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MO-140 - Platte Valley Composite Squadron (MO-140) - 2016 History.pdf

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SUBJECT: Platte Valley Composite Squadron (MO-140) Unit History, CY2016.
1. Purpose: To cover the unit history of Platte Valley Composite Squadron for CY2016.
2. Commanders
a. Unit Commander: 1st Lt Robert Wagner relinquished command to Capt Edward A. (Andy
Maidment, 11 Oct 2016.
b. Cadet Commanders: Cadet CMSgt Seth Johnson relinquished command to Cadet 2ndLt
Abigayle White, Aug 2016.
3. Key Promotions and Awards
a. 5 Cadets achieved Mitchell:
C/2nd Lt Seth Johnson
C/2nd Lt Jackson
C/2nd Lt Josiah Weber
C/2nd Lt Michael Johnson
C/2nd Lt Abigayle White.
b. Awards
(1) C/2nd Lt Abigayle White, 2016 MO Wing, Cadet NCO of the Year
(2) Chaplain (LtCol) Leonard Hale, 2016 MO Wing, Chaplain of the Year
(3) Maj Dave Futch, 2016 MO Wing Finance Officer of the Year
(4) C/Amn Svetlana Ehlers, 2016 Encampment Honor Cadet
3) Key Events:
a. CAP Capital Hill Visit, Washington D.C. Feb 2016. Maj Dave Futch and then C/CMSgt
Abigayle White participated in the CAP Capital Hill Visit. Both visited with Missouri U.S.
Senators and Representatives to discuss CAP support and funding. Both Maj Futch and
C/CMSgt White received Commander’s Commendation Awards for the visit.
b. 139th Air Wing Visit, St. Joseph, MO, 20 Jul 2016. Seniors and cadets from Platte Valley
and Harry S. Truman Squadrons visited the 139th Air Wing. In addition to briefing on 139th
missions and organization, those attending were able to take a C-130 orientation flight.
c. Wreaths Across America, Kansas City, KS, 23 Dec 2016. For the fourth consecutive year,
Platte Valley took part in this event. Over 300 wreaths were placed at Terrace Park Cemetery
along with a ceremony honoring veterans. The ceremony was held on 23 Dec due to bad
weather on 17 Dec 2016.