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r,TBRCHANT VETERAN.FLIES CAP CADETS—Uay-.G M. Waldo, forrriDrly a Flight
Leador in tho Alabsirja Wing of CAP and now on duty with tho-hhrchant llarin':,

is sp-^nding pr'^cious tlmo during poriods of leave at home to give orientation
flights to CAP cadets. A pilot with ICO hours of tini'- logged on CAP missions,

he writes at sea, "I am proud of CAP and the way the fellows have wcrkod to
m a k e i t t i c k r r o p e r l y. "

This is the spirit that makes CAP tick. The real sacrifice that man
such as this hay-^ put into CAP should make us realize what our organization
means and should make us want to y/ork a little harder to build the kind of an

organization that men like thi^ v;ill want to return to when they come home.
AID TC STATE GUARD"''Tho Maine VJing was recently commended by Brig. Gen. Georgo

M. Carter, Adjutant General of the State, for cooperation with week-end

maneuvers of the Guard and particularly for communications work by radio units
of th-"' Wing, "v;bich service has been of the highest order",
GUNNER SAVED BY CAP RSCCVERING—Jimmy T/ilscn of Jacksonville, Fla., the If-

year»old waist gunner who was the solo survivor of a bomber crash in Vermont
a f-^w weeks ago and was found unconS(%iou§ in the snow by a CAP search party,
is on th'- way to recovery in the hospital at 17-^stover Field. In a letter to
Rob-^rt Ladd, a young CAP member who was among the rescuers, young Wilson said.:
"The nurs-^ is writing this letter for me since I am unable to use either

of my hands. My condition has improved a bit sinco I was up on your mountain.
It will hr' a long time b-'fore I'll bo completely well but this will give me a

rest till I get back to flying," (Burlington, Vt., Freo Press.)
CLOTHING FLOWN TC EXPLCSION ARSA—Cn Oct. 2A, the Saginaw Squadron of GAP

received an em'^rgency call for clothing for the relief of victims of the
disastrous gas works explosion in Cl'^veland, Th'^ local radio station, wSAIVi

cooperated in broadcasti--g app-^als. Aft'^r the first announcement, the phone
began to rieg within A minutes and two phones w~re busy all ev-eing in receipt

of calls from g--'n'"-rous c5tize*"s. CAP m-'-mbers were cut making pick-ups till
long aft-^r mid'^ught. Next morning four CAP planes and also a truck and trailer,
donated by a Saginaw firm, loft for Cleveland loaded with clothing, the
next day, additional flights were made with warm garments, mainly overcoats,
LOST I-niCTER FCU!:D"Luthor W. Aurand, a St. Paul real estate salesman, lost
in the woods on a hunting trip last month, was spotted by a CAP plar'^ aft'^-r
ho had boon missing for 2A hours, John Barnes, the CAP pilot, dropped food.

Later th- hunter was brought out by an I-dian guid-"^. (St. Paul, Minn,, Dispatch.)
BEAVER SraVSY—Capt, Norman F. Kramer, coramandi':g the Alamosa Squadron, CAP
flew a member of tho St(to Wildlife Comnissie' on a 2^dcy survey pf beaver dams.

They flow along mountain str^'^ams, estimating beaver population. The survey
produced better results at a cost of '!)200 than was fonr^rTy achieved by 3 mon
on horseback covering the area in 3 months.

CAP CADETS AID ^M:GUT LANDING—A commercial pilot with two charter passengers

wer'=' sav^d from a forced landing at "ight by the alert.ness of four CAP Cadets
at Rocky Mount, N, C. Sgt, Ralph Gardner hoard th-; plane circling. The three
others contacted him. Deciding that the plane was in distress-, they called the
airport but the beacon did not come on. So Cadet Roy Evens called the night

watchman at a nearby asphalt plant. drive over and light the runway with his
auto lights. The piano landed safely and the codets arrived soon afterwards
to drive tho pilct anc pfissongers to a hotel in town.

CIVIL iilR PATROL 50C $th ;Ave"lJew Yqflt --N Y-'- ■ - "CAP/l^Sl^igllLLgRIN^ .VOL. Ill
Auxiliary of the U, S, Arriy.Air. Forces . Kb, 37 '.-S December 19<ii
CAP wSg?:—Many Win^s and local unit^ of CAP have conducted "CAP--we$h" in their,
areas to acquaint citize:is v.'ith the v^orV cf the Patrol, to recruit sen-jor-and.
cace"^ nsm.b^'rs, to enlist instructors,and others cf srecial talent', ^'nd-'toi'ga-ingeneral surport tnc cooperation.- Cften such weeks have been 'cfficiall'y:, desig—








A recent r""cclamatien by ik.yor K". A, Allen cf Cntaric, Crag.on,; noted .
that Lacenber 1st was the third anniversary of CAP and pointed' cut the'.record,--,
of the l.ocal CAP unit in furnishin.^ 2 base commanders, 3 rilots, 2 radio officers,

anc en office wor^'ar for active duty on GoavStal Patrol '•Ar^.._^.Ccuye^^

itr.=rec- t^-e citi.ze.-s of the community to assist CAP members -iri the furtherance7"







ECrv'L:"JV3--gAF units throughout the cpuntry.are backing the current war

bond-drive by flying over bond rallies,' offer3hg.-'.fr.e.e .plane..rides^^to bpndj^"'
rurchasers, m.'irc^'^n-'" i r rarades, and bther?'i.s.e ccop' Viith local cam*
v. .
p a i g n s i n e v e r y r c s s i b l - o v a y. - " ,


: ■ " .In Buffalo,Y. , according to the Buffalo News, military and-aivl-li^ia;^
leaders rsrt:"cirated in Civil Air Patrol Day at Lafayette Square, , The. Air ■

C.adet .leagT>e of Canada, which i.e cr-rrating a program rimilar t''^ cur ov;n CAP

cadets anc to the; Air Training Ccrrs in Sp.gland, cooperated'by sending the- ■
2C2d Soubdron cf Canadian Ain-Gacets with their band', ■

At Brainard"Field'In" GoVinecti cut, accoraing to-"the Hertford Courartt-, •

there;'^":re traffic ;iams.-at, a show '.vhich foatu.r-ed, free plane rides by GAP,
as well as flights of Army 'planes. 'in-boiads ■if/-'rs:..s.oA.d. . ..v.....

Th^ Harrisburg, Pa., !:evjs reports that G3,050 in bonds were sold in- orie^

morning '.vith the incentive of .CAP'.rlane rides in ■which the ycunge'st passenger











;A1I this builds inter-est in aviation and in CAP as well as doing the main
job of selling bonqs. . ' . ^ . " , ' " ' '

Cii.F'CADETS i-AP LA:?1I:'G strips—"Survey of the land , within a 3G-raile .radius of
t^- Focria luniciTal Airport is ncv/ being ccmpleted b\* the loc^l Squadron of
Civi:-Air Patro},'' Peoria., Ill,, Journal-Transcript. "The

surv?:-y is to locate pctentiai landing strips in the interest cf .pxp.jects^ for


... _ "Tyese landing strips arc-' 'L''shared and are located alb'ng'prominent

"highWy's, Thoy v;ill be 2',500 to'3,000 feet long 8nd"at least 100-feqt v^ide,
The/rrcject. y-'i'l give tra.ining. to more than 100.GAP cadets now in the Peoria
Sqv^dron, ■ Adjoining Seucdrons will pprticipbte' in similar projects,.^'., ,

.•-.(See notes about .lc.rping pr\iject3 in CAP Hens Bul}.etin Ko, -33.)

PaP^SCTS cf cadets—The inviting of parents of CAP cadets at loafft' once-ae;-

month to sec their at v^orh is paying Lig di'vidonds .in
c.ommunity.-suppcrt ^ and GatisOncticn in shewing a iob r-'ll done, Vlell organized
■ drill and training sessions can qe of qbsorbing'iatfirast .tosQnlooket^'; through-QUt an ■ even: ng. or., an i ft'rnoon, . .

"Gu-e-of .th." Icc .Angeles Sc.uadrqr.s .has marked off a concrete floor like "an
airport;- a '..nth a mccel plr.nn in one hand and a* portable mike in the
.•other goes through tlic r-roced''4re of chlling the ■tpmer ah'd maneuvers the-little

-pla.n.rr; through, take-offs and. l£rndings, while another' member'plays the role" of
tower op'"!re.tcr. All can be^ hoprd ph a louc_ speaker.
At La.ntans airport in Florida', according to the Fblm' Beach Post
visiting rar-^n+s wer" offered free plane and jeep rides.