in the air reserve. He is shown
Association's method of establishing film speeds, which film manuwith Lt. Gen. William E. Hall, left, commander of ConAC, and
B r i g . G e n . S t e p h e n D . M c E I r o y, n a t i o n a l c o m m a n d e r, a t t h e facturers have been using. Ansco's
AFA national convention at Miami Beach, Fla.
list simply eliminates the "safety
factor" which has caused all the
"The present A.S.AI method for
determining exposure indexes is
based on first determining the
minimum negative exposure necessary to produce a quality print
(Continued from Page 1)
One of the outstanding features and then adding a one and onethird safety factor," the announceconcla
named the outstanding teacher of o f t h e exhibit v e w a s athei v i l A i r
booth at
Aero- ment says.
the year in his State.
space Panorama which attracted the
"This means that most negatives
Lieutenant Evans also served
attention of thdusands of delegates
president of the Morristown Educa. and visitors in this resort city~ It are overexposed by one and one'third stops, and consequently are
lion Association, is president of the was manned by cadets and senior
Guidance Section of the Tennessee m e m b e r s o f t h e F l o r i d a W i n g denser than is necessary for qual-i
Education Association and is the u n d e r t h e d i r e c t i o n o f L t . C o l . Sty reproduction. We have long
known that less exposure, as long
publicity director of the East Ten- George Plant of Fort Lauderdale.
nessee Elementary Principals' As.
Among those attending the con- as it is sufficient to provide adesociation.
vention were Maj. Gen. Lueas-V. q u a t e s h a d o w d e t a i l , r e s u l t s i n
A n o t h e r C i v i l A i r P a t r o l e n - Beau, former national commander finer grain, better resolution and
thusiast to be singled out for na- Col. D. Harold Byrd, chairman of aeutance (image edge definition,
tional honors was Dr. Frank Soren- the national executive board; Dr. or sharpness), and generally betson, professor of education at the Mervin K. Strickler, chief of avia- t e r q u a l i t y . " . . . . ~,~ ~,, ~,~ ~ O N G t h i " p l ~ 6 t o g r a l ~ S d e p i c t i n g a s p e c t s o f A m e r i c a n l i f e
A c c o r d i n g l y, ' - ~ 0 ] i k s i n University of Nebraska. He wasi t i o n e d u c a t i o n a t l ~ a ~ h e a d ~ ~
on view in the American exhibition in Moscow is this arranged
Super Hypresen(ed with the Hoyt S~ Vanden--1 quarters; GIll Robb" Wilson, one of creased its ratings of Pan, the
shot by Carter Jones. Although it easily is classed as a "busy"
pan and All Weather
burg M~tnOr~al Trophy, formerly the founders 'of CAP and editor 9f
picture, careful placement of the individual figures gives it the
known as the Air Age Trophy.
Flying Magazine, and Capt. James company's amateur films, to 500
appearance of a diorama.
P r i o r t o t h e c o n v e n t i o n B r i g . J. Ves'sells, assistant director of and 125 when used in daylight,
and 400 and 100 in artificial light.
Gen. Stephen D. bicElroy, national information services at national
photographic press from time to ,influence throughout the annu~l's
Until now, the A.S.A. ratings for
commander, addressed a ConAC headquarters, who was CAP-AFA
new standard will
Commanders Conference and Re-project officer.
these films have been 200 and time, lthem e e n d t o a p l a g mean
a we co
Ken Heyman's "Sister of the
serve Seminar and effectively outSeeretary of the Air Force James 160 for Super Hypan, 50 and 32
Bride," an original and touching
lined the CAP program and its sis- H. Douglas and Gen. Thomas D. f o r A l l W e a t h e r P a n . A n s e o
approach to the overworked field
elan. He also appeared on television White, AF chief of staff, delivered
stresses that only the ratings
T H E I S S U A N C E o f t h e 1 9 6 0 o f w e d d i n g p h o t o g r a p h y, a n d
to tell the CAP story,
the major convention speeches.
have been~ changed; the emulPhotography Annual (New York: Bruce Davidson's "01d Woman of
sions remain the same. Color
Z i f f - D a v i s P u b l i s h i n g C o . 2 4 4 Montrfiartre," a perceptive essay
film indexes are not affected by
the change because these rat. pages. $1.25), just out, rounds out on loneliness, are outstanding in
l a g s h a v e n e v e r i n c l u d e d t h e a o r t i n g successful decade h o tre- this category. Also included here
on the world's p
o- are selections from the work or
safety factor.
graphic output, with the prineipal t w o n o t e d p h o t o j o u r n a l i s t s w h o
Two major reasons are respon. e m p h a s i s o n A m e r i c a n a c t i v i t y.
died during the year, Dan Weiner
sible for the upward revision. One
i i al e t on
is the constant badgering of the S i d cte r t s nnd t ip u b ldi is ih e r i n r u c e , and Lisa Larsen.
e i o a
film makers by technically-minded
E L L I N G T O N A F B , Te x . - - O p - to distribute three recently pub- photographers who have insisted Downes points out in an introduce r a t i o n s a n d f a c i l i t i e s a r e n o w lished Civil Air Patrol texts, ac- that the ratings are too low and the tion, 3,500,000 copies (an average
complete at national headquarters cording to Dr. Mervin K. Strickler safety factor not only unnecessary of 350,000 a year) have been sold,
Study Kit for Private Ranng---U.;
Jr., chief of aviation education.
but actually a cause of improper w i t h a n e s t i m a t e d a u d i e n c e o f
Commercial natlng--U.50; lnstrum.
eat RaUna--Slg.60; ATR~-SlS.; Used
Among the texts is a book en- exposure. The other is the argu- about 15,000,000.
by thousands to pass FAA written
The present issue, like the pretitled The Dawning Space Age ment that if the correct ratings
exams. Reference Library booklets
on practically aU avlaUon subjects
which features articles on rockets, ( w i t h o u t t h e s a f e t y - f a c t o r p l u s ) ceding numbers, reflects a con--60c to $1.2S, br~hura at titles and
m i s s i l e s a n d a s t r o n a u t i c s . T h e have worked with color film, they scientious editorial effort to cover
prLcez Lk'ee On toqueS.
the highlights of photographic
other two are written espeeially s h o u l d w o r k e q u a l l y w e l l w i t h
o,le, inquiries Invited
achievement in various spheres of
HOUSTON.--The Houston Post for senior members to aid them in
Fowler Aeronautical Service,
Anseo is actually Jumping the camera activity. Photojournalism
training programs.
Devt. C
has editorially praised the move
The new American Standard leads the way and inevitably, in
331S W. hrbank Blvd., Burbank, Cailt.
o f n a t i o n a l h e a d q u a r t e r s from
One, entitled Leadership in Man- gun.not yet been published, but the these days of eminence, shows its
agement, Administration and Staff
Washington to this city.
Organization, gives a background committee concerned, it is and pub.
has agreed on the change
The editorial said:
of leadership and management
" H o u s t o n i s g l a d t o w e l c o m e problems. It contains photographs lication is expected shortly. Beback to Texas the headquarters of i n d i c a t i n g j o b p e r f o r m a n c e a n d cause all the manufacturers are
the Civil Air Patrol which began the responsibilities of CAP mem- involved, it is assumed that the re.
vision, will be applied industry
operations at Ellington Air Force bers,
Base after a transfer from Boiling
The other, Aerospace OrientaFor the average amateur who
Air Foree Base, Washington,
In your spars time ~ Soiling Subscriptions to
w h e r e h e a d q u a r t e r s h a d b e e n tion, is written for senior members has become confused by the conCAP TIME5 ~ Also your CA" Cadet Ring FREE
and gives the pilot and non-pilot flicting speeds discussed in the
maintained since 1946.
for only a few hours work in your spore time.
"As a volunteer civilian auxiliary an insight into the many .phases
of aviation. It also includes backWrite for details ~ use coupon below.
of the Air Force which carries out
ground concerning the industrial,
search and rescue missions and
,.. ,, ,, ,,,,,, n,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,..,,,..,,,, , ,.,,,,, ,,,, , ,, ,.,, ,,. ,,. ,,., ,, ,,, ,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,. ,, ,., ,,. ,....,.,.,.. ,.
also sponsors a nationwide pro. economic, political, international,
We carry a most complete stock
gram to promote interest by civil. s o c i a l a n d m i l i t a r y a s p e c t s o f
of CAP uniforms and accessories
CAP TIMES--2020 M St., NW, Washington 6, D.C.
lane-in flying, CAP performs an
at guaranteed sovinp. Send now
important function for both the
This book will replace the text
for your free 1959 CAP catalog,
Name ..,. ...,.................,...... ...........................
. ....... ....o..
Air Force and the nation.
entitled The Problems of Air
"Houston is proud that the or- Power, which was used by senior
Add, st@ ...... ....... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . o . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,
ganization's operations are now m e m b e r s a s a t r a i n i n g r e q u i r e 8 West 26th St., New York 10, N.Y.
centered in this area and that ment. It will still be used, howDept. L
c i t y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ane .......... .. State ................
Elllngton was chosen as the site." ever, by cadets, Dr. Strickler said.

Tennessee Wing Man
Wins Reserve Award

Three New Texts Readied
By National Headquarters


Press Praises
Move to Texas









pequot u vmdk,~v-vv L'i

( se w good

ICadets Tell Letters to the Editor

airoughly enjoyable one.
Previous mention was given all
Sunorganizations, excepting the Brain.
erd .Rotary Club, whose confirmawere
tion arrived just late for publicaper year
tion. The Rotary Club furnished a
house boat and pontoon boat, with
cases of soft drinks, for a most When one considers that there
moments for Cadet Ralph L.
enjoyable river cruise.
are nearly 7,000 airports in the
Williams of Scottsbluff, who
While in this country, the British United States, the Lake Elmo averCadets stayed at the Waldorf As- age gives one some idea of the fly.
toria in New York City, the Twin ng being done in our country.
Cities, Rochester, Duluth, Crow This, to say nothing of military
He was the first of his group to Wing County and Washington, D.C. flight activities.
solo a glider and he landed on an These 25 Cadets were picked
The natlon.wide survey was done
Alpine glacier in a piston engine from many thousands of Cadets: in cooperation with the Civil Air
~ plane.
from Britain, Ireland and Scotland. Patrol and the Stillwater squadron
J~n his return home, Cadet Wil- The Cadet from Ireland was picked completed both Lake Elmo and
liams said that Swiss gliders are from 12,000 Cadets.
Rice Lake, Wis. Minnesota now has
towed to an altitude of about 3000 ofThis was one of thatfinest groups over 700 members in the CAP while
young people
I have ever there are over 500 cadets.
feet and then gracefully soar to
been associated with, including
This places our state twelfth
about 7000 feet.
It's all very simple and safe," their e-scoTt officers, and it was in- highest in CAP memberships and
deed an 'honor that the U.S. Air is one of the more active states
he said when asked to recount his
glider experience in Switzerland. Force and Civil Air Patrol Head- nation-wide.
"Our airfield was just like a pas-quarters asked our Squadron to
Its functions in service during
Stamp and Coin Editor, Air Force Times
ture and you just slid in on the act as host to these visitors for emergencies, safe-guarding our nagrass." He explained that all Amer- four days of their 'visit to this tion, and flight training, are quietly
I l E U N I T E D S TAT E S w i l l i s s u e a s e r i e s o f s t a m p s b e ican IACE cadets Jn his group country.
ginning in 1960 which will carry statements of American'received glider instruction overP. S. Capt. Bob Vranish of Iron- carried on in this community as
ton, home on leave from a para- well as in hundreds of others.
ideals by leaders in our history.
The series, known as the "American Credo" stamps, will be issued
A similar glider program for chute school which he runs, gave The Stillwater squadron of the
beginning in January. Six stamps in the series are planned for-1960.cadets is being jointly sponsored the Cadets a lecture at the air- Civil Air Patrol meets regularly at
Issue will be spaced during the school year, to provide maximum utiliza- in the United States by CAP and field, on Sky-Diving and parachut- 8:00 Wednesday evenings at its
own quarters on the Lake Elmo .
tion in school programs.
Pan American World Airways in ing.
Each stamp will carry a message in a design similar to that used l a move to foster aviation interest.
It invites everyone to visit tha
in Colonial currency. The design will include a decorative border
Ist Lt. CAP
Such a program is already off the
Lake Elmo airport at any time and
the text and signature of the writer, and a symbolic device.
ground in Hawaii.
view the activity therein. Air
The first of the series will feature George Washington's statement
traHic is a "thing of the future."
"Observe good faith and justice toward all nations."
CADET Williams la ded on the
STILLWATER, Minn.--A recent Learn more about it.
Other stamps in the series will carry statements by Thomas Alpine glacier in a plane piloted
national airport survey has reDR. JAMES F. LEE
Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, Francis Scott Key and by Herman Geiger, who a few
Abraham Lincoln.
days later made a hazardous flight
Printing on the first stamp, a four-center, will be in red and blue to rescue Thomas Fisher, an
on white. An initial print order of 120 million v~ill be authorized for Omaha mountain climber.
each stamp in the series.
Other cadets of the Nebraska
Wing who picked up opinions in
.... ~e~lJ~~used abou~ 'star: ab:reviations? Send a stamped, scattered parts of the world are
a i l d r e s ~ ~ d m ~ A J ~ . . T j ~ C s , 2 Q 2 0 M S t . N . W . , John D. Ryan, Jr,, son of Major
Washington 6, D.C., and receive free a hand~3; Will Chang the
'and Mrs, John D. Ryan of Offutt
AFB; Richard H. Day of Overland
Park; Ted A. Shell of Council
AIRMAIL. The Statue of Liberty will be featured on a new 15-cent
Bluffs and Lloyd Lank of Wichita.
airmail stamp scheduled for release November 20. This will replace the
Cadet Ryan, who was a guest in
Customline Officers Blue Gabardine Uniform...54.50
15-cent airmail now in use. It was issued in 1947.
Santiago, Chile, said that he atIn Elastique Material...62.50
First day ceremonies will be in New York City in conjunction tended "lots of parties and met
with the National Postage Stamp Show of the American Stamp Dealers many pretty girls, but this was
The stamp is printed in orange and black. Issue will be in sheetscoupled with serious visits to
Chilean military installations.
AF Combat Serviceable Blue Wool Serge Blouses .. 5.95
of 50.
"Their AF Is patterned after
New designs for the I0 and 25-cent international airmail stamps
AF "IKE" Jackets 5.95 Sizes 41 G Up .......... 7.95
that of the United States," he
featuring the Liberty Bell and the head of Abraham Lincoln also are said. "It is equipped with B.26
AF Combat Serviceable Blue Wool Serge Trousers .. 4.95
being prepared. The date, place of issue, design details and color will
Sizes 32 to 35 ..... 5.95 Sizes 36 Er Up
bombers and War lI F.80 Jets."
be announced later.
Cadet Ryan, who has started
First day cover orders on the 15-cent stamp go to the postmaster his sophomore year at Rice Instiat New York, N.Y.
UAR. The United Arab Republic will issue a commem on October his visit to Chile had "considerably improved my Spanish."
20 in observance of Army Day.
Portugal was the host country
for Cadet Day, who remarked that
BARGAIN? Several readers have asked about an offer currently
"with only three air bases, they
being made by distributors of a coin folder. The firm sells the folder
N e w B l u e R e g . C o t t o n O x f o r d S h i r t . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.69
for a nominal fee, then offers to buy it back at considerably more than have a small, but very good air
New AF Blue Shade 84 Wool Serge Shirt ........ 5.95
the purchase price. The purchaser is required to fill the folder with force."
certain specified coins and return it to the company to get his "reCADET Shell, on his return
home from England, wore RAF
A quick look at the coins on the list explains how this is possible.
Many of the coins required are in the scarce or rare category and suntans complete wxth a set of
Blue Gab. Flight Cap 5.95, Combat Serviceable ... 1.98
would be worth many times the "reward" offered for their return to RAF wings. He explained that the
wings were presented to him by
AF Rejects Sizes 21 & 21Vz ... 2.98
the company.
an RAF officer as a token of
Blue Frame Service Hot with Gray Cop Cover .... 14.95
DEEPFREEZE. Navy Post .Offices again are offering collectors
AF Combat Serviceable... 3.95
Also on the IACE tour to Enga chance to get covers postmarked at Byrd and South Pole Stations in
Officers Blue Wool Gabardine Uniform ..........45.95
land was Cadet Lank, who said
AF Combat Serviceable Blue Wool Serge
"the people there were Just swell
Collectors wanting a postmark from Byrd and South Pole stations
must send self-addressed envelopes with U.S. postage affixed to Deep to us." He explained that his group
Ike Jacket or Coat... 9.95
had toured many installations in
Freeze Philatelic Marl, Construction Battalion Center, Davisville, East
Sizes- Flight Slacks or Skirt... 9.95
the British Isles "and we saw
Greenwich, R.I..
AF New Blue Gab. Overcoat W/Wool Zip. lining . 22.S0
All covers must be mailed to reach East Greenwich by Oct. 13, 1959.much that ordinary tourists would
Combat Serviceable in Excellent Condition .... 17.95
Covers will be returned during the first months of 1961.
not see."
Blue Oxford Short Sleeve Shirtwaist Cotton Poplin .. 3.49
SEND NEWS of stamp and coin interest to Stamp Editor, CAP ~ Printers for tile Military
AF Combat Serviceable ... !.49
Times, 2020 'M' St., N.W., Washington 6, D.C.

~.~ ~/.~) fanh and justice
~ toward all nations


L S. Stamps to Carry
St 7tements of 'ldecr :;'




T,,. ALL PATC.ES ~ 'NS,GNIA .............
~LOUSES SIZES ,'~ U, 19.95



L ~ ~ l U t

/~~:~ .....
.":~'::' ~.:.:.:~/~ :~: ~ ~::~!i~:.~:. :~i~:.~ ::: : :~; mail s t a m p
: :
i ~
. . . .
r ~L
i;::i~i~iiiii:!i!i'!:'iii::':::iii%~?~iiii~iii~i!~:iiii~iiiiiii~iiiiiiiiiii~i:!iiiiiiiiiiii:~:i[ii?~i~::"i:~:i~~i::':'i!~ii i;::.!, iii[ii THE NEW airscheduled for
:: ~i~'~
~ : ~ : ~ i : i.... .........::~ : : ~i r :
' i i ~ ! ~ i :~:~ ::ili::ii:.;:"%::~ ~' i~
on No- [ send roster for QUANTITY DISCOUNT
..... ...~^.
Long lasting block htters on best
~I:]~:::~|:,~]:..~.: ,ssue
vember 20. It [
quality cotton webbing. Guaranteed




,e,,o:e, one,

[, plastic nameplates 7c:a
with double clutch beck e ~,~.d

]ii use since 1947.
it~~:. ];;;i;; ;i:;:.i; i; i;;: i: ;i;:-:i:i:.i:i;i:.:.; i i: ii ~5~'!]!::~i



~Or ~ COPY- ~F ISSUE 1 9 . 9 5 /



Please inch,.de 50e ",stage with all orders---(70D's a~;n~)ted
AF Reissues, AF Flight Clothing, Ranger Team Equipment, Etc.

Dept. 7C

Philadelphia 21, Po.







CAP News Briefs°

Fills In at Headquarters

.......... HOUSTON, Texas.--The first Civil Air Patrol member to make
a special visit to the new national headquarters was Lt. Col, Gayle K.
McDonough, coordinator for women in the North Central Region. While
her husband, Lt. Col. James P. McDonough was at Ellington AFB as
wing inspector fcr the 434th Troop Carrier Wing, she took over the
duties of Lt. CoL Pauline Hacker, who was transferred to the Pentagon.

i New Commun}cations System
WASHINGTON.ESecretary of the AF James H. Douglas recently
tapped a gold key at the Pentagon to activate a communications network linking most AF communications stations throughout the world
to meet jet age operational requirements. The present volume of the
network is 15 miUion words a day, but when the system is completely
finished later this year it will handle 130 million words a day.

Need for Local Airport

MORIN, John A., S./Lt, Spa O Group I
NELSON, Richard G., rapt, leO Northam
ton Comp Sq, Mass
CAMPBELL, Mollie B., Lt. Col.. Nebraska
W i n g , t s a w a r d e d t h e D i s t i n g u i s h e d PA N O P O U L O S , H a r r y, 9 / L t , T n g O M
Service Award for period 1 January 1957 rimac Vly Comp Sq. Mass
to 1 August 1959.
PECK, Elmer N., 8/Lt, Spa O Group
PAY N E , H a r o l d C . ° " L t C o l , N e b r a s k a
Wing, is awarded the Distinguished Servi c e Aw a r d f o r p e r i o d 1 J a n u a r y 1 9 5 7 RAYNOR, John A., I/Lt, Comdr Sudbu,
Cdt Sq, Mass
to 1 August 1959
RASCHKE, Gerald W., Lt Col, Nebraska RHODES, Norman A., I/Lt, AdJ Walthal
BOys Club Cdt Sq, Mass
Wing, Is awarded the Distinguished
S e r v i c e Aw a r d f o r p e r i o d 1 J a n u a r y
RICE, H a r r y C . , 2 / L t , S p a O G r o u p I
1959 to 1 August I959
RYAN, E r n e s t A . , 2 / L t , I n s p G r o u p
CAROCCI, Albert Jr., MaJ, Connecticut
Wing, is awarded the Distinguished Service Award for period 12 December 1957 S I LV E R S T E I N , R o b e r t D . , 2 / L l . I S
Middlesex Cdt Sq. Mass
to 1 August 1989
VACHA, T h o m a s F. , 2 / L t , A d j G r o u p *
Exceptional Service Award
WA K E F I E L D , L o t h r o p H . , M a j , M o r t
MARES° F.,mn H., Lt Col, Nebraska Wing,
Massachusetts Wing
is awarded the Exceptional Service Award WARIAS, Theodore B.. Z/Lt, Sup O Me,
for period 1 January 1958 to 1 August
rlmae Vly Comp Sq, Mass
WHITE, Charles R., 2/Lt, Trans O Bosto
KATZENBERGER, Henry J., MaJ, Nebraska
Comp Sq, Mass
Wing, is awarded the Exceptional Servi c e Aw a r d f o r p e r i o d 1 J a n u a r y 1958 WISEMAN, Fr;lnces D., 2/Lt, A/AdJ Tewk~
bury Comp Sq, Mau
to 1 August 1959
ASSELIN, Lueien A., 8/LL "ISO HookseJ
Comp Sq, N H
BURNHAM, Delbert A., I/Lt° Tog O Hoo~
BYRD, D. Harold, Col, appointed chairman
sett Comp Sq, N H
e x - o f fi c i o o f t h e N a t i o n a l L e g i s l a t i v e COTE, Joseph A., l/Lt, Sup O Salem C,)m
Sq, N H
F O N D A , A . P a u l , C o l , a p p o i n t e d c h a i r - DAVIS, Stewart G.~ l/Lt, C,'Cdte Lehano
man of the National Legislative Com- Comp Sq, N H
S T. L E W I S , R o y, C o l , a p p o i n t e d t o t h e FLETCHER. o m p S q , ' NK., 2 ' L t , C ' C d l
Nashua C
National Legislative Committee
KATTEN, Stanley L., Maj, Tog O Franktl
DONOHUE, J.. Joseph, Col, appointed to
Inst Comp Sq, Pa
the National Legisianve Committee
LOVELL, I r m a C . , 2 / L t , F i n O S a l e l
CAREY, John M., Detroit, Mich., appointed C o m p S q , N H
h o n o r a r y m e m b e r o f C i v i l A i r P a t r o l ROMPREY, Kenneth F., 1/Lt, Leg O Sale
O'NEIL, Robert L.. Col (temp) is apComp Sq, N H
pointed Acting Commander of Georgia S C H O F I E L D , W i l l i a m R . , 1 / L t . Ops
Salem Comp Sq, N H

Distinguished Service Award

NEWSPAPERMAN, editor, lawyer, soldier and educator sums
up the career of Lt. Col. Joseph
H. Friedman, who has been assigned to national headquarters

CHESTER, Pa.~A campaign to have an airport constructed In
Delaware Cpunty is being headedhere by MaJ. F. F. Long III, comas director of informatiog servmander of Delaware County Group 100. He has pledged the support ices. Prior to his assignn~ent to
of the ~local Civil Air Patrol to cite the need for a "local" airfield.
national headquarters,~he wos
Meritorious Service Award
Hooksett Comp Sq, N H
Director of Internal Informa- B L E V I N S , F r a n c i s A . , C o l , G r e a t L a k e s T H I B A U L T, H e n r y W . , I / L t , A d m (
Region, is
Lebanon Comp
tion, ConAC, and wos editor of ice Award awarded the Meritorious Serv- THOMAS, WilliamSq, N H Spa O Lebano
for period 10 September 1957
H., liLt,
Comp Sq, N H
the Air Reservist Magazine.
to 10 September 1959
HAMMOND, John S., Lt Col. Great Lakes TWITCHELL, Frederick, 1/Lt, CCdts Rel
Region, ts awarded the Meritorious Servsin Comp Sq, N H
HARRISBURG, Pa.~Gov. David I. Lawrence warmly praised
ice Award for period 4 September 1956 A D A M O F F, O s c a r 3 . , 9 / L t / S o [ O Te t e
Cadet Louis J. Meoli of Norristown, Pa. for publicizing the merits of
to I0 September 1959
bore Comp Sq, N J
KAYE-SMITH, Eniott, Lt Col. Great Lakes ALBANO, Anthony S., MaJ. Comdr Deta
the Keystone State during his recent visit to Sweden under the IACE
" Region, is awarde the Meritorious Servware Vly Comp Sq. N J
i c e Aw a r d f o r p e r i o d 12 March 1958 AMBROSE, Charles B., MaJ, Comdr FIol
to 10 September 1959
ham Pk Comp Sq, N J
DICK, Lloyd C., MaJ., Great Lakes Region,
ASSAINTE, Alfred A., Capt, Comdr Can,
The Governor through his chief secretary, Otis B. Morse, informed
i s a w a r d e d t h e Meritorious Servie, e
den Comp Sq, N J
Award for period 24 August 1958 to 10 BEDDIGES, Donald A, MaJ, D/Trans Nee
Cadet Meoli that he believes the cadet program "is of the highest
September 1959
Jersey Wing
R O S E , G o r d o n P. , Ms J, Great Lakes BEDDIGES, Frederick, Capt, A/Traa~
value in developing good citizenship among the youth of our State
Region. ts awarded the Meritorious ServNew Jersey Wing
and I hope that you and all other cadets will continue to be "Ambassai c e A w a r d f o r p e r i o d 1 5 . M a y 1 9 5 7 BELL, F r e d e r i c k S . , L t C o l , I S O N e e
to 10 September 1955
Jersey Wing
dors" of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
WILLIAMS, Marjorle L., MaJ, Great Lakes BEUTLEB, Albert, Lt Col, Dp/Comm Nee

Recognition Given Cadet

Prices Listed
For Authorized
Uniform Items

Region, is awarded the Meritorious ServJersey Wing
i c e Aw a r d f o r p e r i o d 1 January 1957 B L I C H A R Z , E d w a r d F. .

2/Lt, Sup

to 10 September 1959
Newark Comp Sq, N J
i o ni
Ellington AFB, Tex.-- The fol- M U Ta w aC a r ldRt.h, zCM p tr.i ,t oC iaol ufs rS ea vW ie g , BROWN.Sq, N W., Capt, Trans 0 Merce
r ic
Aw a r d f o r p e r i o d 1 8 A u g u s t 1 9 5 8 t o 5 C A P U TO , A n t h d n y P. . 1 ' I , t , E x e e
lowing uniform items are author- June 1959
Lyndhurst Comp Sq, N J
PENTAGON.~Marking the 12th anniversary the AF became a
ized for sale to members of the MUTH, Wilton B., Capt, California WJ~ga~ DKNNIN~-.Artlmr a.,,G~t,/~e O New'a~r~
Com ~I,N 3
Is a~rdo
~qt riou
separate military service, Gen. Curtis LeMay, USAF vice chief of staff,
Civil Air Patrol at C~¢~ing ~ ~kwiU'd~Oy d ~ ~ d l KJuneo1954 s S e r v t e ~ 'DOTS, p Paul, MaJ, Comdr Newark Com,
period 14
to 5 June
commended AF personnel serving at basea around ths~werld for their Stores. All of the |teins must be WALKER, Norma S.. Capt, California Wing, G R E EN ,J I r v l n s S . , l i l t , S p a O N e w a r i
purchased with cash.
Comp 8¢/, N J
l~yalty, initiative and efficiency. He issued the birthday message in
is awarded the Meritorious Service Award
for period 1 January 1958 to 1 August
HAINIHG, David W., Capt, Comdr Atlantl,
the absence of Gen. Thomas D. White, USAF chief of staff.
City Comp Sq, N J
BEAVER, Eugene R., I/Lt, Kansas Wing,

LeMay Lauds AF Personnel

HARTLAUB, Robert J., 9/LL, leo Newarl
Comp Sq, N J
is awarded the Meritorious Service Award
for period I December 1958 to I August HARTSHORN, Stewart, ~,'Lt, Saf O Sprl.
field. Comp Sq. N J
HAMILTON, William H,, 1/Lt, Washington HOLDEN, John J., MaJ, D/Sat New Jerse
Wing, is awarded the Meritorious ServWing
i c e Aw a r d f o r p e r i o d N o v e m b e r 1 9 5 8 HOWLAND, Charles A,, Capt, Comdr E~ae:
to 4 September 1959
Comp Sq, N J
HANSENo Earl C., l/Lt, South Dakota LUEDDEKE, Edward J., I/Lt, Spa O A~
Wing is awarded the Meritorioua Servbury Park Comp Sq, N J
i c e Aw a r d f o r p e r i o d 1 A p r i l 1 9 5 8 t o LUMMIS, Edward G., 1/Lt, C/Cdt~Camde~
29 July 1959
Comp Sq, N J
ERDMAN, Richard C., we, South Dakota M A R T I N S , B a r b a r a R . , | / L t , A / M a d (
Wing, is awarded the Meritorious Service
Phililpsburg Cdt Sq, N J
Aw a r d f o r p e r i o d 1 A u g u s t 1 9 8 8 t o 3 1 MEAD, Charles S.. Capt, ISO Florham Par]
July 1959
Comp Sq, N 3
S P O O N H O LT Z , 3 o y A . , w e , I o w a W i n g , MEGARGLE, Darne]l D., 1/Lt, Rse 0 Nee
Jersey Wing
i s a w a r d e d t h e Meritorious Service
Aw a r d f o r p e r i o d 1 O A p r i l 1 9 5 8 t o S NOVITCH, Ann, S/Lt, Pers O Brick Tws]
August 1959
Comp Sq, N J
JAMESON, Russell D . , L t C o l , M i s s o u r i PARADISE Gerald 3., 9/Lt, Comm O Fie(
Wing, is awarded the Meritorious Sereham Park Comp Sq. N J
lee Award for period 9 June 1955 to 25 PARISH, S i d n e y A . , 2 / L t , A / A d J N e w a r
August 1959
Comp Sq, N J
LADD, Evelyn S.,Lt Col, Missouri Wing,
PAVLIK, Joseph T., MaJ, Comdr Trento,
Comp Sq, N J
is awardedthe
Meritorious Service
Award for period 15 January 1955 to 25 R~GAN~ James H.~ Capt, C'Cdls Morse
August 1959
Comp Sq, N 3
VENABLE, Mildred 1., Capt, Missouri Wing,
RENTSCHLER, Werner R.. Capt, Exec (
Bergen Cty Comp Sq. N J
is awarded the Meritorious Service Award
f o r p e r i o d 9 S e p t e m b e r 1 9 4 9 t o 2 5 ROSEN'FIELD, 3onathan,
9/Lt, Esec t
August 1959
Bayonne Comp Sq. N 3
S H E R M A N , S a u l N . , 2 / L i , To g O N e ~
VENABLE, Mildred I, RM, Missouri Wing,
is awarded the Meritorious Service Award
Jersey Wing
for period 27 December 1957 to 25 August SPENCER, Harold A., MaL Comdr Berge~
Cty Comp Sq, N J
THEISZ, Robert R., MsJ, Comdr Sky Mane
First Bronze Clasp to Meritorious Comp Sq, N 3'
TIEDJE, Robert ~., Lt Co], Dp/Cdts Nee
Service Award
Jersey Wing
M., Lt Col, Kansas Wing,
PRICZ NEWCORN, Cecil First Bronze Clasp to the VADNEY, Kaiman K., Capt, Comdr Plaio
PHOENIX, Ala.~Cadet Capt. James R. Wilhelm, former cadetITSM Exercise
is awarded the
field Comp Sq, N J
M e r i t o r i o u s S e r v i c e Aw a r d f o r p e r i o d VA D N E Y, P h l i o m e n a A . , I / L t , A d J P l a i
Cap, Garrison
commander and cadet advisor to the Maryvale Squadron, has started
28 November 1957 to 1 August 1959
Cover, Hat, Blue end White
field Comp Sq, N J
.55 KINNEY, Marjorle A., MaJ, Kansas Wing,
Cover, Hat~ Winter Gray
his AF career as an aviation cadet. A'private pilot, he was awarded
I s a w a r d e d F i r s t B r o n z e C l a s p t o VOSSELLER, , N 3 R., I/Lt, Comdr Blair
town Str Sq
Coat, Wool, Blue
Meritorious Servlee Award for period 28 WALDRON, George R., Capt, Cdt Spe~
the Aborne Trophy last year for being the outstanding cadet in his
Frame, Hat, Dress, Blue
November 1957 to I August 1959
Act New Jersey Wing
*GIoves~ Cotton, ,Gray
Gloves, Cotton, White
WEIGEL, Richard 3., 1/Lt, Comdr Cltfto.
Handbag, Leather, Black
Cdt Sq, N J .
Jacket, Cotton Cord
WEISER, Charles T., 9/Lt, Exec O Cumbe~
land Comp Sq, N J
Jacket, Wool Blue
Northeast Region
WILLIAMS, Henry J., 1/Lt, Leg 0 Plain
Overcoat, Wool, Bltle
Appointment or Promotions:
Raincoat. Nylon-Rayon, Blue,
field Comp Sq. N J
18,95 F E N T O N , D o n a l d T. , 2 / L t , A i r S n a p W I L L I A M S O N , H o w e l l D . , C a p t , g x e e
Searfo Gray
Massachusetts Wing
Dela Vly Comp Sq, N J
SKOKIE, Ill.--Cadet Lt. Harvey Sarnat of the local CAP com- **Shirtwaist, Field. Can, Chambray,
FICKETT. Marcia M., 2/Lt, Comm O Sud- AHOLA, Matthew U., Capt, Tng O Steam
bury Cdt Sq, Mass
Blue Long Sleeve
Island Oroup, N Y
posite squadron acted as an official interpreter during the recent Pan
Shirtwaist, 'Field, Can, Chambray,
FLIOG, Charles P.. 1/Lt, gxec O $ommer- F I E L D I N G , E d w a r d J . , C a p t , C o m m (
vll]e Cdt Sq.
North Exat Region
Blue Short Sleeve
American games at Soldiers Field, Chicago. Working with officials,
1.55 FROST, Josiah Mass
F.° 2/Lt, Adm O Group a, LORY. John S., Capt, Plans O North Eas
Shirtwaist, Oxford Cloth, Blue
athletes and newsmen covering the games, Cadet Sarnat won praise
Shorts, Exercise
Skirt, Exercise
|.30 G R A H N , R u p e r t W. , M a ; J , A d m O M a s - SAENZ, Frank Jr., Lt Col, Pera O Nortl
sachusetts Wing
f o r h i s a c c u r a c y.
Skirt, Cotton Cord
East Region
Skirt, Wool, Blue
5,75 J U L I A N , J a m e s W. , l / L t , S p a O B o s t o n SCHAETZEL, Robert 3., Lt Col, Comm (
Comp Sq, Mass
North East Region
Slacks, Wool Blue
Slacks, Exercise, Blue
4.05 KELLY, Howard C., 2.'Lt, Spa 0 G/'oup S, ARONSON, Alfred, 9/Lt, Exee O Seafor~
Comp Sq, N Y
ff.~0 1 M a s s
Overshoe, High Slide Fastener
9.80 LACOMBE, Euellde J.. 2'Lt, Ops 0 Group AUDIN, G a b r i e l , 1 / L t , T n g O R o c k l a m
Cty Group, N Y
"Gloves, Cotton. GraY, FSN 8445.961-4719
6, Mass
hru 8445.261-4718 end 8455-J$I-4722, win
LAMELY. Frank B., l/Lt, ISO Massachusetts
AYERS, Edward D., 1/Lt, Exee O Coopers
TOPEKA, K~n.--Col. James L. Flanagan, commander of Forbes be supplied u n t i l e x h a u s t e d , p r i c e d o t Wing
town Comp Sq. N Y
LOBISSER, Robert F,, Capt, Exee O Group
8445BRANDT, Emily S., Z/Lt, A/Ops O Sealer.
AFB, presented ]7 cadets of the Forbes Squadron with achieve-Si,~0. When exhausted, supply FSN $1,70.
275-2795 thru 8445-275-9795, priced at
4, Mess
Comp Sq, N Y
Gladya B., Capt, Adi Eimlr~
IN Edmu
., I/L
ment ribbons at special ceremonies here. The AF officer delighted "**Shirtwaist,be supplied C h a m b r a y, L o n g M c L A U G H LVty, Comp n d JMass t , C / C D CHAMBERS, Y
Sleeve wilt
until exhausted.
Cdt Sq. N
When exhausted° SUpply Shirtweist, Cotton, MaeLEAN. James W., 2/Lt. ISO Merrimae
the audience when he explained he has long been a member of CAP.
Cbzmbray, Short Sleeve.
Vty Comp Sq. Mass
(See ORDERS Page 14)
Buckle, Web, Belt
Belt, Waist, Web
Cap, FUght
Cap, Service
Cap, Sage Green or HBT
Coat, Wool, Blue.
MAXWELL AFB, Ala.~Lt. Col. Louise M. Thaden, Coordinator
Cover, Ralneap
for Women's Activities of the Middle East Region and chairman of
Glove, Shell, Leather
the National Commander's Training Committee, recently completed Jacket., Wool, Blue Tan 505
Jacket, Bush, Shade
Necktie, Wool
the Command and Staff School correspondence course offered by the
Overcoat, Wool, Blue
Raincoat, Blue
Extension Course Institute of Air University. Only 34 of some 3500
Scarf, Wool
CAP members taking ECI training are enrolled In this high level Shirt, Flannel Blue
Shirt, Oxford
*Shirt, Poplin
'*Shirt, Cotton, Khaki
Shirt, Shade Tan SOS
| 10
Shirt, Sage Green
Shorts, Shade Tan 505
*'*suit, HBT, One-Pltee
**Trousers, Cotton, Kheld
Col. Phillip F. Neuweiler, commander of the Pennsylvania Wing, Trousers,Shade Ten 608
Sage Green
Trousers, Wool, Blue
announced the promotion of MaJ. John H. Hill to the rank of Lieu.
Bag, Duffel
*Shirt. Poplin, will be supplied until
tenant Colonel ~nd his assignment as permanent encampment comexhausted, at which time, the Shirt, Oxford
will be utilized.
rounder. A member of CAP for 16 years, Lieutenant Colonel Hill is '*Cotton Khaki Shirt and Trousers will be
supplied until exhausted, then utilize Shirt
the first former cadet to serve in his new post.
and Trousers, Shade Tan 505.
***Sutt,'HBT, supply until exhausted, then
utilize Shirt and Trousers Saga Green or
Shirt and Trousers, OG 107.

Completes Rigid Air Course


.... ~'

Promotion Brings New Job

Starts Aviation Career

Cadet Interpreter Aids at Games

Cadets Win Ribbons


ommanders Urged
To Back WiSI Drive
(Continued from Page 1)
revolve around the renewal camtaken up the cry for early renewals paign theme, graphically illustratin a newsletter sent to all members. ing new or different ideas to tell
the reason current members should
Through early renewals, the
remain in the ranks of CAP. This
letter points out, "members will
material should be forwarded to
not be receiving continual reCAP TIMES, 2020 M Street, Washminders, the wing and squadrons
ington, D.C.
will not have to keep asking for
renewals and that National Headquarters will be in a position to
more easily process early renewals before the inevitable last
~100% Blue Wool Serle
minute rush."
The Civil Air Patrol offers many
opportunities to every young
a Blouse
man or woman between the ages of
Shirt . v
14 and 21. If under 14, the appli~
a Trousers
cant must be enrolled as an active
Belt, Cop, Tie
~ ,
student in high school.
Air Force Re-Issue
Other requirements include the
written consent of parents, a phys[ ~
Gabardine Uniform
ical examination, average grades in
100% wool tallared
school, being a citizen of the
United States and good moral
Gabardine Overcoat



,an, hr~l~ 4,9$

~ l

MEMBERSHIP promotion will be
left up to individual squadrons, but
an exchange of ideas between
THE FACIAL expressions of these spectators watching the crack AF Thunderbird team go through squadrons can prove helpful and
National Headquarters stands by
its paces at the CAP Friendship Days air show at Wilmington, N.C. prove that the jet fliers caused ready and willing to give a boost
plenty of thrills with their aerial maneuvers. While some point skyward, others look on in amazein the right direction.
ment. (Photo by John MacNeill.)
Stories and photographs should

Wilmington Air Show
Draws 70,000 Visitors

SUFFOLK, Va.--I,t. Wallace W.
Page, executive officer of the Suffolk Squadron, has been selected
as the first winner of the squadfan's Outstanding Member Trophy.
His unit cited him for "superior
performance" in assigned duties
and his "invaluable contributions
#~o the welfare of the squadron
~brough suggestions which have
proved to be of great value."
The award is designed to fill
the gap between personal commendation from the squadron commander and an award from National Headquarters.


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C A P T I M E S , D e p t . M , 2 0 2 0 M S t r e e t , N . W . , W a s h i n g t o n 6 , D.C.

your old manual
of "F R O M T H E
front cover will do)
and 84.S0. We will
mail you brand new
enth Edition) ]post. POSTPAID


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IFR ..d ..d..,,.d
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expo$lllon park armory

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.................... ~C~,~-__" .......... ~" 'l~.~..~which New Hanover County CAP
a close-up view of some two dozen ~l~;~*~t-tJl~l~*%F-T~
military planes which were parked derbirds were interviewed.
Due to the success of the show,
on the airport ramp. The planes
included helicopters, jet fighters Lieutenant Moore said that countand bombers, cargo and transport less inquiries have been received
aircraft anda radar-equipped C-121 f r o m p e r s o n s i n t e r e s t e d i n j o i n which was especially flown here ing CAP squadrons.
Capt. Neal Kelly was operations
from its base in Massachusetts.
The show attracted 311 senior officer during the event. He was
members and cadets from 37 sur- assisted by Capt. Warren Sanders
rounding communities and 16 ex- and A. C. Lacroix, a senior memchange cadets from the New Eng- ber. Col. D. H. Denton, North Caroland area. Nine CAP planes and lina Wing Commander, and Maj.
38 CAP mobile units were included S i d n e y W i l s o n , c o m m a n d e r o f
Group Eight, gave advisory assistin the ramp display.
ANOTHER feature on the program was a two-hour aerial display by the Cole Bros. Air Show
f r o m F o r t Wa y n e , I n d . U s i n g a
Steerman, a Tayloreraft and other
light planes, the team did slow
roils, outside loops, stalls, half
rolls on take-off and dead stick
Lt. James B. Moore, general
chairman of the show, originated
CAP Friendship Days last year.
II 233 Sample Exam. ~uestiono [
The event is designed, he said,
to promote better civilian.military relationships, to offer aviation education and to acquaint
the general public with the work
and mission of CAP in the cornmunity.
In a move to generate interest
in CAP Friendship Days, WECT-TV
staged a 30-minute show during
COMPLETE G .... d Scao*I
Felly covers

Squadron Award
Given Lt. Page

Send for free cateksue for direct sav;nos.



............................................... .......

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Zone ......

Enclosed is $ .... .......
i ii iI iiiii ii~_l~ _ -


State .., : ..........




ANDERSO~, GIeon B., 1/Lt, Sup 0
Clearings Comp Sq, N@br
AVEY, Maynard C., CapS, C/Cdts Clearidge
Comp Sq, Nabr
BORCHER, Kenneth C., I/Lt, Av ~i
Clearldgo Comp ~q, Nebr
CARLON, Robert E,, lilt, Comm O Fremont Camp Sq, Nebr
COWlN, J o h n C . , 2 / L t , S a f O C l e a r l d g e
Comp Sq, Nebr
E D 1 N G E R , M a r c h A . , 2 / L t , To g 0 S O .
Omaha Camp Sq, Nebr
GILLIGAN, Charles H., 1/Lt, Ops O Fres
mont Comp Sq, Nebr
GREENE, Wa]ter A. 2/Lt, 8Up 0 SO.
O L S H AV S K Y, A n d r e w , l / L t , I S O N e w James, David T., Sr Pilot, Sharon Comp
+ (Continued from Page 12)
Omaha Comp, Sq. Nebr
Sq 1204, Pa
Castle Group 1200, Pa
POOD, Willlam H., I/Lt, Med 0 Group 90+ KOCHER, Alwin B., Pilot, York Sr Sq 301, KARNIK, A l l e n F. , C a p t , C o m d r S i d n e y
~""-/"CBAWFORD, Robert U.+ I/Lt, C/CD Nsw
Comp Sq, Nebr
Yo r k W i n g
PRICE, John H., Capt, D/Ops Group 20, Pa
LEIBY, Jack D., Pilot, Reading Comp Sq KENNEDY, Elizabeth M., 2~Lt, ISO Offutt
Comp Sq0 Nebr
P I N K , H e n r y W. , 2 / L t , O p l O R o c k l a n d R A P P, E v e l y n B . , 9 / L t , A / A d m 0 P h i l a
303, Pa
Cty Group, N Y
Sr Sq 103, Pa
MOORE, J a m e s J . , S r P i l o t , E a s t o n S r K I N A M A N , R o b e r t E . . 2 / L t , C o m m O
Beatrice Comp Sq, Nebr
"Big Mike is certainly a fussy
GOUI~D, Arthur W., MaJ, Exgo O Norwich RATAY, Jacque].ina O,, 3/Lt, Adj Chastar
Sq 803, Pa
K N U T Z E N , Ve r n o n E . , i / L t , A / O p s O
Cdt Sq, N Y
Cdt Sq 1002, Pa
MYERS. Fred $., Pilot, Mt. Union Comp
eater -- he ought to have his
Fremont Comp Sq, Nebr
R I L E Y, J a m e s E , 1 / L t , T n g O ~ c r a n t o n
Sq 1504, Pa
X4AI.,L, E. Victor, Lt Col, Exoe "0 Syracuse
own garbage can."
Comp Sq 201, Pa .
PRICE, R O y E . , P i l o t , M t . U n i o n C o m p MUNKRES, Janet I., 2/Lt, Exec O WeepGroup, N Y
ing Water St, Nabr
RIFFLE, James W., CapS, Av Ed O Naw
Sq 1504, Pa
RASCHKE, Mildred J., 1/Lt, A/Dp/Cdtl
I A E G E R , R o d n e y, | / L t , Exeg O Staten
Castle Gp 1200, Pa
PUCHALLA, Joseph E., Pilot, Mr. Union
Isle Sr Sq 1, N Y
FENNER, Howard L., S/Lt, Ops 0 Austitt
R O B I N S O N , B e n j a m i n W. . 3 / L t , O p | O
Comp Sq 1~04, Pe
I Nebraska Wing
Upper Darby Cdt Sq 1003, PI
RAFFENSBERGER, Willie E., Pilot, York i R e B O R O U G H , L o Sq,i n e B . , 1 / L t , P e r a 0 Comp Sq, Minn
KAPLAN, Gerald, 2/Lt, Exee O Floyd
Clearldge Comp
Bennett Comp Sq. N Y
RODDA, Johu L., Capt, Exae O Phlia Comp
Sr Sq 301, Pa
S C H A D E , R i c h a r d N . , 2 / L t ~ T r a n s O GODBOUT, MedrteMinn2/Lt, Sup O StillSq 104, Pa
O H R R M e r r l W.
water Comp Sq,
K N O X , H a r r y R . ~ C a p t / ISO W/,stehester BOMANO, Angelo J., ~/Lt, Ranger Comdr RCompESq, 1504,i lPa , P i l o t , M r. U n i o n
Clearidgo Comp Sq, Nebr
Group 2, N Y
SMITH, Gibson, Jro Pilot, York Sr Sq 301, S TO C K E R , I n e s P. , l i l t , A d J C l e a r i d l e H E N K I C H S , R o n a l d E . , C a p t . E n g O S t
Phlla Comp Sq 104, Pa
KRASUSKY, Julian H.~ CapS, Comdr Peekl- SCHNEIDER, George P., Capt, 37015 Cheai Comp Sq, Nabr
Paul Comp Sq, Minn
kill Croup Sq, N Y
KUTH, J o l m W . , 2 / L t , E x e e O A u s H n
ter Cdt Sq 1002, Pa
TURNER, Malcolm, J., Pilot, Upper Darby STOCKER, John H., CapS, Fis O Clearidge
Comp Sq, Nebr
Comp Sq, Mlnn
~ E N Np e r a tC w E R ,o ma c s aD . , Y / L ] : , i $ 0 S C H WA R T Z , C h a r i o t t a E . , 3 / L t , F i n O
Cdt Sq 1003, Pa
Coo E B A oK n C J p k , N S
Harry E.,
LUNDBERG, Charles W., 1/Lt, Dp/Comm
Philo Sr fiq 102, Pa
WEINGBAD, Richard N., Pilot, No. Penn TRE4~T,Sq, Nebr 1/Lt, Tng 0 CIearidge
NICOSIA, GnyG., Jr., Maj, Comdr Suffolk
Minnesota Wing
Sr Sq 904, Pa
S C O T T, W i l l i a m S . , C a p t , C h a p l N e w
Gronp, N Y
Castle Gp 1200, Pa
U L E M A N , L u c l l t e , 2 / L t , A / C / C d t s C l e a r - MILLS, A r t h u r F. , 9 / L t . C / C d t s S t P a u l
ona d
N I V E R , H a r o l d D . , 1 / L t , F i s O C a t s k i l l SEEE, Ross. W., Ranger Comdr York Sr WCompS , D102, l PaH . , P i l o t , L o v i t t o w n
idge Comp Sq, Nebr
Comp Sq, Mlnn
Mt Group, N Y
2/Lt, Tng O RichSq 301, Pa
BAER, Cecil J., Pilot, Shippensburg Group WREDE, M e l b a J . , 2 / L t , A d j O ' N e i l l S r O'CONNER,p Edwin F., n
] PA R K E R , I r e n e G . , 2 / L t , A d j C o o p e r s field Com Sq, Min
Sq, Nebr
SEIGLE, Earl H., 1/Lt, Comdr Carbondale
1500, Pa
town Comp Sq. N Y
Cdt Sq 204, Pa
Richard D.,
BAILEY, James D., Pilot, Swansea Comp BERGETH,m p S q , N D 2~Lt, C/CD Devils PATZNER, Roger J., 2/Lt, SUp O Richfield
~ENFOLD, Phillip G.s I/Lie IS0 Norwich
Lake Co
Comp Sq, Mtnn
SHAFFER, Cha}mers M . , 3 / L t , E x e e O
Sq, R I
Cdt Sq, N Y
~UILLING, Shirley R., 2/Lt, Fin O St
York Sr Sq 301, Pa
BURGESS, Chester R., Pilot, Bennington D I G E R N E S S , E l l i n g R . , 9 / L t , Tr a n s O
IPRUETT. Samuel C., MaL Comdr Orange. SHAFFER, Clyde W., 2/Lt, Fis O Hamlin
Louis Park Comp Sq, Minn
Devils Lake Comp Sq, N D
Comp Sq, Vt
burg Cdt Sq, N Y
SAMPSON, Robert N., 1/Lt, Comdr Tracy
ComP Sq, Pa
CONNER, Mary A , , O b s e r v e r, R u t l a n d KELLER, o m p S q ,S., 1/Lt, Sup O Devils
QUINN, Nathanlel, Capt, Ops O Seaford
Laka C
Comp Sq) Minn
Cadet Sq, Vt
SIEGEL, E d w a r d A . , ~ / L t , E x e a O P g h
Comp Sq, N Y
SORENSON, Carroll W., 2/Lt, Ops O AILEE, Earl A., I/Lt, Tng O Devils Lake
Group 60, Pa
LANGEVAN, Leo A., Pilot, Vermont Wing,
IEIGI, Emil J., Capt, Leg O Staten Island
Comp Sq, N D
bert Lea Comp 8q. Minn
S I L B E R L I C I I T, J a c k W. . l / L t , Exee O
Group, N Y
STANICH, Eugene J., CapS, Comdr Crow
I ER, J e
Honasdale Comp Sq 206, Pa
PFENNING, Ltnda A., Observer, Rutland P F L E eGC o m p a kq , P. . D / I , t , C / W D e v i l s
aCHAKENBACK, Kennetk~ CapS, Exae O
Wing Comp Sq, Minn
Cadet Sq, Vt
SOCHOVKA, Albert, 1/Lt+ Exee O ScranSt. James Comp Sq, N Y
CALL, E v e r e t t W, . C a p t , 4 ~ o m d r B a p t d TO O Z E , R o ff G . , 2 / L t , O p s O M i n n U n i y
ton C
a C H U L Z , E d w i n P. , 2 / L t j E g e o O R e e k - STRICK,a m p S q 2 p l , P a Pers O Pennsyl- PROCTOR, ,Richard W., Pilot, Bennington
City Sr Sq, S D
Comp Sq, Minn
Mareens. g/Lt,
Comp Sq Vt
land Comp +Sq 3. NW Y.
CARSON. Clifford L., Capi, Sup O South YOUNG, E v a n H . , 2 / L t , C / C d t s A u s t l u
vaola Wing, Pa
~UINN, James W., Jr., Pilot, Bennington
Comp Sq, Minn
S C I t WA R T Z , I , a w r e n c e
, |/Lt, Fin O THORNE, Randall A., Capt, D/Admin
Dakota Wing
Comp Sq, Vt
We s t e h e s t e r G r o u p , N Y
A H B Y, J a m
Paul O., 1/Lt, AdJ" Independeuce
Group 20. Pa
SACCO, Alfred A., Observer, Rutland D Dakota Wing e s W . , 2 L t , T u g 0 South BROWN,Sq, Me
aEBEXEN, Beverly J.. Capt, C/W Staten
Comp Sq, Vt
T R E D I N N I C K , R o b e r t W. , 1 / L t , L e l O
Island Group, N Y
" H A N S , , E a r l C . , C a p t , C o m d r Sioux CROSS, M a r g u e r i t e M . , 2 / L t , A d j S t
No. Penu Sr Sq-904, Pa
SCHERBAUM, Walter H., Observer, VerI I M E R S K 1 , G e n e v i e v e L . , S / L t , S u p O TRITT, William H., 1/Lt, Sup O Newville
Fails Cdt Sq~, S D
Charles Comp Sq, Mo
mont Wing Vt
Cooperstown Comp Sq, N Y
Sr Sq 1502. Pa
SENECAL, Lee G., Observer, Rutland JOHNSON, George O., MaJ, Leg O South FERRELL, p S q , MF., 3/Lt,- Pers O SikesDakota Wing
ton Com
TRAPANESE, Anthony, Cap,t, Sup 0 Staten
Cadet S~, Vt
VOGLER, W i l b u r W. ~ M a J , D / M a t N e w
Island Gronp, N Y
JONES, Lyle R., 2/Lt, C/Cdts Huron Comp FINCK, F r e d E . , 2 / L t , F l s O S t C h a r l e s
Castle Group 1200, Pa
ANDERSON, Ray I., S/Lt, Comm O Dela
Sq, S D
Comp Sq. Me
North Central Region
WARING, William F., 2/Lt, Ads O SpringCry Camp Sq 1005, Pa
LUBBER, William J., 2/Lt, Exec O GregoryE R I C K S O N , G l e ~ n T. , C a p t , A / Av E d O
field Sr Sq, Pa
Appointments or Promotions:
Burke Comp Sq, S D
North Central Region
AUSTIN, Robert J,, 2/Lt, A/C/Cdts LebWILSON, Edwin H., 2/Lt, Fis O Ph|la Sr
anon Comp Sq 308, Pa
ADLER, C a r l C . , S / L t , O p a O S i b l e y S r OIEN, Hemming O., 2/£I, A/Dp/Cdts South BELL, W i l l i a m C . , 2 / L t , E x e a O D a v e u ,
Sq 103 Pa
Sq, Iowa
MAKER. Jo~aps E., Capt, Exee O No. Penn WISE, Ruth A., 1/Lt, AdJ Phlla Group 10,
Dakota Wing
port Comp Sq, Iowa
FELTON, John G., Capt. Exee O Council SYMPSON, Lee M . , 2 / L t , O p s O S o u t h B E N I S C H C K , S t a n l e y V. . 2 / L t , Tr a n s O
' Sr Sq 904, Pa
Bluffs Sr Sq, Iowa
hARRY, Waltar I., 2/Lt, Tng O Philo Cdt
Dakota Wing
Davenport Comp Sq, Iowa
WITTENBRADER, John H.. 2/Lt, Trans O FELTON, Joyce A., Capt, Pers O Council HELTON, Robert D., 2/Lt, Av Ed O Group B I T T I N G E R , H a r v e y H . , L t C o l , L e g O
Sq 1014, Pa
Hamltn Comp Sq, Pa
Bluffs Sr Sq, Iowa
n E C K E R , A l b e r t H . , C a p t , S u p O A l l e n - BROTHERS, Charles E., CapS, Fla O Preylowa Wing
4, Kan
town Group 80, Pa
HILSABECK, Robert L . , 3 / L t , . S u p O HILL, J o h n D . , 2 / L t , I S O E u r e k a C a m p C H R I S T F ~ S E N , W i l f o r d L . , M a L C o m d r
Cranston Comp Sq, R I
Sibley Sr Sq, Iowa
B R E S T, J o h n , C a p t , O p l O N e w C a s t l e
C A N TA R A , A l p h o n s e J . , 3 / L t , S u p O HOUGH, Howard C., Capt, Exec O Group H U LVKan M a r y M . , C a p t , A d s O G r o u p F L A N A G ACompaSq.olowa ,
Group 1~00, Pa
E Y,
N , R y m n d V.
2/Lt, AdJ
Swansea Camp Sq, R I
3, Iowa
nRUNNEI~, Arthur F., Capt, Tng O Phlla CROUSE, John W., Jr., ~/Lt, Tog O PreyDavenport Comp Sq, Iowa
5, Kan
Comp Sq I010, Pa
JAHN. A l l a n E . , C a p t , + O p l O o u n c i l IVES, Robert D., 2/Lt, Comm O Group 4, GUMPERT, John D., 2/Lt, Sup 0 Dave)tCranston Comp" Sq, R I
llUTLLR, Patrlck M., S/Lt, Pilot Scranton DENIS, Frank, 2/Lt, Fin O Swansea Comp Bluffs Sr Sq, Iowa
port Comp Sq, Iowa
JOHNSON, Maynard E . , 1 / L t , E x e c O K E T T E R E R , H a r o l d E . . 2 / L t , C o m m O HARTUNG, John H., 2/Lt, Leg 0 Gtr Des
Comp Sq 201, Pa
Sq, R I
Sibley Sr Sq, Iowa
C A R P, J a m e s E . , C a p t , A / L e g 0 P h l l a
Oaklawn Comp Sq, Kan
Motnes Sr Sq, Iowa
LAMSON, G e o r g e T. , C a p t , T n g O B l k s KENNEDY, Kenneth H., Capt, Tog G Iowa LEHR, John J., Maj, Exec O Shawnee Msn
Group 10, Pa
Va l l e y C o m p S q , R I
KUPER, Harold E., 1/Lt, Exec O Belmond
C H I A P PA Z Z I , R o s e m a r y, 3 / L t , P e r s 0 BOSSI, Matthew W., Capt, Med O PrayComp Sq, Kan
Sr Sq, Iowa
KRUGER, Hildohr A., 1/Lt, Mgint O Sib.
Group 50, Pa
PATTY, Clifton R., I/Lt, Comdr El Dorado SCHROEDER, Delman E., 2'Lt, Av Ed O
Cranston Comp Sq. RL Ieg
le¥ Sr Sq, Iowa
CHRAPOW CKI, Constantine A., Capt,
Comp Sq, Kan
Davenport Comp S~, Iowa
VARONE. John A., 1/Lt,
O Blks Val- MeNUTT, J o s e p h W. , 1 / L t , A / C o m m O REED, Loma R., 1/Ll, A/Ops O Group 1,
Chap] ~, ranton Comp Sq 201, Pa
SMITH, C l a u d E . , 2 / L t , C / C D D a v e n p o r t
ley Comp Sq. R I
Iowa Wing, Iowa
D AV I D S , I v o r J r. , / L t , A d J C h a m b e r s . LANGEVIN, Dorothy S.,
Comp Sq, Iowa
3/I,t, 1SO Ver- NEBZ, P a u l E . . 3 / L t , A v ~ O C o u n c i l REID, Larry E.. 2/Lt, Comm O Matlhatten WATIIAN, Leander M., 2/Lt, OPS 0
burg Sr Sq 1503, Pa
nmnt Wilts
Bluffs Sq, Iowa
Comp Sq, Kan
DUBS, William R., C'apt, lnst York Sr Sq.
Appointed Chaplains:
RAISER, William J., 1/Lt, Comm O Court- S/MP~N, ~ Bic, ha~4,, /~ ~/~t~: ~~[h~ "0~ B I S H O P, M a r y L , I / L t , A d ] A t w o o d
YOUNG, Warreu F., I/Lt, Orange County
ell Bluffs Sr Sq, low& +., ~,, ,,..~..~../
.... ~¥~dotte COmp " Sq.' Kan
Flight, Kan
ZTIIREDGE, Wilfred J., 1/Lt, Comdr Phlta
Comp Sq 4, N Y
Cdt Sq 1014, Pa
SOUTHARD, James C., 2/Lt, Exeo O Oak- WILCOX, Charles P., I/Lt, Adj Wyandotte
lbY Sr 8q, Iowa
IrELDMAN, Arthur L., CapS, Ops O Alien, KRAMER, George C.. l~Ltm Phtla Comp
lawn Comp Sq, Kan
Comp Sq, Kan
Sq 109, Pa
SAGE, Richard C., 1/Lt, Comdr DaVen'.
town Med Sq 805, Pl
STOCKMAN, William E., 2/Lt, A/Trans O
HUDNALL, Hugh J., MaJ, Insp Sonihern
port Sq, Iowa
r R A N K O S K Y, R i t a M , l i L t , C o m d r C a m - WIIITE. Melvin W., I/Lt, Springfield Comp
Shawnee Msn Comp Sq, Kan
Group, Minn
Sq, Vt
SEAGRAVES, Mary J., 3/Lt, AdJ Counell SWIFT, G e o r g e E . , 2 / L t , S u p O E u r e k a
brla County Sq 1503, Pa
Bluffs Sr Sq, Iowa
GAVDOS, MichaeJ J.j Capt, Chapl Group
Comp Sq, Kan
(See ORDERS, Next Page)
Aeronautical Ratings:
SURBW-R, Rex E., Capt, Comdr Gtr Des VEST, R u t h H . , I / L t , C o m m O G r o u p 1 ,
20 Pa
GIUNGO, Joseoh D., 1/Lt, Tog 0 Ablng.~ BALLOU, Malcolm J., Pilot, Meriden Comp Motnes Sr Sq, Iowa
Sq, Corm
WA N O N , C h a r l e s C . , I / L t , C o m d r L a - WKan H E R B E E , W i l b u r W. , 2 / L t , O p s O
ton Sr Sq 908, Pa
ment Sr Sq, Iowa
GOODMAN, Joseph j, S/Lt, Tng 0 Set'an- WELCH, William M., Observer, ConnectiEureka Comp Sq, Kan
cut Wills, COUU
T U R N E R , J o h n N . , I / L t , D p / P e r s I o w a WEAVER, Waiter I+.. 2/Lt, Ops O Shawnee
ton ~omp Sq 20~. Pa
SPRAUGE~ John ]~D,, Pilot, Pittsfield Comp
Msn Comp Sq, Ka*~
OREEN'NALD, Arl,ne K., S/Lt, Nurse
Sq, Me
WATSON, Robert L., 1/Lt, A/Tng O Iowa WILLIAMS, Benton O., Capt, Pers O Group
Allentown Med Sq 805, Pa
Melville T., Pilot, Brunswick
G R U B B , D a v i d A , l / L t , E g e e O A b i n g l o n WtlITCOMB, Me
5, Kan
Comp Sq,
WHITE, Cheater D.. S/Lt, Ops O Webster CHESEBRO, John L., Maj, Comdr White
Comp bq 908, PS
N A R R f S O N , Ly, e K . , S / L t , F i t O G r e e n BARRAVECCHIO,. tJoseph, Observar, Re- C i t y S r S q , I o w a
Bear Comp Sq, Mine
ere Comp Sq, Mass
vil]e Sr Sq 506, Pa
1 / L t , C / C d t s D~BLOIS. D a r r e l J , 2 / L t , E x e c O C a n b y
C/Cdte Group 5, Kan,
N A RT, R o b e r t L . , C s p t , D / C o r n s G ~ 0 U p ~FL~APIO, W i l l i a m P, , P i l o t , R e v e r s
Comp Sq, Mlnn
Comp Sq, Mass
A N D E R S O N , O r v l l l a R . , C a p t , C a r o m O E A S B E Y, C h a r l e 9 J . , 2 / L t , T n g O S t i l l 395-4th Avenue New York City~
20, Pa
~ [ E Y E R , M i l d r e d H . , l ¢ I ~ , D / 0 p s P h i l o GARDNER, Robert J., Sir Pilot, Northamp- Group 8, Kan
water Camp Sq, Mtnn
ton t'omp Sq. Mass
B E AV E R , E u g e n e R . , C a p t , T n g O S t
Grout-. 10, Pa
...... -n- ----- .................................. = ........
flREGOBY. David T., Observar, NorthampJohns Mtl Cdt" Sq, Kan
][IINGLEY, J~h~l.. 1'Lt, Comdr W. Bunks
ton Comp Sq, Mass
BLASING, Kenneth D., ~/Lt, Av Ed Man~
Cty Cdt Sq 907, Pa
batten Comp Sq, Kan
] [ l O l L E R , r. c e E . , C a p S , T n g O L o w e r HAMPTON. Robert H., Sr Pilot, Group S,
Bucss C'y ' dt Sq, Pa
CASIN, James A., 2/Lt, Exee O Eureka
Comp Sq, Kan
Z4OR'~rCN, Charles T., 9/Lt, A,'Comm O KELLEY.I .Howard C., . , P i l oGroup 6, sMass
POLLIN ' Joseph A
t , Te w R b o r y COOPER, B e r t E . , C a p S , E x a e O G r o u p
PhLa Ir Sq 10~, Pa
Cornp Sq, Mass
ONI~S, Lowell R.. ~ :I+t, Insp Group 30, Pa
I, Kan
ASI'NI' I+, 1~ cholas J., Capt, Tng O SAVAGE, David
C., Observer, Revere
DODGE, Don D., 2/Lt, Exeo O ManhatComp Sq, Mass
ten Comp Sq, Kan
Sb,t~n t, omp Sq 1204, Pa
ST. LAWRENCE, Earl J., fir Pilot,' North- HART~ENBOWER, Edward L.. 2/Lt, C/CD
D o n ' t m i s s a s i n g l e i s s u e o f y o u r p a p e r. S e n d u s y o u r n e w a d KAUCHER. irwin K.. 1/Lt, AdJ NO. Penn
ampton Comp Sq, Mass
EUreka Comp Sq, Kan
Sr itq 904, Pa
SZEWCZWK, Stanley F., Observer, Nbrth- HARTENBOWER, Mollie A . , 2 / L t , A d J
dress four weeks before it will take effect. The Post Office will
KESS:+AR, W.*ter, Cast, Comdr Dubois
ampton Comp Sq, Mass
Eureka Comp Sq, Kan
Sr Sq 1304, Pa
not forward copies from your old Dddress unless you pay extra
K I N G , F i z z y i ! l , a m W. , S / L t , I S O - , t a t s WHITE, Charles R.," Pilot, Boston Comp HAWKINS, Robert E., 2/Lt, C/Cdts ShawSq, Mass
nee-Miss Comp Sq, Kan
College G~t~up 1300, Pa
ZYGMONT," Affred M., Observer, North- HAYNES~ Leoiz L., SILt, Tng O Group 4~
K1NGSPOR~'QH, Charles, Capt, Comdr
ampton Comp Sq, Mass
Carhslo C,,mp 8q 305, Pa
C H A P M A N , C h a r l e s S . , P l l o t ~ L e b a n o n FRAZIER. Roy M., 2/Lt, Maint O BrookK L I N I , N i l e i ' . , 2 / L t , I S Q C h a m b e r s b u r g Comp Sq. N H
field Comp Sq, Me
Sr tq 15OI, Pa
K O C I t , A r l e n e B . . 1 / L t , N u r s e M e d S q DAVIff, Stewart -G., Pilot, Lebanon Comp H e M A N , J a m e s H . , ~ / L t , O p s O 8 t
Sq, N H
Charles Comp Sq, Me
805, Pa
U G U AY, W i l
K O C H E R , A l w J n B ' , C a p t , I n s t Yo r k S r D Comp Sq,. N H l i a m P. , P i l o t ~ H o o k s e t t MUSICK, James L., 2/Lt, ISO Kansas City
Comp Sq 1, MO
Sq 30~, Pa
MANSEAU, Donald, Pilot, Manc~hester P D D H O R N , P h y l l i s J . , ~ / L t , P e r l O S t
~ ' O B ~ C ~ I , J a m e s F. , L t C o l , A d v Yo r k 8 r
Comp Sq, N H
Charles Comp Sq Me
Sq 30'1, Pa
RRYHUBER/ Arnold- E+, ~/L~, A/Opa O
PENNOCK, Howard E. Pilot, . Hooksett
LOCKU.'OOD, Ran W., 1/Lt, C/Cdts LevitComp Sq, N H
St Charles Comp Sq, Me
to~vo (o,~lp sq t01, Pa
M., S I L t , ~ A d j S t
MERCIER, Ken,,e*h D., MaJ, Exoe O Levite
RIC.E~I~__ Johu~ T., .Pilot, H0oksett. Camp. Sq, R Joseph L , D o n a l d Me
Comp Sq,
town Comp ~o 101, Pa
~{ILLER, Orville J., Capt, Comdr Scranton TYSON, W~lliam B., PHot~ L~banon ,Colnp STUMBERG. Henry K . , l / L t , L e g O S t
Chunge of Addren
National Heodquorter9
Sq, N H
Charles Comp Sq, Me
Comp Sq 20i, Pa
~ Y E R S , F r e d S . , 1 / L t , C o m d r M t U n i o n B A Lo m Ip , S e o r g e O . ,~P i l.o.t ,. P l a.i n fi e l d TAY LC h a,r lD o nC od L . ,S 2 / LM eA / C o m m O
Civil Air Potrol
q , N
. . . . .
mp q,
Comp Sq 1,504, Pa
DECKER, Rfckllff M., Pilot, Newark Comp T R AV I S , R o b e r t W . , 2 / L t , E n g O S t
Attn: Personnel
2020 M 5t., N.W.
NICHOLAS', F. Ferrese, CapS, Comm O
S q ~
. . . . . . . . . . .
Charles Comp Sq, MO
N0W C~stle Group 1200, Pa
E l l i n g t o n A F B , H o u s t o n , Te x o 3
Washington 6, D.C.
G A U N T T, L l o y d W. , P i l o t , C u m b e r l a n d WEBSTER, Gl'eg+ 2/Lt, Tng 0 St Charles
NORTON, Rlchsrd W., 2/Lt, Exee O Read- C o h ~ p S q : N J . . . . . . . .
Comp Sq, Me
lug Camp Sq 303, Pa
C~ORDON, Milton H., Pilot, Camden Camp
Y E O K U M , D o n a l d E . , 2 / L t , Tr a n s O S i t
Sq. N J
Charles Comp Sq, Me
K E N N E D Y, A n t h o n y J . , Pilot, Florham
FROM: (We must have your old odd~ess)
Park Comp Sq, N J
LINDEMAN, Lillian E., Observer, Springfield Comp Sq, N J
Nam ............................................................................................................................
GHORS~, Walter J . , P i l o t , F a r m i n g d a l e
Comp Sq, N Y
BAUMGARDNER, Calvin, Pilot, Milton Cdt
Sq 405, Pa
DEPERMENTIER, Alfred, Pilot, No, Penn
Sr Sq 904, Pa
DONHAUSER, Joseph O., Observer~ Group
City ................................................................................ Stotd ..................................
90, Pa
DRAKE, James R., Pilot. Mt. Union Comp
Sq I504, Pa
TOi (Your new address)
FELTENBERGER, Axel F., " "Pilot,
Union Comp Sq 1304, Pa
GAMBINO, Albert H., Pilot, EIlwood Cdt
Street ............................................................................................................................
Sq I202, Pa
GREAVF~q, Raymond A., Pilot, Milton Cdt
Sq 40S, Pa
HARRISON, Lyl@ K., Pilot, Greenville Sr
City ................................................................................ State ..................................
"He won't listen to anyone -- H Sq L E R ,Pa e n r y, fi r P i l o t , L o w a r B u c k s
Cry Cdt Sq, Pa
guess he'll have to learn
"Oh, fine -- the cat's afraid of
E f f o c t i v g d a t e o f c h a n g e . . . . . . . . . . . . CAP
H YAT T, P a u l H . . P i l o t , J e ff e r S o n S r S q
the hard wayl"
606, Pg
mice tool"




mc i

Changing Your Address?


Mail This'Form to:


~.,~, ~~ '~I~' o,¢,/,~,:,

RHODES. Mar/a, l / L t . F e r e O C e n t r a l
File Grp 4, Fla
I RIVENBARK, Patzlelg A., R/Lt, ISO Deland
Camp gq, Fig
i GREENLEAF, Nelson S., I/Lt. Shelby cry HALL, John S,, Pilot, Fitzgerald Comp Sq,
8ANDERSON, James W.. liLt, C/Cdta W.
Comp Sq, Term
MoilywOod Camp Sq. Fla
LEAK~ Alvin n,, Sr Pilot, Atlanta Camp
Sq, S Ga
S C H M I D T, Wa l t e r A . , S / L t , T n s O P u n t s Aeronautical ratings:
Gordg Comp Sq, Fla
A N D E R S O N , M i l l a r d O . , P i l o t , D o t h a n LITTLE, William N., Observer, Marietta
Camp SeL, Ga
YUSKO, John, Pilot, Fox Ridge Camp eq SHAVER, Reginald M., 9/Lt, Eng 0 Central Comp Sq, Ale
(Continued from Preceding Page)
FI& Cemp Sq, Fla
BORGFELDT, Richard N., Pilot, Alabama MASON, Charles W., Pilot, Atlsnls Camp
| D
Sq R, Ga
Appointed Chaplains:
I~NUS, Keeper K., l/Lt, Av PAl O Richfield
SNEDF,~T, Thomas C.. S/Lt, Tress O W. BOWMAN, Richard G., Ohserver, Home- STRICKLAND, H o m e r, P i l o t , F i t z g e r a l d
ANDERSON, Paul F., I/Lt, South Dakota
Hollywood Camp Sq, Fig
Camp Sq, Mlnn
wood Camp Sq, Ale
: Cutup Sq, Ga
B I R E H E A D , Wa y n e L . , B / L t , C a r o m O S P O T T S , A l f r e d L . , I / L t , S t e r l i n g C a m p S P E N C E R , E d w a r d E . , 1 / L t , T n g 0 W. DANIEL, Glen M.. Observer, Birmingham TURNER, Edward L., Pilot, Columbus Camp
Sq, Ga
Hollywood Comp. Sq, Fla
Comp Sq 7, All
West Plains Camp Sq. Mo
Sq, Ken
HAMMONDS, Owen C., Pilot, Mobile Comp
EVANS, Elbert A. Jr., Pilot, Jackson Camp
BRANN, Edward C., MaJ, Dp/Pians Kansas
PINLAYo P a u l R . , 1 / L t , C a p i t o l S r S q , STINSON, Theodore P., 2/Lt, Pers 0 Lake
Comp Sq, FIe
Sq, Ala
Sq, Miss
WILSON, Paul E . , C a p t , M e d O G o a l s HAYES, Thomas J., Pilot, Dothan Camp
C O C H R A N , S t u a r t W. , P i l o t , R o o s e v e l t
E R O D E , W i l l i a m L . , R / L t , a p e O We s t HARDIN, Newton R. N., Capt, Offutt Camp Camp Sq, F]a
Roads Cdt Sq, P R
Sq, Ale
Sq, Nebr
Plains Camp Sq, Mo
IRVING, James C., Pilot, Mobile Camp Sq,
CASTLE, BAN, Robert &., Pilot, Group L
W YAT T, W i l I l a m C . , I / L t , D / C D F l o r i d a
E L M O R E , G e r a l d E . , 1 / L t , E x e c O We s t
Southeast Region
James W., Pilot. Homewood Camp COLLINS, William D., Sr Observer, Dyer
YORK, J o h n O . , I / L t , C o m d r C r e s i v l e w ROSS,
Plains Camp Sq, Mo
Appointments or Promotions:
Sr Sq. Fig
Sq, Ale
Cty Comp Sq, Term
] ~ Z E L L , R i c h a r d D . , M a J , A / T n g O M i s - A LT M A N , O s c a r, l / L t , E n g O D a S h e s , ZOLLER, Theodore E., 2/Lt, Saf O Daytona
TA I T, D e a n T. , P i l o t , S e l m a C a m p S q , COMPTON, Wallace C., Pilot, Morrietown
souri Wing,
Camp Sq, Ale
Beh Camp Sq, Fla
Comp Sq, Term
HEIMLICH, ira R., Pilot, Tullahomo Comp
G O O D W i N , J o h n J . , 2 / L t , A v E d 0 We s t A N D E R S O N , M l l l a r d O . , 1 / L t , Tr e s s O BARKSDALE, Robert R . , " 1 / L t , C o m d r WHITSON, John H., Observer, BirmingPlains Comp Sq, Mo
Dothan Camp Sq, Ala
Columbus Sr Sq, Ga
ham Camp Sq 7, Ale
Sq, Term
LAREW, Marion D., Observer, Chattanooga
BOTTOMS, David H., 2/Lt, C/Cdts Geneva BAXTER, Addle T., 2/Lt, Carom 0 Augosta WOOD, James B., Pilot, Geneva Camp Sq,
GRIMM, Blanche M., 1/Lt, A/Sup O MisSq. Ga
Camp Sq, Tenn
Camp Sq. Ale
souri Wing
C A M A D E L L O , A l f r e d J r. , I / L t , C o m m O BEACHUM. Davis H., 2/Lt, Fie 0 Statesboro
BERG, John E., Pilot, N. Dsde Camp Sq, LLOYD, M o r t o n C . , P l l o i , S o u t h E a s t
H A R D , A l b e r t E . , R / L t , E x e e O W e s t Muscle Shoals Camp Sq, Ale
Sr Sq, Ga
Plains Camp Sq, Mo
BROOKS, Jable A., R/Lt, AdJ Augusta Sq, BRAUSE, Russell E., Pilot, N. Dade Camp REEVES, CharHe J,, Pilot, Tullahoms Camp
COSEGLIA, Florence G., 2/Lt, A/ISO
Sq, Tens
Muscle Shoals Comp Sq, Ale
Sq, Fig
HARRIS, Ted E., 2/Lt, C/Cdts West Plains
Camp Sq, Mo
DAVIS, Walter H., liLt, Sup O Lockheed
DAVIS, Fred G., Pilot, New Smyrna Bch
REYNOLDS, Marvin G., Pilot, Oak Ridga
COSEGLIA, Frank W., 1/Lt, Pers O Muscle
Sr Sq, Ga
Comp Sq, Tenn
HOPPES, Ronald A., 2ILl, C/C'dts Sedalia Shoals Camp Sq, Ale
Camp Sq, Fig
SHANKS, William G., Pilot, Johnson City
Camp Sq, Mo
FULLILOVE, Charlotte I., 2~Lt ISO Home- DUFFER, H e n r y G . , 2 / L t , A / C a r o m 0 FISHER, Norman Jr., Pilot, Miami All Girl
wood Comp Sq, Ale
Atlanta Camp Sq, 2 Ga
Cdt Sq, Fig
: C o m p S q , Te r m
JOHNSON, Jean, 2ILl, C/CD West Plains
Camp Sq, Mo
GOGGINS, Billy E., 2ILl, A/Tress O MuscleFOWLF~, Marian E., 2/Lt, Pers O LockKEIM, T h o m a s J . , P i l o t . P u n t a G o r d a L E W / S , B i l l y K . , Observer, Homewood
Shoals Sq, Ala
Sq, Ala
JOHNSTON, Clark, Cape, Comdr St Joseph
heed Sr Sq, Ga
Comp Sq, F]a
Camp Sq, MO
HERSCHMAN, Alvin L., 2ILl, Sup O Home- GRANBEHRY, William C., 2/Lt, Carom O STILLWELL, Robert E., Pilot, Naples Camp
MITCHELL, Robert M., Pilot, Homewood
O West
wood Camp Sq, Ala
Lockheed Sr Sq, Ga
Sq, Fla
Sq, Ala
J O L L I F, C a r l W. , 2 / L t , Tr a n s
Plains Camp Sq, Mo
L O W R E Y, J i m D . , 2 i L l , I S O A n n l s t o n GRIFFITH, Curtis W., 1/Lt, Comdr Druid
B L A C K B U R N , J a m e s R . , P i l o t , A t l a n t a FUTRELL, Kenneth O., Pilot, L~tana Lake
Camp Sq, Ala
Sq, Fla
K E L S E Y, E d w a r d E . , 2 / L t , F i n O West
Hills Cdt Sq, Ga
Camp Sq 2, Ga
Plains Camp Sq, Mo
M A R T I N . H a r o l d L . , Capt, Chapl Home- HARDY, M a r y A . , I / L t , P e r s O G e o r g i a GABLE, B e n j a m i n C . , S r P i l o t , A l b a n y DORNA, W i l l i a m H . , P i l o t , ] s ] a G r ~ n d e
wood Camp Sq, Ala
Wing, Ga
Sq, P R
K I R S T, W a l t e r H . , 2 / L t , R a d O West
Camp Sq. Ga
Plains Camp Sq, Mo
MITCHELL, Robert M., lilt, Comdr Home- HARDY, Olin P., I/Lt, A-Carom O Georgia GABLE, Dorothy D., Observer, Albany Camp FERGUSON, Ceci| E., Pilot, Puerlo Rico
M O O D Y, H a r r y E . , C a p t , A d v
wood Camp Sq, Ala
Sq, Ga
Field Camp Sq. Mo
MUSE, Floella. 2/Lt, Exee O Muscle Shoals
H O WA R D , F r e d d t e L . , l i L t , F l u O L o c k M U R P H Y. D a n i e l T. , L t C o l , C h a p l M i s - Camp Sq, Ale
heed Sr Sa, Ga
souri Wing
O'REAR, M a y n a r d R . , M a J , A / D . A d m
MAUCK, William R., 2/Lt, Maine O Augusta
Alabama Wing
Sq, Ga
3 ~ W M A N , M e l v i n C . , I / L t , P i l o t West
Plains Camp Sq. Mo
PATTILLO, Charles E., MaJ, D/Sup Georgia
PATTERSON, Jessie E., 1, Lt, C,'W Muscle
Shoals Camp Sq, Ale
PI~JqDHILL. Landon W., 1/Lt, Exee O S t
Charles Camp Sq. Mo
STANFORD, Howard-O.o l/Lt, AIMalnt O PELTON, Seymour M., 2/Lt, Comm O FitzI C O T T, W i l l i a m C . . 1 / L t , L e g O
Muscle Shoals Sq, Ale
gerald Sq, Ga
Plains Comp Sq, Mo
STEWART, Charles W., I/Lt, ape 0 Muscle S T U A R T, J a c k W. , 2 / L t , M a i n t O F i t z WARDEN, Thomas C., 2/Lt, Eng O Owens- Shoals Camp Sq, Ala
gerald Sq. Ga
vllle Camp Sq, Mo
W H I S N A N T, W i l l i a m C . , I / L t , A / C a m O V I L L E P I G U E , H a r r y Y. , 2 / L t , a p e O
Geneva Camp Sq, Ale
Augusta Sq. Ga
WEBB, Glen J., 2/Lt, Maine O Rlsmark
Flight, Mo
B A I L E Y, M a r i l y n E . , l / L t , C / W Ts l l s - WATFORD, Cal H., Capt, A/Pers O Georgia
WOOD, Robert E., 2ILl, Sup O West
hassee Comp Sq, Fla
Plains Corup Sq, Mo
BATTEN, John E., 2~Lt, Adv Central Fla
BURGEMEESTRO, Pleter. Capt, C0mdr
ENERSON, Ernest A., Capt, Maine O Devils
Camp Sq, Fla
Jackson Comp Sq, Miss
I, eke Camp Sq, N D
BECKERT, Warren A., Capt, Eng O DayBURKS, Horace O.. 2/Lt, Speo Evnts JackMILLER, DelhertJ.... Capt, Exec O Devils
tona Bch Camp Sq, Fla
son Comp Sq, Miss
Lake Camp Sq, N D
B O U D R E A U X , R o b e r t N . , M a J , C o m d r HAND, J a c k i e M . , l / L t , I S O M i s s i s s i p p i ~
Choetawhatchee Sr Sa, Fig
Wing. Miss
Aeronautical Ratings:
BETANCOURT, LRyana M., 2/Lt, A/D/Pore
B O W R O N , K e i t h F. , 2 / L t , A d J L a k e
Puerto Rico Wing
C A R M 1 C H A E L , H a r r y D . , P i l o t , W i c h i t a Camp Sq, Fig
Camp Sq 1, Kan
R O Y N TO N , B r u c e , l / L t , M e d O N a p l e s H A N S E N , H e r m a n C . P. , M s J , E x e e O
Camp Sq, Fig
Aauadilla Comp Sq, P R
DIIRRETT, John C., Observer, Shawnee
I f Yo u W a n t To B u y ,
Mission Camp Sq, Ken
BOYNTON, Leon A., 2/Lt, C-CD Central
SCHWABE. Paul A., Capt, Fie O Puerto
O.-O full blind new upholstery battery liles
Fla Camp Sq, Fig
Rico Wing
F~ItRL1CH, Judith L., Osberver, Shawnee
omnigotor ADF-12 auxiliary transmilter oxMission Camp Sq, Kan
BRAND, G l o l s A . . I / L t , C o m d r N a v a r r e B I V E N S , D o r i s M . , l i L t , A d J E l o n n t C t y ! S e l l O r S w a p
gen equipment. R. W. Reade & Ce. 2 0 ~
Sr Sq, Fia
Camp Sq, Tens
FEILNACH, John, Pilot, Shawnee Mission
| A i r p l a n e s , a n l i n e s , p a r i s , s s m p s , Bloke St., Berkeley, Cal f.
Camp Sq. Kan
B R I T T O N , W i l l i a m L . . M a J , D / C a r o m B R U M L E Y, B e t t y D . , 2 / L t , 1 S O R o a n e
r books, uniforms, or any othes sup/~RAFF, Dewey W., Pilot, Marshall County Florida Wing
c r y F i t , Te n s
pi es or equipmant~or~lf you havo W
Sr Sq, Kan
CAIRD, Maureen O., 2/Lt, Pers O Daytona CASEY, Frank L., MsJ. Ins O Tennessee
an opsuing for ampIoymant in svia- r~
Rch Camp Sq, Fla
IIAAS, William E., Pilot, Shawnee Mission
tion or want empIoymant in this
Camp Sq, Kan
C H A F F I N , W i l l i a m L . , 2 / L t , A / C / C d | s W. COOPER, LOUIS A., MsJ, C/CD Group I,
JOHNSON, Nels C., Pilot, Marshall County HoBywood Sq, Fig
i fiCAP, TIMES h a ¢ l s s s irasulta aand oY~d f feoturin0 personal airplanes and ether Ch,iste l d u s a t for quick fl e d s c t i u o
Sr Sq, Kan
CLARK, W i l l i a m J . o 1 / L t , A / D / C o 4 n m GRAHAM, Douglas C., MaJ, D-Cdte Group F low cost.
rues girt ideas. Write for free brochores.
Florida Wing
JONES, H. Lyle, P)lot, Marshall County
3, Tens
Mode Air Card Co., East Troy, Wisconsin.
CREEL, James N., 1/Lt, Comdr Pensacola GRAY. Robert D., Cape, Tr,qns O Tennessee
10 cents a word
Comp Sq, Fie
Co, mp Sq, San
GRAY, Ruth T., l/Lt, Tress O Tennessee
K O S , E v e r e t t A . , Pilot, Marshall County
Sr Sq, Kan
J Minimum single insertion $|.50
L O V E , M a r l l y n , O b s e r v e r, K a n s a s W i n g Camp Sq, Fla
City Cemp Sq, Tenn
CM-7443, CM-7148. New Clip-tip $135.00 Ful- .
MILLS, Benjamin G,, Pilot, Shawnee Mis- D A C O S TA , A r t h u r V. , l / L t , S u p O W. HOWELL, lrvine S.. Capt, Comdr Maury
larton Air Parts, 4010 West Cemmonweelth,
sion Camp Sq, Ken
Hollywood Comp Sq, Fla
Cty Camp Sq, Tenn
Fullerten, Callf. "
R A N D E L L , J o h n W. , P i l o t ,
Marshall D AV I S , J e ff e r s o n , I / L t , I n s p O W , Fla JOHNSON, Harold B., MsJ, D/Cdts Group
County Sr Sq, Ken
Group 4, Fig
4, Tens
a p e O Ft. K I N C A I D , B e t t y M . , 2 / L t , A I D / C a r o m
R O E P K E , R o l a n d R . , P i l o t , Marshall DODSON, Benjamin F., 1/Lt,
pre-fob T-Hangars,
County Sr Sq, Ken
Lauderdsle Comp Sq, Fla
Group 2, Tenn
~ l l l l l l l l l l l l l ~ SKYWAYS AIRCREDIT Phone - wire - erP.O.
SCHUESSLER, Gilbort W., Pllot, Marshall DRAGOO, Otis, liLt, AIEnI O Tsllahassee L O V E T T E , R a y m o n d R . , M s J , C o m d r
Box 1227, Ogden, Utah. Phone EXport 3.8449.
County Sr Sq, Ken
Camp Sq, Fig
Morrtstown Camp Sq, Tenn
I~WIM; James L., Pilot, Marshall County
ENGEBRETSEN, Carl E., 2/Lt, Sup O Stuart MacLAUGHLIN, William W., MaJ, Tng O
SPORTS CAR DIGEST! 5ubscrihe-Camplete
Sr Sq, Ken
Comp Sq, Fig
Group I, Term
imported car ovsra0e in lessified form.
WEAVER, Walter L., Pilot, Shawnee Mis- FARALDO, Charles A., MaJ, Comdr Daytona MARTIN, Wiley lt. Jr., 1/Lt, C/Cdts Roane RUMMAN SUPER WIDGEON AMPHIBIAN Autos, salvage, pasts, dealers, specials, oc*
sion Camp Sq, Ken
Eeh Comp Sq, Fla
C t y F i t , Ta n n
300 HP Lycem ngs -- 6 place 200 hrs. since
cessories, ~tc. Find what you need. 3ne ysor,
WOOD, Claude A., Cored Pilot, Kansas FAULK, B e r n i c e J . , 1 / L t , C I C D F l o r i d a McGILL, Mary M., 2/it, ape O Oak Ridge sew engines & conversion--Deluxe interior--! $1. Sports Car Di0est, Box 2368, Odessa I,
Wing. Fla
Comp Sq, Term
Fresh paint--S3500 in radios---Make offer.
E1CHENBERG, Morton P., Pilot, Minne. FAULK, M e r r i l l C . , ~ C a p t , A I D / C o m m MOORE, E r m a l , 9 / L t , T n s O M o r r i s t o w n Rick Helicopters, Inc., Son Francisco Airport. Texas.
spoils University Camp Sq, Mlnn
Florida Wing
Comp Sq, Term
Ph. JUno 11-3871.
GAYLORD, John A., Sr Observer, Minne- GALE, D a v i d W. , 1 / L t , C / C d t s S t u a r t
MYERS, Ruby E., R/Lt, Tng 0 Dyer Cty
sota Wing
Comp Sq, Fla
Camp Sq, Tenn
TAYLORCRAFT--BC--12D. Recently completely
HOMMES, Charles A., Observer, No. Hen- GUSTAFSON, Nancy J., 1/Lt, AdJ W. Holly- *OVERALL, George D., 2/Lt, ape O Union rebu Jt w th stainless fittings, eta., for floats. REGULATION SIZE and moterial, Slack es
nepin County Camp Sq, Mltin
wood Comp Sq, Fig
City Camp Sq, Term
VHF transmitter, L/F receiver, RecordinQ tach- Blue, Clutch fasteners, 60 each. Twe ~,tb
KOLENKAMP, Darrel P., Observer, Auoka GUTHRIE, James L., l/Lt, Eng O Tallahas- PEOPLES, James R., Cape, Fin O Johnson ometer, wired for landing lights. Rehcensed
some name $1.00. Twenty or more 50c each.
Comp Sq, Minn
SOe Comp So, Fig
City Camp Sq, Tenn
at time of sale. $1,495. Hopewell, Vo. Airport. Richards Engraving, Box 555, Ranteul, Illineis,
REINECKE, Krts C., Observer, Anoks Camp H A RT L E Y, D o r i s L , 2 / L t , C / W D a l a n d
RUTH. June G., 2/Lt, Exee O Morrlstown
CAP Member.
Sq, Mlnn
Camp Sq, Fig
Camp Sq, Tenn
SCHAEFER, Stanley C.. Pilot, Mlnn Uni- HARVEL, Norman E., 1/Lt, C/Cdts Latana SHANKS, William O., 1/Lt, Sup O Johnson
versity Camp Sq, Minn
Lake Worth Sq, Fig
City Comp Sq, Term
I~INNEY, Floyd E., Pilot, Sikeston Camp HEATH, Glenn B., l/Lt, C/Cdts Ft. Pierce SIEVERS, MelvIllO" n:, R/Lt, SUp O Union IHSTRUMENT EYEBROW~ LIGHTS, GRiNI:5 USED AVIATION BOOKS--World's largest
Half-moon 3-1,~'', 2-1/~". $1.25 with 24 volt
Sq. Mo
Camp Sq, Fla
City Comp Sq, Term
HORNE, Mallory E., Cspt, Leg O Tallahas- S TA P L E TO N , J u a n i t a B . , C a p t , P e r s O bulb $2.50 w th-12 volt bulb. POST LIGHT withstock en both Wars, including Zeppelins
F U LTO N , D o n a l d N . , S r P i l o t , M i s s o u r i
see Comp Sq, Fie
Group 4, Tenu
12 volt bulb $1.95 POSTPAID. Fullerton Air
Janes, Yearbooks, stc. 48-page catalogue 2S
Purts, 4010 West Commonweolth, Fullertcn, coin. STUART, Fgirli0ht Hall, Hastings, EngGIBSON, Robert L., Pilot, Bismark Sr Sq, J O N E S , Ve r a M . , l / L t . A d J G r o u p 4 , F ] a TAY L O R , K e n n e t h A . , I / L t , A v E d 0
KEIM. Thomas J., 2jLt, Fin O Punts Gorda : R o a n e C t y F i t , Te n n
KENNEDY, Ross J., Pilot, Brookfleld Camp Sr Sq, Fla
WAXLER, Hal, Capt, Carom 0 Johnson
Sq, Mo
KIPER, Te d R . , 2 / L t , Tr a n s O Ta l l a h a s City Camp Sq,Tenn
small case~includes I? foot Leads ond Spark
MARTIN, Gerald L,, Sr Pilot, St Clair Sr
see Comp Sq. Fla
Appointed eha~lains:
Sq, Mo
KREWSON, George C., Cape, Comdr New HERNDON, William C., 1/Lt, Tallahassee plugs lhermecouple Gua,enteed new $24.00. 1000 Different Wor|dwide stamps $1.00. Valued
M]NSON, Elmer Jr., Pilot, Bismark Comp
Smyrna Bob Camp Sq, Fla
Camp Sq. Fla
Fullerton Air Parts, 4010 West Commonwealth,
aver $20.00. Univsrsal, Box 6, Kenesho 24,
Sq, Mo
L A W R E N C E , J a m e s A . , I / L t , E z e c O BRAND, G a r n i e A . , 1 / L t , F i t z g e r a l d S q , Fullertoo, Calif.
Lantans Lake Worth Sq, Fig
" Wisconsin,
R A B Y, T h e l m a J . , Pilot, Eismark Camp
Sq, Me
McCORMICK. Roehard V., 1/Lt, Trans 0 I . . . . . . . . . . . - - - C U T O U T . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BATTERIES, 12 volt, 17 omp for JiRht planes.
Stuart Camp Sa. Fig
WARDEN, Thomas C., Pilot, Owensville
$15.00 D,y charged. Fullerton Air Parts, 4010
Comp Sq, Mo
M c D O N A L D , B o n n i e B . , 1/Lt, Pers O ]
West Commonwealth, Fullerton, Calif.
Tailahsssee Camp Sq, Fig
NEW & USED. Surplus, Persooal backs ssots
EVITT, Russell D., Pilot, Wllllaton Comp
Sq. N D
Capt, A/D,'Ops I
chest $35.00 up.~ Pdro-Rescue sky-diving sets,
McDONALD, John C.,
ERCOUPE WINDSHIELDS, bubble for 415 er
]BUILLIE, Harold H., Observer, Sioux Falls , F l o r i d a W i n g
$85.00 up. CAA-Approved. Guaranteed. Ports,
G-models 42.50 approved. Rear Windows $7.50
Cdt Sq, S D
MeGOWIgN, Donald R., 2/Lt, Maine O ]
each. SLIDING WINDOWS long $10.50---Shert r e p a i r s , p a c k J n 0 . Wr i t s f o r d e s c r i p t i e n ,
Tampa Camp Sq, Fig
C A R S O N , C l i ff o r d L . , O b s e r v e r, S o u t h
~rices. Midwest Parachute, Novi, Michigan.
$B.00. Add 10% for tinted. ANTI-FRICTION
Dakota Wing
M I T C H E L L , F r e d L . , 1/Lt, M a i n t O I
CHANELS~$13.00 pair. Fullsrton Air Parts,
Tallahssaee Camp Sq, Fig
DOOD, Joseph, Pilot, Hot S~rings Camp
4010 West Commoeweolth, Fullerton, Colit.
Sq, S D
M O H R . C h a r l e s , 2 / L t , I S O Ta l l s h a s s e a :I
SAVE YOUR LIFE. Emergency oxygen kit.
JEFFRIES, Vernon R., pilot, Hot Springs
Comp Sq, Fig
FLASHERS, 24 volt with noise filter and can- 12" x 2" $49.50. Walkie Talkie, $19.95. BarCamp Sq, S D
O L I V EComp J o s e p h , 1 / L t , C o m d r H a l l o s - I C . A . A . C E R I " I F I E D C A R E E R S
non plug. Nsw $15.00, used--checked out $9.00.
dale R I A , Sq, Fig
LAMMERS, Paul L., Pilot, South Dakota
I 12 volt new Flashers $9.50. Fullerton Air Parts,row $20.00 now. Details $1.00. Trensworld,
929 Indio, Califgrnia.
PEARSON, Edith C.. l/it, CIW I.atsnal;
4010 West Commonwealth, Fullerton, Colif.
MILLER, Frank E., Pilot, Fox Ridge Camp
Lake Worth Sq. Fig
Sq, S D
PORTER, Louis S.. liLt, C/Cdts Daytona
Bch Comp Sq. Fla
M I LTO N , C l a r e n c e L . , S r P i l o t , S o u t h
Dakota Wing
I HELICOPTER Blue p0nts ond technicaJ con- metals. Immediate appraisals, payment. Ores
RUBIN, Michael B., Observer, Sioux Falls
Cdt Sq, S D
assayed. Write Mercur~ Refiners, Norwoed,
r~struction dots. Send $2.00 for 3 view drowDAY OR |VENINO CLASSES
WINTER, James, Pilot, Huron Camp Sq,
357, Massachusetts.
A, Appraved * ~ Job P~lmmsld
Hollondale Florida.
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mon's Guitar PJan~ It's simply short shortINCL. C.A.P. WINGS, NAME & RANK
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, ~,~, ~, ~l~, ~ :~ .lll~
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CAP Introduction

PLASTIC .... 7~ each
O LEATHER .... 50 each
C L O T H . . . . . 15
DESK ......




.AME ............................ AGE ........
: .............



2o2o M
Wosh, D~ s,. N w 7,2" |

1 6




Products and Projects

~ . ~ i ~ : ~ . . . . .~i~::
~i~ii~ii~ ....

WEATHERWISE. Flight tests of run by Sperry Gyroscope for the the N-156F Freedom Fighter. A
cousin of Northrop's T-38 trainer
..... ,.fl3.e first flying weather laboratory space group, AF and the National
designed to gather and analyze glo- Bureau of Standards, is already be- it is under test at Edwards AFB
bal weather data for improved fore- ing acted upon.
casting have been completed, it was
announced by the Bendix Aviation
WING TIPS of the triplesonic
LOCKHEED Ai;craftService will
Corp. and the Boeing Co.
B-70 bomber will fold down in flight convert three Super G. ConstellaThe weather project, named the for maneuverability and stability tions from passenger to convertible
at high speeds. Boeing will make all-cargo/passenger configuration
AN/AMQ-15 Air Weather Recon
naissance System, is described as the delta wings and Curtiss.Wright f o r A i r - I n d , a . $
t h e m o s t s i g n i fi c a n t a d v a n c e i n the mechanisms for folding the tips.
.,. a view of the world "outside" is provided pilots by periscope.
Other new subcontractors named by
A MOBILE electronic brain is
meteorology since weather stations
were first linked by the telegraph. North American, prime builder for being used to check out the comDuring the flight test program, the '70, include Motorola Military puters on the B-58. Made by BenDivision. It will
it wheels out to the line, hooks
the weather apparatus collected and Electronics and traffic controlmake dix,and in 90 minutes makes some
sys- up
processed such data as pressure, the mission
PITTSBURGH, Penna. -- A new through a lens, hits two flat mirtem which will make it able to be 7 5 0 t e s t s o f t h e s h i p ' s t h i n k i n g
temperature, dew point, icing rate, directed to a target anywhere in system.
optical system, aimed at letting r o r s a n d a c u r v e d m i r r o r a n d i s
wind speed and direction, measure$
ment of solar and terrestial radia- theradio. and be recalled any time
pilots see out of high speed planes passed to the pilot's eye. In the
THE ARMY has "Flying
tion, atmospheric electricity and by
A third subcontract gives LiquidDuck" version of the War II float- and space ships without the dan- process, the" required windshield
nuclear radiation.
greeter Corp. of New York orders ing truck. This one uses a hydro. ger of breaking windshields, has a r e a c a ~ t b e c u t t o f r a c t i o n o f
The flying weather laboratory ap. for fuel management systems on foil (underwater wings) to rise
been developed for the Air Force.
normal size to reduce heating and
paratus was installed and test flown both the B-70 and the Maeh 3 F-108.
completely out of water and skim
Designed by J. W. Feeker, Inc., shock problems.
in a four-iet Boeing 707 prototype T h e s y s t e m w i l l g i v e t h e p i l o d s along above the surface. It takes
aircraft. Filled with electronic sens- display panel complete information 200 feet of taxi run to get the
of Pittsburgh, the system is simiPeriscopes are not new to airi n g a n d c o m p u t i n g d e v i c e s , t h e on fuel quantities, sequencing belar in some ways to conventional c r a f t ( L i n d b e r g u s e d o n e i n t h e
13.ton boat.truck out of water.
plane flew some 7000 miles at alti- tween tanks, etc.
Aveo Corp. makes it,
periscopes. A new feature is a "Spirit of St. Louis"). But previtudes of up to 45,000 feet and close
i'apid closm'e system which can ous systems had to be several feetto the speed of sound.
GOODYEAR is pushing' sidewallUNITED Airlines has asked CAB shield the pilot's vision in a split l o n g t o g i v e p i l o t s a n a c c u r a t e
I n i t s p r o d u c t i o n v e r s i o n , t h e inflated tubeless aircraft tires. They for authority to operate nonstop second to protect him from high picture of the outside world and
apparatus would radio information fill like footballs, via needle.
f r o m C h i c a g o t o H o n o l u l u w i t h intensity light flashes like those w e r e t o o h e a v y f o r m i l i t a r y a i r continuously to ground communiDC-Ss.
from a nuclear explosion.
craft. The new one is both smaller
- Cation networks.
T h e d e v i c e i s b a s e d o n a f o r - and lighter. It allows pilots a clear
B A B I E S A B O A R D n i t e d A i r - ward veiwing periscope developed view above, below and to the left
claims it dropped seven flight
lines DC-8s and 707s will get spe- b y t h e fi r m ' s p a r e n t c o m p a n y, and right of his plane.
FUEL. The Liquidometer Corp. records in five days for a Pan
cial light-weight bassinets to fly in. American Optical Co. The image
o f N e w Yo r k h a s b e e n a s k e d t o American 707. Among them, the
A prototype will be built short.
develop and supply fuel manage- To k y o t o S e a t t l e r u n i n n i n e As many as eight Dandux Bassinets from outside the aircraft passes ly for extensive testing on a jet.
ments systems for B-70 interhours five minutes (non.jet time per plane are on order. They are of
tubular aluminum and nylon,
continental bomber anal the F-108
is 18 hours) . . . the 320th Field
weight five pounds. They are up.
long range interceptor.
Maintenance Sq. ran up a local
The systems will provide pilots record with a two hour, 15 min. proved for infants up to 30 pounds
but can hold up to 200 pounds gross
with complete information oll fuel ute engine change on a B-47.
weight if the little fellow is parquantitie.~, accuracy of sequencing Credits went to the engine conbetween fuel tanks, sump fuel quanditioning team, SSgts. Lawrence ticularly chubby.
tities and other pertinent infornlaBeard and Stephen Cruz and
Cadets pay 5"0¢ a year for the
A/IC Albert Finch.
CAP Times -- 12 monthly issues.
A HIGHLY intricate communica- JOHNSON'~ Wax co. has bvvght New subscribers -- and old ones too
tions system, which is designed to a "reconstructed Super -92 DC3 for --who sqbscribe before Nov. 10
bounce a signal off the troposphere executive liSP. RemalerL-Wer~ier 1959 will
t al~. altitude of 55,0.00 £eet, h~ fitted it.
(December Edition) for 4¥4, post.
........... ~e~~opened over the 450-mile
A ROYAL Netherlands AF pilot, paid, Address Circulation Manager,
Eglin AFB Gulf ofi Mexico test
came the first allied flier to handle C A P Ti m e s , 2 0 2 0 M S t r e e t N W,
Washington 6, D.C.
The range station un Cudjoe Key Capt. A. J. Borgstein recently be.
12 miles fiorthwest of Key West,
is used to test Bomarcs and other
guided missiles, escape capsules and
other recovery devices.
NEW AIRCRAFT coatings,
which substantially reduces the
/ hazards of flying through smoke
and haze, are being manufactured
by the Randolph' Products Co..
Carlstadt, N.J.
Development of the vivid high
BLOUSE onIyY :6110
by Col. Stephen F. ! Tillman
visibility finishes is part of a susPA N T S
. I Add SO~
tained research program to help
the aviation industry cope with
(Sizes 34 to 3S--Sho~t~, Reg, Longs) ~ postage
P U B L I S H E D AT $ 4 . 0 0
Special price to CAP members
safety problems.,
$~llh. 50°er
SO per
A FULL SCALE drive to nar39 to 44
row the tolerance and improve
measurements in U.S. space projIn 1908 Stephen F. Tillman watched the take-off
ects is being pushed by Aerospace
Sage Green
of Ihe very first military sponsored flight! "Man UnIndustries Association.
afraid" starts with-his eyewitness account of this mile.
o r A . F. B l u e
Calling for major improvement,~
slone in military aviation history
measurement standards, AIA
From the dramatic first flight, this lively and abused a dramatic example of tolersorbing book details the triumphs and tragedies of the
ance errors in space work. An
Army's flying pioneers, and pays tribute to the valiant
error of one millionth of an inch
men who risked their lives to advance the cause of military aviation.
in the bore-hole of si gyro could
To illustrate his exciting book, Col. Tillman went
cause an error of .03 degrees per
through military and government archives, and selected
hour in a moon missile and a com
lete miss. A millionth of an inch
90 early aviation photos Some of these marvelous
photographs have never before appeal~ed in print.
the fraction represented by one
"Man Unafraid" takes you back to the time when
quarter in a stack of quarters three
men of courage and vision were fighting for the future
times the height of the Empire
of the aeroplane--in many ways paralleling rocket and
State Building.
AVA I L A B L E R E - I S S U E $ £ L . 5 o N y l o n
missile contt.oversies of today. Every aviation enthusio,aobordine 6~All
AIA said the measurements study,
FLIGHT SUITS "-r Bird'Cloth Flight Suits woo! $
ast will want to read this vivid, true story of how the
Army turned from balloon operation to the flying
machine. Order your copy today.
C . A . P. C A D E T S P E C I A L
',~ ....
Pilots Are Ageless
sage green or O,D.
t.o Sag,, Pleats, N0 S"flgY Seats)
WASHINGTON. -- Many persons
v, , v " n : L " r m
2020 M Street, N.W.--Washington 6, D.C.
who were born before the Wright
$I1~.00 includAll Insignia be,t,
....p, tie
| l
brothers flew their first airplane
Add 50 Postags
Add $Oe PostageS $_ .00
Please send me ...... copies of MAN UNAFRAID at
Send Fat Free Catalog
the special price to CAP members of $2.00 each.
ere now aviation enthusiasts, records in the Federal Aviation Agen....
NAME ........................................
~,~ ey reveal.
A recent survey showed that
ADDRESS ...................................
r there are now more than 350 active
certified pilots in the U.S. who are
C I T Y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Z O N E . . . . . . S TAT E . . . . . . . .
"/0 yeats of age or over.

New Optical Aid for Pilots

Never before told-





4,, 48, 5o Zl.








the thrilling story
of the birth of military aviation!