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2016 Annual History
Lt. Col. Frank Pocher Minute Man Squadron
Civil Air Patrol
Auxiliary of the United States Air Force

1 January 2016 – 31 December 2016

2016 Annual History
Lt. Col. Frank Pocher Minute Man Composite Squadron
Civil Air Patrol
Auxiliary of the United States Air Force

Submitted 22 June 2017

Prepared by
1st Lt Joshua B. Bell, CAP
Squadron Historian

Maj Theodore Johnson, CAP
Squadron Commander

This year marks Civil Air Patrol’s Seventy-Fifth Anniversary. As we look forward to the
squadron’s Twentieth Anniversary in 2017, we take our cues from those early
minutemen who took to the skies during a time of global crisis. We as an organization
and as a country have benefited from their example. Their devotion to duty and the
sacrifices they made remain an inspiration to us all as we continue their legacy of
Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect.
What follows are highlights of squadron operations and statistics that lay out how
ordinary citizens are having a positive effect on their community and each other.
This past year, Senior members worked to organize a busy schedule for the squadron.
These experiences ranged from field trips to orientation flights.
The squadron took several field trips this past year. One trip was to West Point Military
Academy in New York, where they were treated to a tour. Another was to the Air Traffic
Control Center, where they were given an introduction to the job of air traffic controller
and got to spend some time in the tower.
The squadron had strong representation at the combined Region and Massachusetts
Wing Conference. Cadets participated in two of the cadet display competitions and took
second place in the inaugural History Display Contest. The theme of their project
centered around women in Civil Air Patrol. Cadets Munday, Forman, and DiMatteo took
the lead in crafting and presenting the display. The History Display Contest is believed to
be the first of its kind in Civil Air Patrol. Cadets weren’t the only ones to bring our
squadron honor at the conference; 1st Lt Smith was presented the Wing Public Affairs
Officer of the Year Award.
Eight of the of the fourteen Cadets in the squadron took a combined ten orientation
flights. Pilot members from outside of the squadron were kind enough to help fly cadets.
The squadron participated in a variety of community events. Members marched in the
Stow Memorial Day Parade, as the squadron originated in Stow, Massachusetts. Maj
Johnson and 1st Lt Pauline Smith attended the Legislative Day in Boston.
In December, BLS was held at Fort Devens. Capt Andrew Ingraham was BLS
Commander for the first time and commended his staff for their hard work and diligence.
Seven Senior members rotated through the staff, ensuring that the training went
smoothly. Five Cadets were on the teaching staff; some were borrowed from Hanscom
(MA-043) and Goddard (MA-007). One cadet was part of the non-teaching support staff.
Although the squadron had hoped to have nine Cadets in BLS, only six were able to
attend. They had a great attitude and looked sharp by the graduation. During the week,
the BLS participants contended with punishing winter weather; clearing paths in the
snow for conducting drills in cold temperatures. Flights represented at BLS were
Redwing (one Cadet), Liberator (one cadet), and Shogun (four out of five cadets).
In the coming year, the squadron looks forward to growing and continuing to build upon
this year’s successes as we move into our twentieth year.

Senior Members
21 March - Capt Ronald Bucchino - 5 Year Membership Award
11 August - 1st Lt Joshua Bell - 5 Year Membership Award
14 August - SM Kenneth G. Marchessault - Membership Award
26 August - SM Kenneth G. Marchessault - General Charles “Chuck”
Yeager Aerospace Education Award
21 February - Cadet Griffin Lewis Butler - General John F. Curry Award
19 June - C/Amn Charles Wilks Flinkstorm - General John F. Curry Award
14 August - C/CMSgt Asher W. Leeming - Dr. Robert H. Goddard Award
31 November - C/TSgt Griffin Lewis Butler - Eddie Rickenbacker Award

Appendix 2 - PROMOTIONS
The squadron was very proud of the following cadets who were promoted during
this year. Continuing to achieve higher grades shows a commitment to Civil Air Patrol
and their own personal development within the organizational structure.
21 February - Cadet Griffin Lewis Butler to C/Amn
3 March - Simon Stephen Marchessault to Cadet
19 June - Cadet Charles Wilks Flinkstrom to C/Amn
11 October - Wensley Brandon Lipman to Cadet
16 October - Christian Jose Martinez Anzola to Cadet
16 October - Nicholas Sung Kim to Cadet
24 October - Aidan Joseph Morin to Cadet
13 November - C/Amn Jacqueline Elizabeth Forman to C/A1C
20 November - Joseph Andrew Marcinowski to Cadet
31 November - C/Amn Griffin Lewis Butler to C/TSgt


Col William Meskill
Lt Col Shelley Rosenbaum-Lipman
Maj Theodore Johnson
Maj Sharon Ingraham
Maj Derrell Lipman
Capt Andrew Ingraham
Capt Ronald Bucchino
1st Lt Joshua Bell
1st Lt Pauline Smith
1st Lt Michael Thelen
2nd Lt Thomas Williams
SM Gina Munday
SM Kathryn Flinkstrom
SM Kenneth Marchesseault
Cadet Sponsor SM Kathryn Flinkstrom


Col William Meskill
Assistant Logistics Officer
Maj Theodore Johnson
Squadron Commander
Aerospace Education Officer
Membership Committee
Finance Committee Member
Maj Shelley Rosenbaum-Lipman
Assistant Recruiting & Retention Officer
Assistant Safety Officer
Assistant Testing Officer
Maj Sharon Ingraham
Advisor to the Commander
Assistant Administrative Officer
Assistant Personnel Officer
Assistant Professional Development Officer
Assistant Testing Officer
Finance Committee Member
Maj Derrell Lipman
Assistant Testing Officer
Capt Andrew Ingraham
Deputy Commander
Administrative Officer
Alerting Officer
Communications Officer
Emergency Services Officer
Personnel Officer
Safety Officer
Testing Officer
Web Security Administrator
Membership Committee
Awards Review Board Member
Capt Ronald Bucchio
Finance Officer
Logistics Officer
Awards Review Committee
Finance Committee
1st Lt Joshua Bell
Assistant Public Affairs Officer

1st Lt Pauline Smith
Public Affairs Officer
Recruiting & Retention Officer
2nd Lt Michael Thelen
Cadet Activities Officer
Information Technologies Officer
Assistant Aerospace Education Officer
Assistant Emergency Services Officer
Assistant Web Security Officer
2nd Lt Thomas Williams
Assistant Alerting Officer
Assistant Finance Officer
Assistant Logistics Officer
Assistant Safety Officer
Membership Committee
Awards Review Board
Finance Committee
2nd Lt Kenneth Marchesseault
Assistant Aerospace Education Officer
Assistant Emergency Services Officer
SM Kathryn Flinkstrom
SM Gina Munday

Appendix 5 - Images

Figure 1 - Cadets and Senior members at West Point Military Academy

Figure 2 - On tour at West Point Military Academy

Figure 3 - The 2nd Place Trophy

Figure 4 - Maj Theodore Johnson leads a training during the Region/Wing Conference

Figure 5 - 1st Lt Pauline Smith, Wing PAO of the Year

Figure 6 - From Stow’s Memorial Day Parade

Figure 7 - Members at the annual CAP Legislative Day

Figure 8 - Visit to Air Traffic Control at Logan International Airport

Figure 9 - Maj Theodore Johnson challenges cadets with a Character Development

Figure 10 - Maj Theodore Johnson promotes a cadet to C/Amn

Figure 11 - Cadet takes the controls during an O-Flight

Figure 12 - Getting ready for an orientation flight.