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Re: Warrensburg Composite Squadron 2016 HISTORICAL REPORTS
Dennis Pearson <>
Very little known of the narrative history of Warrensburg Senior Flight since it started a few years
ago. There are no records or files.
Narrative History of Warrensburg Senior Flight since the fall of 2015:
LtCol Dennis L. Pearson took over as Commander, Warrensburg Senior Flight in November 2015 so
the flight wouldn't be shut down. There were only 5 members at that time.
Meetings were held at University of Central Missouri (UCM), at the T.R. Gaines Building, Rm 203, on
Monday evenings from 1800-1900 hrs. LtCol Pearson changed them to 1800-2000 hrs. Only 1
person was coming to the meetings.
Meetings were changed to Tuesday evenings from 1800-2000 hrs on 26 Jan 2016 since most
members were available on Tuesday evenings, and not Mondays.
LtCol Pearson attended ASA at FLW 5-7 Feb 2016 and assisted with dining facility.
2 Cadets attended MOWG Encampment at FLW from 9-16 July.
LtCol Pearson attended NESA as the MEDL from 8-23 July.
Recruited enough cadets to become the Warrensburg Composite Squadron #139. At the end of
December 2016 membership was 19 members ... 8 cadets and 11 SMs. Waiting on 2 youth and 2
adults to submit their membership forms.
On 8 November we were no longer able to meet at the Student Union of UCM unless we paid
Began meeting on 15 November at the First Baptist Church, at the Jct of Hwys 13 & DD, 1302 S.
Maguire St., located in the smaller building to the left of the church with the sign on it saying "The
Warehouse", next to the garage.
1 Cadet went to the KSWG Winter Encampment at Fort Riley, KS from 26 Dec to 2 Jan 2017.
Meetings may be moved to UCM airfield, hangar #3 once approved by the Aviation Dept and UCM
legal dept.
LtCol Dennis L. Pearson, RN
Warrensburg Composite Squadron #139
(913) 680-4102 cell