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2016 Chronological History
2dLt Michelle Spurgeon, PAO

Ft. Wood Composite Squadron
MO-153 welcomed two new Cadets to our squadron and also welcomed two new Senior Members.
Cadet Jones was promoted to C/SMSgt.

MO-153 had three promotions in our Squadron.
One of our Senior Members, Capt Jarrett, came to our Squadron Building 1288, and gave a First Aid
Class and qualified four Cadets and two Senior Members for first aid.

MO-153 had an opportunity to clean a section of the city park in downtown Waynesville. Capt Vanfossen
and MSgt O’Neill showed up with two Cadets. This is a voluntary service.

13th Cadet Leadership School took place in Springfield on March 20th, and MO-153 had one Cadet:
C/SrA Abigail Spurgeon participated and successfully completed the Non-Commissioned Officers Course.

MO-153 took several Cadets to the Capitol Building in Jefferson City for Aviation Day on April 5th, and
MO-153 also participated in Wings and Wheels at Gammon Field at Ft. Leonard Wood on April 9th.


MO-153 had Airfield Awareness Day at our hangar on May 13th. MO-153 had several Cadets there to
explain to school children what CAP is and to supervise the school children while they looked at our
Cessna and looked at some of our display models.
On May 14th, Senior Member 2dLt Spurgeon took four Cadets (Jeffers, DeClerq, A Spurgeon, and Caple)
to volunteer to help at the St. Louis Air Show. There they met up with Squadron Commander Lt Col
Danner and C/Capt Danner.
MO-153 also had ASA at Ft. Leonard Wood from May 27 to May 29.
MO-153 had Open House on May 31st.
MO-153 had two Cadets (Zackary Peacock and Abigail Spurgeon) get promoted this month.
Capt Vanfossen stepped down from his duty as Squadron Commander and Lt Col Danner stepped in.
Flag Day was on May 27th. Our squadron met at the Veterans Cemetery outside of Ft. Wood and our
Cadets placed flags at the headstones of each grave that they were instructed to.

MO-153 had seven promotions in our Squadron this month. Cadet Lucitt was promoted to C/Maj Lucitt.
He is the second Cadet in our Squadron, to achieve this promotion. The other Cadets with their
promotions are: C/TSgt Caple, C/TSgt A Spurgeon, C/SSgt S Spurgeon, C/SrA Shelton, C/Armn Mitchell,
and C/Armn Neal.
MO-153 had Park Clean Up Day again. Afterwards, MO-153 ventured to the Main Square in
Waynesville, where an outdoor fair was going on. The Cadets present passed out pamphlets and met with
the public.

C/Capt Danner received his Amelia Earhart award. It was presented to him by Col O’Neill. MO-153
had two Cadets join our group. And of course, MO-153 had Encampment! It was held here at Ft.
Leonard Wood and all of our participating Cadets had a blast. The Outstanding Support and Assistance
to 2016 Summer Encampment award was presented to MO 153 during this encampment from Lt Col


MO-153 had a Physical Fitness Test, where all of the participating Cadets qualified. ASA was held at Ft.
Leonard Wood and at our Squadron Building. MO-153 welcomed two new Senior Members, one of
which, is a Chaplain. MO-153 had four promotions in our Squadron this month, Cadets Jones, A
Spurgeon, Caple, and Roshan.

MO-153 had three promotions this month: Cadets Hamacher, Shelton, and Weathers.

Wing Conference was held in St. Louis. MO-153 had several out of our Squadron participate in this
event. SMSgt O’Neill received a couple of awards, including Mission Base Staff Member of the Year and
The Exceptional Service Award. This was the month that she received her promotion to SMSgt. MO-153
received an award that designated our Squadron as the Civil Air Patrol Quality Cadet Squadron for
commendable cadet programs performance from September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016.

MO-153 had a Physical Fitness Test on November 19th and all of our participating Cadets passed. After
PT, MO-153 arranged for our Cadets to get in some flying time in O’Flights. MO-153 had three pilots
fly down to accommodate us. On November 22nd, MO-153 had six promotions. Congratulations to C/1st
Lt Jeffers, C/ TSgt Shelton, C/A1C Mitchell, C/A1C Steele, C/Amn Brown, and C/Amn Smith.

Senior Member Lt Col Greenwald took four Cadets to a St. Louis Blues Hockey game. They are C/1stLt
Jeffers, C/2dLt Jones, C/TSgt Shelton, and C/Amn Hamacher. They were the Honor Guard that presented
the Colors before the game. MO-153 had two more Cadets come into our Squadron. Kansas Wing had
their Encampment at Fort Riley and MO-153 had one Cadet attend.