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private organization conducted by w)lunteers, programs and activities will vary from unit to unit,
depending on the interest and inw)lvement of the
citizens in your community. For more specific information about the program in your hxzal area, you may
use the point of contact provided on the reply card.
If you don't have a hxzal contact, you may request
information on units in your area by contacting National Headquarters, Civil Air Patrol (MSP), at 105
South Hansell Street, Building 714, Maxwell Air
Force Base, Alabama 36112-6332. There is no obligation to join.
Be a part of Civil Air Patrol, the proud auxiliary
of the United States Air Force. Your fellow cadets
look forward to having you on the team~learning, enjoying, helping those in need, and enhancing your future.

number (I-800-633-8768) and accepts most credit
cards. Merchandise catalogs may be ordered, free of
charge, by calling the toll free numbers.

Air Force Recognition
The Air Force gives preferential treatment to certain
cadets who excel in the program. Cadets who earn the
General Billy Mitchell Award in the Cadet Program
are eligible to enlist in the Air Force, Air Force
Reserve, or Air National Guard in an advanced pay
grade. The Mitchell Award also entitles cadets to
training credit when applying for entry into the Air
Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. Additionally,
the Air Force may give Civil Air Patrol cadets who
have earned the General Carl A. Spaatz Award preference when applying for Air Force commissioning
or entry into the Air Force Academy.

For Additional Information
In this short brochure it's impossible to tell you about
all the exciting and challenging programs you can be
a part of as a Civil Air Patrol cadet. Since this is a

Civil Air Patrol prohibits discrimination on the
basis of race, color, national origin, disability,
sex, or religion.

In addition to the training program, Civil Air Patrol
cadets are eligible to attend exciting local, national,
and international activities each year. Some of these
events include U.S. Air Force pilot and space program familiarization training: education at Air Force
and other Department of Defense installations: sumnner encampments on military installations across the
nation: pararescue orientation courses: flight training
through solo with Civil Air Patrol instructors: competition for Civil Air Patrol scholarships: attendance
at Cadet Officer School and Cadet Leadership
School: participation in Civil Air Patrol's National
Cadet Competition: assistance in community events
and more. Increased rank, responsibility, and public
recognition are also available based on advancement
in the Cadet Program.

World-Wide Travel

Dear Prospective Cadet
Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about Civil
Air Patrol and our Cadet Program--a program especially designed for America's youth. Civil Air Patrol,
the official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, is a
nonprofit, aviation-oriented, volunteer civilian organization. Our volunteers have three main purposes-Emergency Services, Aerospace Education,
and the Cadet Program. So, what does all of this have
to do with you? Well, we think you'll find Civil Air
Patrol has much to offer. For example, if you have an
interest in aviation or the military, or if you just want
to sharpen your leadership skills and associate with
other young people providing humanitarian service
to your community, you will find these opportunities
in Civil Air Patrol. Many cadets make friends for life
through Civil Air Patrol's numerous youth activities.
Civil Air Patrol cadets also enjoy identification with
the Air Force and are authorized to wear the Air Force

uniform with distinctive Civil Air Patrol insignia and
devices. In some cases, free uniforms are provided
(depending on availability), but in all cases cadets are
authorized to purchase uniform items from the Army
Air Force Exchange Service at the same prices as
active duty military members. Read on for information about Civil Air Patrol's many exciting adventures and opportunities.

Cadet Eligibility
Young men and women who are U.S. citizens or
aliens "'lawfully admitted for permanent residence"
may become Civil Air Patrol cadets. Additionally,
prospective cadets must be in school or, if graduated
from high school, not be married or in the active
military service. To join, a new cadet must have
completed the sixth grade or be 13 years old. The
maximum age for entering the Cadet Program is 18.
Those who enter before age 18 may elect to remain a

cadet until age 21 or become a senior member at age
18. Becoming a Civil Air Patrol cadet does not obligate you to join any of the United States armed forces.

The Cadet Program helps develop thousands of
young men and women to become leaders of the
future. Training includes, but is not limited to flying,
military drill and ceremonies, aerospace education,
wilderness survival skills, rescue and first aid, radio
communications, as well as the study of navigation,
weather, and aviation. Hundreds of Civil Air Patrol
cadets each year are given orientation flights in many
different types of military aircraft. They also have the
opportunity for orientation flights aboard Civil Air
Patrol search aircraft and gliders. Also, cadets may
compete for flying and academic scholarships as they
advance in the program. Membership dues vary from
state to state so check with your local Civil Air Patrol

Each year approximately 100 Civil Air Patrol cadets
along with senior member escorts are selected to
travel to 14 fi~reign countries as part of the International Air Cadet Exchange (lACE). This program
tk)sters understanding, good will, and friendship
among the world's youth who have a mutual interest
in aviation. Civil Air Patrol 1ACE participants visit
nations around the globe, from Europe to the Orient.
Also, Civil Air Patrol units across the nation host
aviation-oriented cadets from participating foreign

Access to Supplies
and Equipment
Civil Air Patrol operates a Supply Depot in Amarillo,
Texas, and a Bookstore at Maxwell Air Force Base,
Alabama. The depot carries a large stock of all types
of survival equipment, Aerospace Education materials,
and aircraft parts and equipment at discount to Civil
Air Patrol members. Communications equipment of all
kinds is also available. The depot has a toll free
number (1-800-858-4370) and accepts most credit
cards. Civil Air Patrol's Bookstore features uniforms
and accessories, regulations, and publications about
Civil Air Patrol activities. It has a toll free