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Cadet Programs 2015

Summer Leadership Academy
Summer Leadership Academy is an annual summer encampment where cadets acquire the
tools necessary to develop their leadership skills, investigate the aerospace science
foundations, commit to a habit of regular exercise, solidify their moral character and at the same
time they will be empowered with leadership. The vision for the SLA is an immersion into the full
challenges and opportunities of cadet life. Physical and mental safety will be the first
consideration of all members.
98 Cadets Graduates
14 Cadets Cadre
17 Senior Members

Cadet Programs Milestone
2 Gen Carl Spaatz
11 Gen Ira C. Eaker
41 Amelia Earhart
84 Gen Billy Mitchell
263 Wright Brothers

Training Leaders for Cadets
15 Graduates

National Cadet Special Activities
21 Cadets Applied
8 Cadets Participated

Scholarship – Col Clara Livingston Good Citizen Award
The Colonel Clara E. Livingston Good Citizen Award is a wing level educational scholarship
named after an aviation pioneer, CAP member and former PRWG commander. This scholarship
is exclusively for PRWG cadets which awards $1,000 for four cadets each year. The cadet must
demonstrate characteristics of loyalty to nation, state, companions, family and friends. The
cadet will apply for the award to advance preparation and training for any field such as flying,
any profession, academics, business or manual arts, or for travel directed to an expansion of his
or her horizons.
1. C/Maj Marcos Lopez
2. C/Capt Ibzan J. González
3. C/Capt Jan Cartagena
4. C/2nd Lt Iván Homs


Cadet Honor Society
The Cadet Honor Society is a wing level award that recognizes the personal effort and
achievements of the inductees. Such recognition is a solid sign of the cadets’ academic
discipline, character and commitment in both school and CAP. The purpose of the CHS is to
distinguish outstanding cadets demonstrating excellent in the areas of academics, leadership,
and aerospace education.
Inductee - Cadet 1st Lt Carliana Cochran

PRWG Community Service Project Award
The PRWG Community Service Project Award is a wing level award that consist of generate
one or several activities in a 12-month period which contributes or benefit an organization,
charity or community to improve their quality of life, circumstance or significant problem. The
award recognizes and honors squadrons who make volunteerism and community service a way
of life. One who exemplifies the best in volunteering, a sense of caring and responsibility for
others that connects citizens and solves community problems.
In Bronze category with a total of 72 hours:
In the Gold category with more than 100 hours of Community Service:

USMC Marksmanship Familiarization Training
The USMC Marksmanship Familiarization Training is a wing level activity hosted in conjunction
with USMC Det-1 LS Co CLR-45 that provides a complete course in which cadets will receive
basic marksmanship classes in order to properly execute the Indoor Simulated Marksmanship
Trainer, M-16 assembly and disassembly, Weapons Safety Rules, Firing Positions.
31 Senior Members
197 Cadets


During Fiscal year 2014-2015 Puerto Rico Wing was very active. 13 members completed the
Yeager Award. In the Aerospace Education Specialty Track we had 29 Technicians, 19 seniors
and 34 Masters. Two persons completed the Crossfield Award. The Puerto Rico Wing offered 2
In the Aerospace Excellence 12 units and 2 schools completed the program and 30 units and 3
schools participated in the STEM program. Puerto Rico Wing had 13 Aerospace Education
Members (AEM) and 72 Aerospace Education Officers (AEO) in units.
In the area of activities various units completed the Model Rocketry Program. San German
Cadet Squadron, Lajas Cadet Squadron, Maj William Biaggi Cadet Squadron, Col Bartolo Ortiz
Cadet Squadron. Muniz Cadet Squadron and Moca Cadet Squadron are some units that
completed the program.
In May 2014 Lajas Cadet Squadron visited the Tethered Aerostat Radar System in the reopening with a new balloon.
4 Aerospace Education Members has their Teacher Orientation Flight at Isla Grande Airport.
Cabo Rojo Cadet Squadron and Lajas Cadet Squadron participated in Robotics STEM Kits and
Flight Simulator STEM Kits.
Moca Cadet Squadron and Elsa Soto Cadet Squadron Visited the Arecibo Observatory System.
Moca had 2 Workshops of Airplane Construction.


The goal is to train members to become better leaders, to help them understand better the
Professional Development program goals, and to capacitate them in their functional tasks.
This fiscal year 2014-2015, Puerto Rico Wing offered 3 courses, a Corporate Learning Course,
a Unit Commanders Course, and a Squadron Leadership School.
The Corporate Learning Course (CLC), directed by Lt Col Samuel Rivera was offered on
February 2015 on the facilities of Dr. Cesareo Rosa-Nieves Cadet Squadron. The Unit
Commanders Course (UCC), directed by Lt Col Aitmalys Perez, was offered on April 2015 on
CROEM facilities. The Squadron Leadership School (SLS), directed by 1st Lt Luis Herrera, was
offered on September 2015 on the facilities of Punta Salinas Radar Site - PRANG 140th Air
Support Squadron. These courses helped and trained 63 senior members of Puerto Rico Wing,
representing approximately a 17% of our senior members
Emergency Services

The Puerto Rico Wing continues to prepare its members to serve the territory in times of need
and during natural disasters. The wing held one Search and Rescue School for ground
personnel, two aircrew schools, the Air Force Rescue Coordination Planning Inland Search and
Rescue Course and 11 exercises to prepare members for actual emergencies. Two of this
exercises involved Emergency Management Agency resources and Puerto Rico Urban Search
and Rescue Personnel (PRUSAR).
Last year the wing was involved in five search and rescue missions, providing support to state
emergency management as well as the U.S. Coast Guard. The wing also provides assistance
during every tropical storm that affects Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

During the fiscal year 2015 our Wing had 45 aircrew personnel and three aircraft.