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JANUARY 1943 – MARCH 1946


JANUARY 1943 – MARCH 1946


Frank A. Blazich, Jr., Col, CAP




Oftentimes a historian is limited in the information they have to understand the inner
workings of an organization, specifically its members. In March 2014, an anonymous
individual donated to the Civil Air Patrol’s (CAP) National Archives the diaries of Major
Kendall King Hoyt. The diaries, which cover almost all of Hoyt’s time as the CAP’s
Intelligence Officer, make frequent reference to the people, events, and actions that
guided the organization from its Office of Civilian Defense status to becoming an
auxiliary of the U.S. Army Air Forces. Many entries, however, reveal snippets of the
personality and personal life of Hoyt, a forgotten figure in the CAP’s heritage today, but
one instrumental to the establishment of the cadet program and a key participant in the
postwar permanence of the corporation.

Frank A. Blazich, Jr.
Chief Historian, National Headquarters
May 2014


Introduction ..........................................................................................................................1
1943 Diary ...........................................................................................................................6
1944 Diary .........................................................................................................................21
1945 Diary .........................................................................................................................48
1946 Diary (partial)............................................................................................................78


The value of these diaries is enhanced through some understanding of the author.
Although no means comprehensive, the following biography provides some insight into
the man behind the words.
Kendall King Hoyt was born in Washington, DC on 6 October 1903, the son of
John C. and Jennie K. Hoyt. He attended Central High School in Washington, DC and
later Cornell University from 1921 to 1925, graduating with his Bachelors in Civil
Engineering. While at the university, he was a member of the Rifle Team, Senators Club,
Officers Club, Captain of the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), and served on
The Cornell Civil Engineer Board, both as business manager and as treasurer of the Civil
Engineer Association. Following graduation, Hoyt worked as an engineer first in Albany,
NY and later as an engineer for the U.S. Geological Survey in Boise, ID.
Returning to Washington, DC in 1930, he engaged himself alternatively as a
newspaper correspondent, writer, publicist, and civil engineer throughout the decade. On
31 October 1930, he married Ms. Elizabeth Virginia Hammond (“Betts”). During the
decade, he worked as assistant with the American Engineering Council and as the
publicity director for the Interstate Airways Committee. In 1938, Hoyt was a charter
member of the Aviation Writers Association (AWA), and in the following year served as
publicity director for the National Aviation Forum. From 1939 to 1940, Hoyt’s work
reached greater prominence as the publicist and director for Ohio Senator Robert A.
Taft’s presidential campaign. Following Taft’s failure to secure the Republican


presidential nomination, the National Aeronautic Association (NAA) appointed Hoyt as
its publicity director in August 1940.
From August 1940 to March 1942, Hoyt’s work focused on building public
support for the development of American air power for military and civilian purposes. He
rose from assistant manager to outright manager of the NAA, and directed the
association’s air youth division, working with the Boy Scouts of America and other youth
organizations to sponsor aviation awareness and interest. Following American entry into
World War II, Hoyt volunteered with the CAP beginning in late February 1942. His
ROTC training helped secure himself a reserve officer commission as a 1st Lieutenant in
the Army Air Forces on 30 March 1942, serial number O-205498. On 1 April, he began
duty at CAP Headquarters as the National Intelligence Officer. Hoyt maintained this duty
assignment throughout the war, responsible for determining the policies of the Army Air
Forces and relaying said policies to CAP units, gathering and disseminating reports of
general interest, answering press inquiries, preparing special material for the press,
safeguarding military information, and conducting investigations in connection with
disciplinary matters. Hoyt was also responsible for CAP’s training program, recruiting of
aviation cadets, organizational promotional activities, codifying directives, and
improving the supply system at National Headquarters.
Prior to the commencement of the diaries, in 1942 Hoyt’s work centered on
writing and editing publications from National Headquarters. He compiled and edited the
CAP Bulletin, a weekly two-page document highlighting wing and squadron activities
nationwide, and drafted most of the training manuals issued by the CAP. His most lasting
legacy began on 1 October 1942, when Hoyt and national commander Major Earle L.


Johnson drafted and issued a memorandum establishing the CAP cadet program. Under
Hoyt’s leadership and supervision, the cadet program grew throughout the war,
eventually numbering approximately 80,000 young men and women by 29 June 1945.
Postwar, Hoyt remained in the Washington, DC area. He continued his work as a
publicist and writer, and rose to colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, retiring on 1
November 1963. Hoyt died on 23 August 2001, and was interred in Arlington National
Cemetery. The diaries he left of his time at CAP Headquarters are but a snippet of his
life, but invaluable in providing details for chronology and of proposals which both failed
to materialize or which blossomed after the war’s conclusion.


Hoyt’s Civil Air Patrol identification card. His CAP service number indicates that he was
the thirteenth member of the Third Region, District of Columbia to join the organization.


The four Hoyt diaries. The 1943 diary (far left) was published by the Standard Diary co.
of Cambridge, MA. The other three diaries were published by the National Blank Book
Co. of Holyoke, MA.


1943 Diary
Identification information inside cover:
Name: Kendall K. Hoyt
Residence: 4410 N. 38th St. Arlington, VA.
Telephone: Chestnut 7123
Liability: Travelers
Monday, January 25
Was appointed a Captain AUS-AC from 1st Lt., AUS. Was not appointed a Major, AAF
as recommended.
Saturday, February 20
Lt. Simons came over from AAF Public Relations to write story on transfer. Johnson at
Sunday, February 21
On duty at office. Worked on book.
Monday, February 22
Went to Pentagon with Johnson to talk to Lt. Simon & Lt. Col. Kreger about statement.
Simon’s copy BVM. I wrote another version in eve.
Tuesday, February 23
To Pentagon again.
Wednesday, February 24
Budget wants part transfer of CAP to Army keeping rest in OCD. CAP meeting in eve.
Wednesday, March 3
CAP meeting – a sloppy period
Thursday, March 4
Wrote orders changing MD. Wing command. Flew to Boston evening with Shennett and
Friday, March 5
Spoke at Worchester Kiwanis Meeting. To Boston with Fogg. To New York in evening.
Saturday, March 6
In NY office. Lunch with Donovan and Atkinson. To Phila in eve.
Sunday, March 7
Saw my 3 nieces in Phila. To Washington in eve.


Monday, March 8
Father sick. Expect Budget Bureau hearing about proposed transfer of CAP to Army
(next week).
Tuesday, March 9
Paperhangers in cellar. Called Gannett about Mrs. Roosevelt.
Wednesday, March 10
Hyde complained to Randolph about being relieved as wing commander. Met with them
with Johnson & Defore. CAP meeting. B.B. asking further data from Army.
Thursday, March 11
Went home and slept without supper. [Text scratched out]
Saturday, March 13
Went to Washington. Lou there for weekend. [Text scratched out]
Sunday, April 11
Went to Warrenton to fly. Fine Day. Flew ½ HR. with CAP pilot.
Thursday, April 15
In Richmond. Flew ½ HR. Saw Capt. Wills in eve. Spent night at Capt. neighbors’ house.
Friday, April 16
Saw Maj. Perkinson in morning. Saw J. Louis Reynolds. Returned to Washington.
Sunday, April 18
On duty @ office.
Monday, April 19
Lt. Buchanan reported for duty. I took him to Pentagon. Rain. Executive order to transfer
CAP to War Dept. reached White House but President is on tour of war establishments.
Tuesday, April 20
Byrd had lunch with Rayburn & Johnson. Took Landis on trip & had to turn back.
Thunder & hail in eve.
Wednesday, April 21
Johnson promoted to Lt. Col. He went to Mitchel Field on train. CAP meeting.
Thursday, April 29
President signed executive order transferring CAP from OCD to the War Dept.
Sunday, May 2
To Louisville on 880


Monday, May 3
Conferences re appointment of new KY. Wing Commander. Night @ Louisville.
Tuesday, May 4
Flew to Cincinnati with Sq. Cmdr. Jasper for mtg. Addressed by Col Johnson. Drove to
Athens with Roger Valentine & Kent Smith for another mtg. Night @ Columbus.
Wednesday, May 5
Flew to Wash. with Col. J. in his plane.
Sunday, May 9
Dug potato patch for Victory Garden.
Tuesday, May 11
Johnson got our manning table through. Rain. Went to CAP SQ officers mtg.
Wednesday, May 12
Johnson to anniversary @ St. Simon’s base. Gave lecture on safeguarding military info.
to CAP cadets.
Thursday, May 13
Johnson & Hawgood to Phila & N.Y.
Friday, May 14
Passed medical exam for commercial pilot certificate.
Saturday, May 15
Sat. Eve. Post out with story by John Kobler about CAP. Johnson speaks at Danbury,
Sunday, May 16
Dug in backyard. Went to Airmail Anniversary show at National Airport.
Wednesday, May 19
Eileen Etten, Times-Herald, brought photographer & take pix of Wash Sq, CAP
Saturday, May 22
Johnson to Omaha & Des Moines
Sunday, May 23
Finished digging potato patch. Got my back all sunburned.
Monday, May 24
Johnson called staff conference to announce that CAP HQ. will be moved to 500 5th
Ave, New York City, about middle of June.


Tuesday, May 25
Johnson to NY
Thursday, May 27
Johnson to Oklahoma
Thursday, June 3
Johnson in Okla. Delaware delegation called to complain about wing commander.
Friday, June 4
To Gravely Point to talk with Maj. Fitch about recruiting aviation cadets. Saw Capt. MC
Broom about promotion regulations.
Saturday, June 5
Drove to Westminster with Ed Smith. Flew 1 HR. CAP dance in eve. Marie’s last day at
office. Florence Hughes now my secretary.
Sunday, June 6
Flew ½ HR. Competitive drill. Washington Sq. won. Westminster Airport dedication.
Drove back to D.C. with Earle.
Thursday, June 10
Went to Gravely about flying cadets; to Pentagon about publicity. Don Ervin graduated
from prep school.
Sunday, June 13
On office duty.
Wednesday, June 16
To Wilmington to try to adjust Del. Wing mess.
Thursday, June 17
Back to Wash @ noon.
Sunday, June 20
Hot. Worked some in backyard.
Monday, June 21
Father & mother in from Paris had supper with them.
Tuesday, June 22
Del. People here again
Wednesday, June 23
Dinner held by AAF for British Air Marshall. Gen. Arnold came down from rostrum to
speak to Col. Johnson who rode home with Asst. Sec. of War for Air, Lovett.

Thursday, June 24
Last day in office.
Friday, June 25
OWI statement released. Written by Elliott Merrick. Good job.
Saturday, June 26
To NY in morning. Aviation Writers Assn. meeting @ Lexington Hotel in PM. Elected
Wayne Parrish president. Airlines gas us dinner in eve. Went with Earle & Don Seevers.
Sunday, June 27
Went to New CAP HQ office, 5th Floor, 500 Fifth Ave., to help check in furniture with
Cols. Johnson & Vilas. To some of AWA events including buffet supper given by Tom
Morgan. Earle & I went apt. hunting & I continued on my duty.
Monday, June 28
2-week heat wave still raging. Officers stripped to waist to move furniture & supplies
into place. Found an apt. about to be vacated by Navy Lt., thru Officers Service
Committee. Moved from Lexington to Henry Hudson Hotel.
Tuesday, June 29
Went to Governors Is. to try to requisition supplies. Saw Col. Yarborough about aviation
cadet recruitment. Grand Isle Conf.
Wednesday, June 30
Lunch with Frank Tichenor & CY Caldwell. Moved into new apt. (4-R, 22 E 67th St.) in
Thursday, July 1
To Governors Is. again re. supplies.
Friday, July 2
Johnson to Washington. CY Caldwell came in to talk about “The Pilot” which he is going
to edit.
Saturday, July 3
Afternoon off. Worked scrubbing up kitchen in apt.
Sunday, July 4
More scrubbing and walked in park. Cool weather.
Monday, July 5
Rain in AM. Holiday in NY, but CAP headquarters worked. Very dull day. Wrote copy
for Pilot in eve.


Tuesday, July 6
Earle back from Washington. Supplies beginning to come from Governors Is. Wrote
more copy in eve.
Wednesday, July 7
Finished copy for Pilot.
Thursday, July 8
Went home & slept in eve. without supper.
Friday, July 9
Wrote story about insignia for Natl Geographic.
Saturday, July 10
To Washington in PM. Lou at house for weekend.
Sunday, July 11
Back to NY in eve.
Monday, July 12
Lt. Barnes, new adjutant, reported. Devon Francis & Geo. Haddaway came up to apt for
drinks. Supper with Haddaway.
Tuesday, July 13
Worked on unfi memo for bases. Talked with Bangrurn about magazine.
Wednesday, July 14
Developed idea for symposium as regular feature of Pilot.
Thursday, July 15
Betts arrived in PM to take summer courses.
Friday, July 16
Betts started course @ Museum of Modern Art.
Saturday, July 17
Earle off for West Coast. Betts & I went to Frank Tichenor’s at Greenwich for weekend.
Sunday, July 18
At Greenwich.
Monday, July 19
Back in NY in morning. Mailed statement to CAPCP.
Tuesday, July 20
Called on Frickens in eve. Roy recovering from long illness.

Friday, July 23
Capt. Mingins from Governors Is. in to talk about recruitment & training of aviation
cadets. Lunch with Haddaway and Kratz. To Don Ellsworth’s at Tarrytown in eve.
Saturday, July 24
Lt. Bull, NV Wing, in to talk about CAP cadets. Drafted new cadet mobilization &
training program.
Sunday, July 25
On Sunday duty in office. A sticky day.
Friday, July 30
To Syracuse on sleeper.
Saturday, July 31
N.Y. Wing conference Syracuse.
Sunday, August 1
Wing competitive drill, Syracuse. Back to NY with Earle & Jack Vilas.
Monday, August 2
Guest of Louis Dacarmo wings club dinner for Maj. Gen. Royce.
Tuesday, August 3
To Knickerbocker Sq meeting in evening.
Wednesday, August 4
Talked with Dave Elman about Hobby Lobby Radio Program.
Friday, August 6
Have a summer cold.
Saturday, August 7
To Ellsworths for weekend. Earle to Pittsburgh for PA wing mobilization.
Sunday, August 8
Went walking thru Rockefeller estate & swimming with Don. Cold almost gone.
Monday, August 9
Back to NY. Earle back from Cleve in PM. Henry McLemore running coastal patrol story
in his column.
Tuesday, August 10
Earle & Col. Blee flew to Wash. re. courier funds. Mimeograph machine came but no


Wednesday, August 11
To Govs. Is. with Wolfe to get paper, etc.
Saturday, August 14
To Louis De Garmo’s at Stanford for weekend.
Sunday, August 15
At De Garmo’s.
Monday, August 16
Back to NY in AM
Tuesday, August 17
Mac Clifford here.
Thursday, August 19
Betts went back to Washington.
Saturday, August 21
Steers and I flew to Madison for Wisconsin Wing mobilization.
Sunday, August 22
At Firvax Field, Madison. Back to NY in eve. Earle @ Willoughby mobilization.
Monday, August 23
Saw Tich. Caldwell out as Air Pilot editor. [Text scratched out]
Saturday, August 28
Flew out on United to go to Nebraska mobilization at Fremont. Got grounded @ Des
Moines so didn’t make scheduled dinner speech. Night at Omaha. Worked all day.
[Text scratched out]
Sunday, August 29
Drove to Fremont. There all day and back to Omaha with slept Don Johnston. Heard
mostly myself on radio recording. Supper with Rudy Mueller. Flew back to NY. Arrived
5:26 AM. [Text scratched out]
Monday, August 30
Slept most of morning. Saw Tich. CY Caldwell out as Air Pilot editor.
Sunday, September 5
Flew out on United for Nebraska Wing mobilization @ Fremont. Grounded @ Des
Moines, missed making dinner speech. Night at Omaha.


Monday, September 6
Drove to Fremont. There all day. Back to Omaha with Don Johnston. Heard myself on
recorded broadcast dinner with Rudy Mueller. Flew back to N.Y.
Tuesday, September 7
Arrived 5:26 AM. Slept in AM. Supper on Earle’s terrace (got rained in) with Earle &
Col. Blee.
Saturday, September 11
To Washington on train. Night at home.
Sunday, September 12
To Congressional Airport reopened by CAP. Flew ½ hour. 4:00 train to N.Y. Got phone
call in office re 2 planes lost in Mexico.
Monday, September 13
To Chicago on 20th Century Ltd.
Tuesday, September 14
With Earle & Jack Vilas @ conf. of Air Liaison Officers from the 9 Air Service
Commands re aviation cadet recruiting.
Wednesday, September 15
Conference over at noon. Back on 2:30 train.
Thursday, September 16
Arr. N.Y. 9:30 AM.
Saturday, September 18
To De Garmo’s for week-end.
Sunday, September 19
Nice sunny day in Conn. Back to NY in eve. Have bad cold.
Monday, September 20
Have flu almost.
Wednesday, September 22
Awa luncheon with Ed Dakin.
Thursday, September 23
Mission flown from Des Moines with baby with upside-down stomach.
Saturday, September 25
Had travel orders to go to Boston but did not go because busy on weekly historical report,

Sunday, September 26
Slept mostly to get rid of remnants of cold.
Tuesday, September 28
Capt. Merrill called re Caldwell.
Wednesday, September 29
Saw Tich.
Thursday, September 30
Earle & I went to La Guardia Airport in AM to fly to Washington but it was too windy
due to a tropical disturbance. Went on sleeper.
Friday, October 1
Saw Office of Education man re CAP cadets. Home for supper with Tex & Louise to
NY in eve.
Saturday, October 2
Cocktails @ Charlie Chase’s.
Sunday, October 3
On duty in office.
Monday, October 4
Supposed to be off duty till Tues noon but went to office in afternoon to see whether my
mimeographing & distribution were SNAFU. They were.
Tuesday, October 5
La Guardia presented silver wings to 100 A.C. enlisted reservers. I went. Nothing said
about CAP. Supper with John Shennett.
Wednesday, October 6
My 40th birthday. Lt. Dupre in town. Earle flew to Washington. Important conf. Supper
with John Shennett with Generals re cadets. [Last sentence scratched out]
Thursday, October 7
Earle stayed over to fix my promotion papers which went in on the 30th of the wrong
form. [“Lt. Dupre in down lunch with De Garmo & Dewey” and “Earle flew to
Washington” scratched out]
Saturday, October 9
Went to Washington in PM. Called at Pentagon to try to unblock coastal patrol release.
Sunday, October 10
Met with Educational Committee of Model MFGRs Assn. re developing series of
educational models for CAP training program. [Text scratched out]

Monday, October 11
Earle in Washington for conf. with Gen. Arnold re recruiting & CAP cadets with model
men in evening. [Text scratched out]
Thursday, October 14
Earle in D.C. Important conf. with Generals re cadets.
Friday, October 15
Worked on book presentation of case on cadets.
Saturday, October 16
Finished the goddamned thing. In office all day as usual. Supper with Earle & Dorry.
Sunday, October 17
Conf. with Educational Committee, Model MFGS. Assn. re series of educational models
for CAP training.
Monday, October 18
Earle in Wash. for conf. with Gen. Arnold re cadets. With model men in evening.
Tuesday, October 19
Earle in Wash for further conf. Looks good. Maybe we get a break at last.
Wednesday, October 20
Supper with Charlie Rochester & party.
Thursday, October 21
New communications officer. Capt. Frank Adams, on duty.
Friday, October 22
Search abandoned for Pyle, lost on tracking out of Flushing.
Saturday, October 23
Worked till 6:00 as usual.
Sunday, October 24
Stayed in NY. Worked on book.
Monday and Tuesday, October 25 and 26
Earle in Wash conference with Fitch, Proctor re recruiting.
Wednesday, October 27
New membership cards came after 3 mos. AWA lunch. Col. Scott. Earle to Cleve


Thursday, October 28
Finished rules on supply. Hunt for a Kiwanian. New membership cards came after.
[Last sentence scratched out]
Friday, October 29
Went to Washington in evening.
Saturday, October 30
Warm fall day. Stayed home.
Sunday, October 31
Dinner at father’s. Called on Tex & Louise. Donnie home; is in Marines. Back to N.Y. in
Monday, November 1
Earle in San Francisco – got approval on tracking missions.
Wednesday, November 3
Earle in Wash. Conf. with officers & Kiwanis & Rotary re recruiting.
Thursday, November 4
Earle got my promotion papers unstuck & signed by Gen. Craig.
Sunday, November 7
Worked in office in afternoon & evening.
Monday, November 8
Earle left on trip to coast. Finished rules on training. Capt. To Major AUS – AC.
Tuesday, November 9
Got my promotion at last.
Tuesday, November 16
Earle in Chicago Conf. re CAP cadet program with Col. Proctor, Fiton, Rotary, Kiwanis,
Thursday, November 18
Father had auto accident. Betts phoned about it in evening.
Sunday, November 21
Worked in office. Stood by for Earle who was in Cleve but he didn’t get back till Mon.
Monday, November 22
Wires out re 288 planes being delivered to wings.


Tuesday, November 23
Earle & I went to Washington on train in eve. Saw father who is recovering well.
Wednesday, November 24
Conference with Col. Proctor AC. Back to NY in PM.
Thursday, November 25
Thanksgiving. Betts in town.
Saturday, November 27
Betts & I went to Phila to spend weekend with Jake & Lou.
Sunday, November 28
Betts to Wash & I to N.Y. in eve.
Monday, November 29
To Wash. again on orders.
Tuesday, November 30
Saw Col. Proctor with Earle re CAPC org. Back to NY in eve.
Friday, December 3
Earle gave St. Louis speech to NATA. To Wash. again.
Saturday, December 4
Saw Maj. Boudreau re CAPC training. Roast pig supper at home.
Sunday, December 5
Back to NY in even.
Monday, December 6
Lunch with Tich. Earle in Dallas sick. Persuaded him not to fly all night coming back.
Wednesday, December 8
Earle back. Beck or for Committee chairman – cable from him.
Thursday, December 9
Fred Waring radio program re CAP.
Friday, December 10
Earle in Wash. on carpet for St. Louis speech. Saw Gen. Harper et al & it turned out ok.
With Paul Guillow in eve.
Sunday, December 12
Stayed in apt mostly. Coming down with flu.


Monday, December 13
Earle & I called on Mr. Beck and he accepted chairmanship. Went home early in PM.
Tuesday, December 14
Slept in morning office in PM but pretty shaky with flu. Earle made important speech in
Detroit a noon.
Wednesday, December 15
Slept in morning; office in PM. Got strength back. Wrote copy in eve.
Thursday, December 16
To Washington in eve.
Friday, December 17
40th anniversary of aviation. Saw Mr. Beck. Lunch with Arlene Davis. Wright Day
dinner at Statler. Sat at Frank Tichenor’s table.
Saturday, December 18
Flew to N.Y. with Earle & Mr. Beck. Supper @ Mr. Beck’s house near Wilton, Conn.
Back to N.Y. in eve.
Sunday, December 19
On duty in office.
Monday, December 20
Wrote interim report on CAP cadet program.
Tuesday, December 21
Xmas party of office people in evening.
Wednesday, December 22
Saw Lovett letter re post war surplus equipment for CAP. Flue bothersome at night.
Friday, December 24
Went to Washington in PM.
Saturday, December 25
CHRISTMAS. Family dinner @ home. Ice storm. Tex & Louise & Sue came out &
couldn’t drive so had to stay over night.
Sunday, December 26
Rain. Still icy. To NY in PM.
Tuesday, December 28
In conf with Earle, Beck, & Col. Proctor who delivered letter from Arnold.


Wednesday, December 29
Earle & I had lunch with Beck to talk about committee members.
Thursday, December 30
Long without a secretary but trying to get Maye Wood from personnel sec.
Friday, December 31
To Wash. in PM. New Year’s party at house. Lou & Pat down for week. Mac couldn’t


1944 Diary
Saturday, January 1
New Year’s party at home till 400 or so. Slept mostly.
Sunday, January 2
Got 1300 train to NY in office
Monday, January 3
Lt. Lederer in to work on cadet program. Wrote speech about airports. Worked in eve.
Tuesday, January 4
Working on cadet training outline. Paul Guillow’s text on model planes arrives. Earle in
Columbus. Worked in eve with Buck & Frank.
Wednesday, January 5
Conf. with Beck. To Wash. in eve.
Thursday, January 6
Conf. with Training Command officers re CAPC. To NY in eve.
Friday, January 7
Earle in Wash. Weary; went home in eve.
Saturday, January 8
Supper with Lederer’s. Early to bed.
Sunday, January 9
Worked in office PM & eve. to complete 200-hr training plan for CAPC.
Monday, January 10
Devon Francis in to get CAPC story. Lunch with him & Lederer & Maj. Cook.
Tuesday, January 11
Worked on wind-up of CAP manual.
Wednesday, January 12
Earle made airport speech in Boston. Good news coverage. Worked in eve.
Thursday, January 13
Earle in Wash for NATA meeting. Wings instructed to discontinue flight instruction, &
courier other than for Army.
Friday, January 14
Worked on material for training meeting next week.


Saturday, January 15
Sunday, January 16
Stayed in NY to finish last copy for handbook. To Washington in eve.
Monday, January 17
Sat in as observer at meeting of 18 training liaison officers AC/AC training. Mac out for
dinner; steak. Earle @ Poor Richard Supper, Phila.
Tuesday, January 18
Earle sick but spoke at meeting. I also held forth. To N.Y. in eve.
Wednesday, January 19
Gene sent me some desert flowers from Calif. Father here. Had lunch with him.
Thursday, January 20
Arnold, Lovett, Harper, Proctor, & Beck meet for lunch @ Statler, D.C. Approval of
CAPC went to Engrs. Smoker with Father.
Friday, January 21
Lunch with Earle & Father. Cleaned up apt. in eve.
Saturday, January 22
Earle in Fla. Supper @ Russian place in village.
Sunday, January 23
Went to Central Park Zoo, Metropolitan Museum, & didn’t work today.
Monday, January 24
Capt. Blakley, training liaison officer, Baltimore, in arranging office space for Cook and
Lederer on 9th floor.
Tuesday, January 25
Frank Tichenor gave me some tickets to see Helen Hayes in Harriett. Earle went with me.
Wednesday, January 26
Col. Proctor & Maj. Boudreau phoned OIC to issue CAPC training instructions, 200-hr.
sequence of courses.
Thursday, January 27
Working on training sequence with Cook & Lederer. In office in eve & cleaned up apt.
Friday, January 28
Training liaison officers from this area in. Went to early birds dinner. Saw many old

Saturday, January 29
Weekly report day as usual. Finished stencils on CAPC training. Earle’s 49th birthday.
Sunday, January 30
Sent to George Haddaway first batch of final proof for CAP handbook. Earle & Bill Lear
burned by sun lamp.
Monday, January 31
Officer of the week again. Ah me. Lederer in hospital for varicose operation.
Tuesday, February 1
Up at 6:00 to go to Washington with Earle. Conference with officers of AC/AS training.
Back to NY alone on 4:00PM train.
Wednesday, February 2
Col. Macec out due to Crowen Affair. [Uncertain of spelling] Earle saw Maj. Cook, our
new liaison with Gen. Craig in AM & returned to N.Y. Supper with John Shennett.
Thursday, February 3
Saw Tom Beck re who called Hillman to expedite White House letter about CAPC. Earle
off for Georgia & west.
Friday, February 4
At infirmary for shots & dental work in AM. Went to broadcast with several hundred
CAP cadets present in eve.
Saturday, February 5
Conf. on CAPC training manuals with Lt. Cols. Steiner & Carlton, Maj. Boudreau A.C.
& Cooke & Capt. Lederer. Saw Tich in AM re NATA etc.
Sunday, February 6
On duty in office. Sent Frank Tichenor copies of bulletin stating that CAP is not giving
flight training, to show to NATA.
Monday, February 7
Lunch with Devon Francis who is doing CAP story for aviation year book. Supper @ QB
meeting with Carroll Smith.
Tuesday, February 8
Talked to Mrs. Beck about aviation training for girl scouts. Visited by H.R.H. the Emir
Mohamed Al-Rachnid. Washed socks in eve.
Wednesday, February 9
Col. Hampden & Maj. Green in to inspect HQ. Took them to AWA lunch. Supper with
Geo. Haddaway & Lou De Garmo.


Thursday, February 10
Conf. with girl scouts. Got a going over by the inspectors as to authority for CAPC &
training programs. Supper with Paul Guillow.
Friday, February 11
Heavy snow. Got something in my eye. Also fell down on sidewalk.
Saturday, February 12
Long quizzing under oath by inspectors. To Washington in evening.
Sunday, February 13
At home all day. Earle returned to N.Y. from trip to coast.
Monday, February 14
Conference of air liaison officers and recruiting & induction officers from the 9 service
commands. I represented CAP and spoke.
Tuesday, February 15
Talked with AGO officers re WAC recruiting. To NY in PM.
Wednesday, February 16
7 officers here from Office of Flying Safety to work on CAPC manuals. Lunch with Mr.
Beck who has letter from Gen. A.
Thursday, February 17
Gen. Arnold had lunch with Mr. Beck & approved plans for CAP League. Frank
Tichenor to be Pres. of League. Went to Am. Arbitration Assn. dinner with Earle & Tich.
Friday, February 18
Father has scarlet fever. Hawgood quizzed in Washington by inspectors. Betts arrived
unexpectedly for educational conf.
Saturday, February 19
Burden on rampage again. Expediting CAPL announcement. Went to supper & broadcast
with Lederers.
Sunday, February 20
Slept mostly. Supper with Tichenors.
Monday, February 21
Betts still here. Some of flying safety officers still here. Earle quizzed 4 ¾ hrs by
Tuesday, February 22
Betts went back to D.C. Maj. Boudreau here. Supper with Mr. Beck, Earle, Boudreau,
Gen. Stone, & Mrs. Beck. Went also to Frank Gervasi dinner for flying boat crew.

Wednesday, February 23
Bkfst with Earle. Col. Proctor & Boudreau conf. with Beck. Earle to Southbridge, Mass.
Thursday, February 24
Earle in Washington to see Burden. Went to Girl Scout meeting in PM.
Friday, February 25
Lunch with Howard Mingos. Decision made to announce CAP League Wed.
Saturday, February 26
Saw Tich in A.M. He saw Roscoe Turner in P.M. Earle in Rochester for N.Y. Wing
meeting. Went to Carmen Jones Nig Show.
Sunday, February 27
Foggy. Sight saw around town. Stood by to confer with Earle, Tich, & Roscoe but
Roscoe not available.
Monday, February 28
Worked with Crowell – Collier publicity people on announcement of CAP League.
Tuesday, February 29
Went to Wilmington in even for Del. Wing dinner to discuss CAPC program with
educators of state. Back @ 0300.
Wednesday, March 1
CAPL announced by Beck, Johnson, & Tichenor @ luncheon meeting of Aviation
Writers Assn., Lexington Hotel. B & D saw Morgan people re treas.
Thursday, March 2
Publicity on CAPL limited by favorable. Have cold as result of night trip in Wilmington.
Friday, March 3
Office party @ Henry Hudson in eve. Johnson & Beck saw Orville Wright in Dayton.
Saturday, March 4
Office of Flying Safety officers winding up manual copy. To Washington in evening in
Sunday, March 5
Home figuring income tax. Back to NY in eve.
Monday, March 6
Johnson in Columbus. Cousin Florence here for teachers meeting.


Tuesday, March 7
1st copy of CAP handbook arrived. Pheasant supper with Earle & Mr. Beck. Meeting re
CAPL by-laws. Some generals don’t like us.
Wednesday, March 8
Trying to get office space for League. Wrote memo re Smith – Hughes funds. AGO
confirmed CAP right to fly Army plans. President wrote Beck approval of CAPL.
Thursday, March 9
Working on income tax. Can’t make head or tail of it.
Friday, March 10
CPA in Tich’s office helped me with tax.
Saturday, March 11
Talked to Tich about by-laws, etc.
Sunday, March 12
Slept a good dral [sp] in effort to get rid of cold. In office in eve. To Zoo.
Wednesday, March 15
Release out for tomorrow on President’s approval of CAP League.
Thursday, March 16
To Richmond via Eastern Air Lines. Earle was to board plane in Washington but was
grounded in Ohio. 80s in Richmond. Foliage out. Talked @ wing meeting. Flew 25 mins.
Night at Capt. Matt Will’s home.
Friday, March 17
With Capt. Blakeley. Got 8:50 plane. Talked with Betts on phone. Circled La Guardia 3
hr. Landed @ Floyd Bennett. Hitch hiked to NY with Navy office before office closed.
Saturday, March 18
Talked to Tich about paper for handbook.
Sunday, March 19
To Bethany Airport for Conn. Wing meeting on CAPC. ACER & WAC recruiting in
progress by liaison plane rides on field. Very cold.
Monday, March 20
Heavy snowstorm. N.Y. Times editorial yesterday re CAP.
Tuesday, March 21
To Washington in AM with Earle & Tom Beck. Lunch @ Press Club. PM @ Pentagon.
Home for supper. To N.Y. in eve.


Wednesday, March 22
Wrote directive for geographical expansion of CAP. 1st annual dinner of Wings Club.
Lousy speech by Eddie Rickenbacker.
Thursday, March 23
Gen. Arnold’s statement yesterday re temporary discontinuance of 17 YR-old recruiting.
Got out memo to wings.
Friday, March 24
PM @ training aids division selecting material. Navy planes buzzed city. CAP plane
minding its own business throughout.
Saturday, March 25
Argued in weekly report for throwing CAP recruiting machinery into Air WAC drive.
Sunday, March 26
On Sunday duty. In snap with Garnie Hughes. Computed state quotas for CAPC.
Monday, March 27
Earle & I saw Mr. Beck re plan for absorption into CAP League. To Washington in eve.
Tuesday, March 28
Saw Col. Fitch, Col. Riesen, Office of Education people, & supper with Betts. Back in
NY in eve. Earle in Indianapolis.
Wednesday, March 29
Writing more bulletins to explain recruiting deal. Leder finished checking last section of
CAP manual.
Thursday, March 30
Earle in Washington. My second anniversary of entrance into the service. Saw Beck re
Friday, March 31
Finished bulletin re new recruiting policy after calls from Riesen & Fitch. College
training of aviation cadets discontinued.
Saturday, April 1
To Wash. in evening.
Sunday, April 2
Worked in garden & rolled rocks out of creek. Peaches & plums in bud. To N.Y. in eve.
No greenery there.
Monday, April 3
Earle back lunch with Enyart [sp?] & strong conf with Beck, Tich, & Maj. Schecter.

Tuesday, April 4
Capt. Watt, MD, in. I probably will go there.
Wednesday, April 5
Snow all day.
Thursday, April 6
Conf. with Warfield re N.Y. school program. N.Y. training group letter objected to in
Friday, April 7
Col. Riesen here. Conf. with training aids div. Earle to Wash. to see Gen. Harper. Saw
Saturday, April 8
To training aids. To D.C. in P.M. Supper with Betts & Louise. Saw Tex who went to
Sunday, April 9
Plums & peaches in bloom. Fine day. Spaded up garden. To N.Y. in eve.
Monday, April 10
AS on CAPC manual came from Office of Flying Safety.
Tuesday, April 11
Col. Deerwester here. Saw Tich re WASP. Cols. Johnson & Blee saw training aids.
Wednesday, April 12
Wrote memo re WASPS & one on WAC recruiting. Going to get orders on WACs.
Betts arrived in eve.
Thursday, April 13
To N.J. Wing meeting in evening, Newark.
Friday, April 14
Supper with Lederers.
Saturday, April 15
Saw Tich re WASP situation which is bad. Lou Clifford here. Saw show, “Mrs. January
& Mr. Ex.”
Sunday, April 16
Slept a good deal. Tired out. Betts & Lou left in PM.
Monday, April 17
Maj. Abe Schecter reported for duty.

Tuesday, April 18
To Wash. in PM with Johnson, Beck, & Schecter.
Wednesday, April 19
Conf. of Gen Harper’s 18 training liaison officers. Gen. Arnold looked in on PM session.
Thursday, April 20
Saw various officers re Air WACs. Sat in on close of training session. To NY in eve.
Friday, April 21
Johnson in Pittsburgh. Rain. Steers gone – out of Army at last.
Saturday, April 22
Earle back. Had to defend CAPL in PA Wing meeting.
Sunday, April 23
Rain all day. Cleaned the apt.
Monday, April 24
Getting ready for Wing Commanders meeting. Conf. with Cooke, Lederer, & Warfield re
local training group.
Tuesday, April 25
Stewart resigned from CAA. Saw Tich.
Wednesday, April 26
Wing Commander beginning to arrive for meeting.
Thursday, April 27
1st day of Wing Commanders meeting, Lexington Hotel. Gen. Arnold was to be there but
couldn’t fly due to weather. Wings Club dinner.
Friday, April 28
Meeting. Fine weather. Bill Lear gave fine dinner. Iturdi played.
Saturday, April 29
To Dayton via TWA. Aviation Writers Association there for grand tour.
Sunday, April 30
2 troop carriers took us to Dallas. Lunch in Memphis. Ran into heavy thunderstorm near
Monday, May 1 and Tuesday, May 2
To Ft. Worth in bus to visit No. Amer. & Consolidated plants. Grounded by front. Took 2
Navy buses. Midnight supper at Corsicana. Stuck in mud there. Arrived College Station,
Tex. 9:00AM. Earle there. I talked @ CAP session.

Wednesday, May 3
Flew to Wichita on troop carriers.
Thursday, May 4
To Dayton on carrier and to N.Y. on TWA.
Friday, May 5
Wrote directive on resumption of mental screening tests. Saw Tich re League. Hot
weather. Trees out.
Saturday, May 6
Hoeing out desk. Piled with work.
Sunday, May 7
Rainy. Stayed in apt & wrote.
Monday, May 8
Got new summer hat. Earle saw Tom Beck re League differences.
Tuesday, May 9
Beck talked 2 hrs to Natl. HQ Officers. Magnets. Lederer & I went to CHI on 20th
Wednesday, May 10
Conferred with Lt. Griswold in Chicago re manual which is swell. Back to NY on
Century. Earle in Buffalo.
Thursday, May 11
Very warm. Promotional pamphlets approved after only 5 months. Miracle.
Friday, May 12
Tich in to talk about League. Must have showdown on policy.
Saturday, May 13
WAC recruiting directive, dated 11 May. Finally came thru from Gen. Giles. Dispute
with Schechter re clearance. To Washington finally in P.M.
Sunday, May 14
At home. Nice sunny Sunday. Mother right sick. To N.Y. in eve.
Monday, May 15
Conf. in eve. with Earle, Tich, & Beck re differences in League policies.
Tuesday, May 16
Drafted memo to explain League to wings. Lunch with Strong re N.A.A.


Wednesday, May 17
Earle in Wash. Got League memo out. Filed charges against Schechter.
Thursday, May 18
Wrote memo on League situation.
Friday, May 19
Lunch with Devon Francis, who is in CAP. Got WAC memo out. Beck after my scalp
and vice versa. Tich approved by League report.
Saturday, May 20
Beck saw Proctor in Washington. Arnold agrees with my contentions. Paul Andrews a sq.
commander. To New Caanan for weekend.
Sunday, May 21
At Capt. McKanna’s. Fine sunshiny day. Father had stroke. To N.Y. in eve.
Monday, May 22
Col Proctor in town to talk with Tich & Beck. 50% CAP rep. on CAPL. To Chicago with
Earle on Century.
Tuesday, May 23
At Air Liaison Officers’ meeting. Earle stopped suit against League. Tried to fly back but
grounded. Waited 2 hrs. Line to register @ Stevens.
Wednesday, May 24
To Cleveland on United Air Lines. Grounded there. Supper with Dorry Johnson. Sleeper
to N.Y.
Thursday, May 25
AAF Memo 50-18 23 May recognizes CAPC. Earle in New Orleans.
Friday, May 26
Maj. Boudreau called that CAP is under Gen. Harper. Guillow here. Carroll Smith mad
about caption on Air Pilot story.
Saturday, May 27
Lunch with Devon, Earle, & Newsweek man. Earle has kink in back. Beck saw Arnold.
To Washington.
Sunday, May 28
Home. Saw father @ hospital. To N.Y. in eve.
Monday, May 29
Sent memo on reopening of ACER enlistments. Tich, Beck, Earle & Proctor had stormy
meeting in Beck’s office.

Tuesday, May 30
Earle’s back not so good. Office out @ 9:00PM.
Wednesday, May 31
Hawgood transferred to training. Morale at low ebb till conf. with Tich in PM. Changed
outlook for better. Fitch called in AM to rescind memo on reopening of ACER.
Thursday, June 1
Boudreau here. Tich came in re CAPL. Enlisted reserve reopened after all.
Friday, June 2
Boudreau, Proctor, Johnson, Beck, & Tichenor conferred re CAPL.
Saturday, June 3
Very hot weather. Devon Francis in. To Washington in eve.
Sunday, June 4
At home. Mother & father better. NY in eve.
Monday, June 5
Earle a full Colonel at last. Lunch with all HQ officers @ Yale Club. Saw Tich in PM.
Still getting letters on Gill Robb Wilson picture.
Tuesday, June 6
D-DAY – Full moon. Invasion of France starts. Earle sent letter to wing commanders
explaining CAPL.
Wednesday, June 7
Working on statistical compilations for distribution of CAPC training aids.
Thursday, June 8
Still knee deep in statistics. Earle to Ark.
Friday, June 9
Called Tich to try stop Beck. Letter to 21 wing commanders on League which went
but anyhow.
Saturday, June 10
Still on statistics which look better & better.
Sunday, June 11
Earle @ Detroit review. On Sunday duty. Bub Buchanan relieved. [Illegible] in PM to go
to review of Cardinal Hayes cadets @ 7th Regiment Armory.
Monday, June 12
Went to weapons show in eve. Lt. John Niland came for night.

Tuesday, June 13
Earle back. League issue still not finished. Report of survey of organization.
Wednesday, June 14
Earle in Washington. I saw him in evening to check my report.
Thursday, June 15
Earle in Conn. League issue still very trying.
Friday, June 16
Finished distribution memo at last. Earle called wing commanders to get acceptances for
League board. Nearly all accepted.
Saturday, June 17
Earle got idea of postponing League activation. I wrote memo on this.
Sunday, June 18
At N.J. Wing mobilization, Newark Air Base. Gen. Harper there.
Monday, June 19
All day conf @ Lexington Hotel with Gen. Harper, etc. It was decided to call wing
commanders in Monday. Schecheter AWOL.
Tuesday, June 20
Boudreau & Riesen here.
Wednesday, June 21
Getting hoed out after meetings.
Thursday, June 22
Earle in Washington re Schecheter & S was in N.Y. Conf. with Mrs. Beck etc. re
Women’s program.
Friday, June 23
Still working on training aid distribution. Saw Tich with Earle.
Saturday, June 24
Sunday, June 25
Ditto till 11:00 PM.
Monday, June 26
Wing commanders meeting re League. Dinner at Fred’s. Earle, Beck, Gen. Harper, et. al
in all-night conf.


Tuesday, June 27
Unanimous agreements reached by wing commanders; agreed to by all concerned.
Wednesday, June 28
Riesen here.
Thursday, June 29
Earle @ meeting in York, PA. Finished distribution lists @ list. Earle in Washington
Friday, June 30
(Mae off for vacation). Had reservation to go to Washington but tied up in NY.
Saturday, July 1
Earle in Columbus. Trains jammed! Couldn’t’ get away.
Sunday, July 2
To St. Louis on TWA with Capt. Dalyruple.
Monday, July 3
Conf. of Training Liaison officers, St. Louis.
Tuesday, July 4
Conf. over at noon. Earle here. I stayed for St. Louis GP. air show in P.M.
Wednesday, July 5
St. Louis to NY on TWA with Capt. Dalyruple. Office in eve.
Thursday, July 6
Gist here. We labor on a hot evening to produce CAPC camp directive.
Friday, July 7
Earle off for trip to coast. Finished camp directive. Checked with Waddell on
promotional pamphlet. To Washington in PM.
Saturday, July 8
All over Pentagon Bldg re WAC recruiting, etc.
Sunday, July 9
At home. To N.Y. in evening.
Monday, July 10
Attended WAC conf. @ Young & Rubicam re civilian committees.
Tuesday, July 11
Went to Governors Island and corralled large supply of WAC literature. Hot weather.

Wednesday, July 12
Finished most of paper work re WAC campaign. HOT.
Thursday, July 13
Lt. Ruth Gilmour reported for 30 days duty to help WAC recruiting. Rain after long
drought. Still hot.
Friday, July 14
Cleaning up odds & ends. Long distance calls from all over.
Saturday, July 15
CAPC camps start. Still very hot. Gist away since 8th & won’t be back for days yet so I
still handing training details, etc.
Sunday, July 16
Long needed thunderstorm in PM.
Monday, July 17
Cleaning up back correspondence.
Tuesday, July 18
Col. Risien here. Talked with Earle in Los Angeles.
Wednesday, July 19
Working on further directives re CAPC camps & training aids.
Thursday, July 20
Saw Tich.
Friday, July 21
Earle back from coast in PM.
Saturday, July 22
Earle et al to Laconia, N.H. for big mobilization of New England wings.
Sunday, July 23
On Sunday duty in lieu of Howard Sterne. Mae back. Gist back.
Monday, July 24
Cleaning up old correspondence.
Tuesday, July 25
Earle saw Tich re League.
Wednesday, July 26
Betts arrived. Had champagne for her.

Thursday, July 27
Went to Mitchel Field to see CAP cadets.
Friday, July 28
Earle at Mike Newell’s. Lunch with Tich.
Saturday, July 29
Lunch with Devon. Took Betts to Bronx Zoo in PM. Reading life of Claudius Caesar.
Sunday, July 30
Stayed home. Very hot.
Monday, July 31
Saw “Snow White” in eve.
Tuesday, August 1
Movie in eve.
Wednesday, August 2
Printing of promotional pamphlets finished. At Governors Is. To Newark Air Base to go
on boat ride with cadets.
Thursday, August 3
Earle in Columbus to close agreement re CAP use of airport at Ohio State University.
Supper with Bill Mellor who is writing CAP book.
Friday, August 4
Earle has eye infection. Henry King here. Took Betts to see his movie, “Wilson.”
Saturday, August 5
To Phila with Betts to see Mac & Lou. Conf. with Geo. & other AWA’s.
Sunday, August 6
Mowed lawn; swam. To NY in eve.
Monday, August 7
Earle’s eye better.
Tuesday, August 8
CAP cadet manuals arrived. Group visit to WAC recruiting place. Saw Tich. Earle in
Wednesday, August 9
Talked to Tich in eve.


Thursday, August 10
To Wash. in PM.
Friday, August 11
Saw Don Seevers in AM. Lunch @ Club. To Pentagon to talk to Geo. Mason re publicity
on manual. Supper @ Tex’s.
Saturday, August 12
To Munitions BG. Re WAC recruiting; to Pentagon.
Sunday, August 13
Very hot; didn’t do much. 1st Sgt Bob Hammond, [illegible] called. To NY in eve.
Monday, August 14
Earle @ Minnesota maneuver. Very hot. Finished instructions re promotions. Maye out
with summer rheumatism.
Tuesday, August 15
Hot. Finished publicity material re CAPC manual.
Wednesday, August 16
AWA lunch re training aids. Hot. Earle in Wash. Thunderstorm in eve.
Thursday, August 17
Col. Risien & Maj. Findley here re League. Findley assigned & then sent back to
Washington. Betts back in NY.
Friday, August 18
Somewhat cooler. Worked on book in eve.
Saturday, August 19
Worked in PM to get CAPC manual publicity ready to go but couldn’t mail because no
manuals. Devon & I saw aviation editor of Time.
Sunday, August 20
Took Betts for ferry ride to Staten Is.
Monday, August 21
Went to Wilmington to confer with Delaware Wing officers.
Tuesday, August 22
Risien called re clearance of publicity. Mellor here with book ms.
Wednesday, August 23
Paris falls. Earle @ Chanute Fld.


Thursday, August 24
Earle @ Rantoul Field. [Text scratched out] Arnold sees CAP cadets @ Patterson Fld.
Cadet killed @ Dover.
Friday, August 25
Mason here re radio program @ Mitchell. Took Betts to “The Cloisters.” [Text scratched
Saturday, August 26
Took Betts to “The Cloisters.”
Sunday, August 27
To Lime Ridge Airport by various means of transport to inspect CAP unit. Flew ½ hr.
Monday, August 28
16 wing commanders met with Tich in eve till 3:00AM to plan League meeting.
Tuesday, August 29
CAP League meeting in PM. Elected officers, etc.. Stripped Beck of powers.
Wednesday, August 30
Earle in Washington & Dayton.
Thursday, August 31
Working on policy statement for CAPC program.
Friday, September 1
Earle & I saw Tich re CAPL minutes.
Saturday, September 2
Col. In Mexico, MD.
Sunday, September 3
Col. At Weston, W. VA. Landed Beck with little room to spare. Betts & I drew postwar
house plans all day.
Monday, September 4
N.Y. a deserted village. Office quit @ 4:30.
Tuesday, September 5
Went to review of Long Island Group. @ Hempstead in eve.
Wednesday, September 6
Flew in Wash. with Col. Johnson, Forbes, Sterne, & Arnold in the new Beech. Talked
about State Guards. Earle made much progress re guards, gliders, & surplus equipment.
Cleared policy statement on CAPL. To NY in PM. Betts left today.

Thursday, September 7
Got out restricted policy statement.
Friday, September 8
Came to agreement with Lederer re CAPC training program. Earle off for Dakotas.
Saturday, September 9
To Wash in PM.
Sunday, September 10
Back to N.Y.
Monday, September 11
Having to do CAPC training directive myself. Rain after long drought.
Tuesday, September 12
Working on the Goddamn directive with Lederer in agreement. Gist in disagreement.
Wednesday, September 13
Thursday, September 14
Hurricane came by in evening with much wind & rain. Maj. Hawgood here to become
Exec. Officer.
Friday, September 15
Col. Forbes left. Clear after rain.
Saturday, September 16
Supper @ Frank Adams’.
Sunday, September 17
Stayed in & worked on book. Got Part I bound, complete.
Monday, September 18
Finished CAPC training instructions. Made deal with Mrs. Stern to buy furniture.
Tuesday, September 19
Working on handbook revisions.
Wednesday, September 20
Bill Mellor called in eve.
Thursday, September 21
Cleaning up handbook revisions.

Friday, September 22
Turned cold. Got off CAPC instructors’ guide to Washington for clearance with zero
Saturday, September 23
To Wash in PM.
Sunday, September 24
At home. To NY in eve. Chilly.
Monday, September 25
Still cold. Earle & Tich @ luncheon re airports. Mike [illegible/sp?] Newell offered to do
CAP League publicity.
Tuesday, September 26
Lunch with Devon. Finished mark-up for 2nd printing of handbook. Supper with Tich.
Wednesday, September 27
Earle off for coast. NY a deserted village. CAPC training guide in D.C. awaiting
Boudreau. Wings desperate for manual delivery.
Thursday, September 28
Col. Fitch phoned in PM.
Friday, September 29
Wrote memo on future of CAPC program.
Saturday, September 30
Ike Vermilya here. Lunch with Devon.
Sunday, October 1
Sunny day. Worked on book in office in PM.
Monday, October 2
Chilly. CAP cadet manuals still not received in many states & supply source not
permitted to tell us anything.
Tuesday, October 3
Hawgood here. Think red loops off. No approval yet on CAPC Instructor Guide.
Wednesday, October 4
Wrote for samples of new CAP shoulder patch in lieu of red loops. Earle makes speech
@ aviation clinic in Macon.
Thursday, October 5
AWA luncheon. Combat films @ Lotus Club. Guests of Hill & Knowlton.

Friday, October 6
My 41st birthday. Cloudy. Earle grounded in Fla. [scratched out] Norfolk. Betts cams in
eve. Very warm.
Saturday, October 7
Earle in D.C. Got chair, etc. Took Betts to show “Two Mrs. Carrolls.” Record heat –
Sunday, October 8
Still warm. Betts went to Washington in P.M. In office for awhile. Big Gen. Polaski Day
parade. Earle in Conn. Wilkie died.
Monday, October 9
Two RAF Sq Commanders, J.A. Dyson & C.H. Oaker here to tell about ATC. Took them
to Legion lunch. Earle with Tich & Risien.
Tuesday, October 10
RAF fellows still here. Capt. R.V. Craver, intelligence, called. Blee working on CAPC
training sequence. Mrs. Stern took some furniture and I bought the rest.
Wednesday, October 11
New tenant on 1st floor had noisy all-night party.
Thursday, October 12
Clear & cool. Berliwicke in to talk about League. Earle judging Pop. Science plane
design contest.
Friday, October 13
Earle still @ contest. I went to cocktail party given by Pop Science. Proofs for handbook
Saturday, October 14
Saw Tich in AM. Lunch with Guy Gannett. To D.C. in PM.
Sunday, October 15
Mother & father @ dinner. To NY in eve.
Monday, October 16
League board meeting in PM. Tom Beck resigned at last. Tich gave dinner to wing
commanders. Lt. Gen. Barney Giles there.
Tuesday, October 17
Wrote guest editorial, Acro Digest, for Earle. Lunch with Tich. Called cousin Dick


Wednesday, October 18
Earle back from over. Nite trip to Columbus. Lost pocketbook in plane but found it again.
Texas planning state CAP League.
Thursday, October 19
Talked re Pub. Relations with Lt. Col. Monroe, new exec., who is a good officer. Gen.
Welch forbids personal contact except via channels.
Friday, October 20
Rain – tropical storm. Earle scooted out ahead of it for Murfreesboro, Tenn. meeting.
Saturday, October 21
Rain. Col. Proctor here. Saw him @the Plaza.
Sunday, October 22
On Sunday duty. Clear & cold after the storm.
Monday, October 23
Nice weather. Earle in Dallas. New chair came.
Tuesday, October 24
Maye out for nearly a week due to flu. Work piling up. Lunch with Harry Druno.
Wednesday, October 25
Returns from airport survey super – colossal. Called on Earle & Dorry in eve.
Thursday, October 26
Alaskan unit to be formed.
Friday, October 27
First snow in the air. Earle in important policy conf. with Gen. Welch. Not so good.
Saturday, October 28
Clear & cool. Lunch with Earle. Welch disapproved story I wrote for Aero Digest. Called
Tich @ Greenwich.
Sunday, October 29
Clear & cool. Slept mostly.
Monday, October 30
Clear & warmer. Tich found story had gone to press. Saw Dorry off on train & had
supper with Earle who checked part VI of book.
Tuesday, October 31
Working on uniform directive. AWA luncheon – Pitchrn autogiro. 1st wedding
anniversary in absentia for 14 yrs.

Wednesday, November 1
Wings club lunch Sat with Col. De Ferry Larner. Supper with John Shennett.
Thursday, November 2
Col. Monroe prepared loud endorsement re Aero Digest story. Waited for Tich in evening
but he didn’t come.
Friday, November 3
New League publicity man came in to consult. Lunch with Tich.
Saturday, November 4
To Washington in PM.
Sunday, November 5
Slept mostly.
Monday, November 6
Lunch @ Press Club. Mac & Lou came in PM & we listened to final campaign
Tuesday, November 7
Voted in AM & back to NY. Airport survey complete except for 2 states.
Wednesday, November 8
Roosevelt elected for 4th term. Earle grounded @ Pierre, S.D. My airport releases
disapproved by Col. Coulter.
Thursday, November 9
Finished draft of uniform directive.
Friday, November 10
Rain. Mimeograph going after 2 weeks stoppage.
Saturday, November 11
Went to Phila in PM & met Betts. @ Mac & Lou’s @ Wayne.
Sunday, November 12
Back to NY in PM; Betts to Washington.
Monday, November 13
Completed 48 state airport survey and sent copy to Earle. But when can print it? Earle in
Louisville, going to Oklahoma City.
Tuesday, November 14
Finished final copy for CAP handbook. Bill Mellor was in & signed copies of his book
“Sank Same.”

Wednesday, November 15
Earle in Okla City. AWA lunch to form flying club. Saw Tich who has been assured that
there will be no obstacles in the path of the League. Got copy on League pamphlet which
was lousy.
Thursday, November 16
Rewrote League pamphlet & showed it to Tich. He has been awaiting completion of
League audit. Rain.
Friday, November 17
CAP directives all being rewritten the Army way. If so, the handbook on which I have
labored will be obsolete before it is off the press. Washington phoned to find out why
surplus copies of “Air Forces” were sent to wings. Airport survey issued.
Saturday, November 18
My morale not so good. Earle in St. Petersburg.
Sunday, November 19
Slept mostly. Read “Destiny Bay” by Don Byrne.
Monday, November 20
French on Rhine. Earle back. Risien phones to tall him to get postwar plan ready against
possible discontinuance of AAF auxiliary status of CAP. Boudreau here. Wanted his
liaison officers to get credit for surplus material kits but not to sign for auto gas. B & I
saw Tich. Snow.
Tuesday, November 21
Rain. Working on postwar plan. Tich got nasty letter by registered mail from Beck
resigning from CAPL. Earle & I had supper with Tich @ 21 Club.
Wednesday, November 22
Cloudy. Finished 9-page postwar plan. Lunch with Devon & Hank. Start to plan AWA
flying club. Finished draft of postwar plan. Betts arrived in evening.
Thursday, November 23
Thanksgiving. Office out @ 1400. Dinner with Betts & we went to Jungle movie.
Friday, November 24
Statistics show CAP has nearly 60,000 adults and more than 65,000 cadets plus 75,000
former members – total 200,000. Total adult applications over 100,000.
Saturday, November 25
Monroe finished uniform directive. Worked in Tich’s office in PM on statement to CAPL
board to counteract Beck’s letter which is in circulation.


Sunday, November 26
Betts went back to Washington at noon. To office in PM to complete redraft of postwar
plan for CAP.
Monday, November 27
Rain & fog so Earle didn’t go to Washington with report. Finished rewrite of League
report and took it to Tich in PM. Gen. Welch wrote Tich re League taking over all
financing of CAP.
Tuesday, November 28
Finished rewrite of League pamphlet.
Wednesday, November 29
Rain. Race 20 Nov 44. Proctor called on Earle in eve. Outlook improving.
Thursday, November 30
Rain. Finished specl report. Proctor saw Earle & Tich. Cold in eve. My League rpt. in
mail. Wrote memo re additional planes for CAP.
Friday, December 1
Earle to Washington re more planes. Natl. medical staff met.
Saturday, December 2
Medical staff met. To Washington in PM. Wrote memo on League financing on train.
Sunday, December 3
Turkey dinner @ home. To NY in eve. Earle off again for 10-day trip.
Monday, December 4
Sent League financing memo to Mr. Tichenor. October & November “news” bulletins out
at last. Got books by Byrn’s & read same. Welch’s directo & Risien [illegible] to revise
Tuesday, December 5
Rough copy of 2nd edition of CAP handbook came. Lunch with Dexter Martin. Bill
Green here. Tich in Wash. – saw Gen. A. Col. Monroe wrote revised draft of postwar
Wednesday, December 6
I wrote revised draft. Welch delegated Risien to receive Tich who didn’t [illegible].
Hewelett, CAPL publicity man, called.
Thursday, December 7
Tich back with favorable news. Lunch with Bert Isom.


Friday, December 8
Lunch with Bill Green who is writing series of articles re CAP.
Saturday, December 9
Tich mailing my League financial report plan. To Washington in PM. Earle in Dallas.
Called on Tex in eve. Worked on Detroit speech for Earle. Devon in to work on AWA
flying club which is SNAFU.
Sunday, December 10
Went to see Tex’s farm. Mailed speech to N.Y. in eve.
Monday, December 11
Trying to arrange Grand Jct. Cold Bond Show. Earle in Detroit [text scratched out]. 3 Air
Inspectors here. Exempted from RAE rprts by indorsement 8 Dec, AC/AS, INT. Earle
left Dallas & was grounded @ Chanute Field en route to Detroit. Inspectors finished with
OK to RAE & only a few minor suggestions in abnormal memo for us.
Tuesday, December 12
Wind. Snow in air. Deep snow in [illegible] areas. Randolph called to cancel Earle’s
Elkins speech for tomorrow.
Wednesday, December 13
Clearing. Lt. Gilmour ordered to return to Maxwell Field. Earle back. Postwar
recommendations rewritten. Earle & I called on Tich.
Thursday, December 14
Earle off for Wyoming. Sun out. Endorsement of 12 Dec. on recruiting memo on which
immediate answer was requested 31 Oct. Speed! NAA rumors on coast that CAP will
fold on 21 Dec.
Friday, December 15
To BBC broadcast at noon congratulating CAP cadets. Capt. Gehrke, new asst. training
officer here. Gist gone.
Saturday, December 16
Cloudy. Ltr. of 30 Oct re credit in armed forces for CAP service ansd 13 Dec. Devon in
to work on flying club. Tich has told Hewlett to work with us.
Sunday, December 17
Sunny. Went to Museum in PM. Supper with Devon & family & friends.
Monday, December 18
Cloudy. Earle back from rough trip to Wyo. Geo. Stone with him. Tich sent me a globe.
Hewlett still writing letters across street.


Tuesday, December 19
Snow. Toothache in night. Cold. Had tooth pulled! Another filled. Air Force League
announced. E & I saw Tich re same.
Wednesday, December 20
Feel very alert after getting bad tooth out. Phoned Col. Angus of Air Forces League. Saw
Thursday, December 21
Shortest day. Darkest before dawn. E & I had lunch with Col. Angus. Fine chance for
cooperation. Had teeth filled. Heard record of A.C. Wright Day speech of Gen. Arnold.
Friday, December 22
Sunny. Finished training directive on history & duties of CAP. Earle had officers over for
cocktails. Went out with Col. Monroe.
Saturday, December 23
To Washington in PM.
Sunday, December 24
Family dinner @ home. Cocktails @ Henry Ralph’s.
Monday, December 25
To N.Y. in eve.
Tuesday, December 26
Weather cleared. Earle in Ohio. Trying to see Tich about League. Lunch with Bert Isom.
Wednesday, December 27
Lunch with Colby. Earle back. Tich came in PM to talk about League. Risien called re
conf on future status.
Thursday, December 28
Tich did not go to Washington @ 0630. Stick Randall declined to take over League.
Lunch with Devon & Alden Calons.
Friday, December 29
Tich saw Gen. Welch in Wash. Got teeth cleaned & called on Col. Whitlaw & Capt.
Mingins. Earle talked to Fox execs re CAP movie.
Saturday, December 30
Tich saw Arnold & all seems to be ok. To Washington in PM. Mar brought many large
oyster for supper.
Sunday, December 31
At home. To NY in eve. Drank a midnight beer alone.

1945 Diary
Identification information inside cover:
Name: Maj. Kendall K. Hoyt, AC
Residence: 22 E. 67th St., NYC
Business Address: CAP, 500 5th Ave.
Tel. No. (Home): RE7-3355 (Bus.): WI-77568
Birthdays: 6 Oct 1903
Remington Portable NV41354
Monday, January 1
Up before dawn to open office at 0815, since I am duty officer this week. Got 2 teeth
filled. Office out @ 1400 because no mail delivered. Buffet luncheon at Yale Club.
Tuesday, January 2
Got weekly bulletin out early to start Vol. IV.
Wednesday, January 3
Tom Beck called Col. Johnson re lack of progress of CAP League. Berlinicke came in
with proof of League membership application. Cold - 12° F. Apt. 50°. Saw Architectural
Record people.
Thursday, January 4
Lunch with officers of Air Force Mag. Warmer but apt. still cold.
Friday, January 5
Tich fired Hewlett. Earle not in D.C. Saw Record people again re proposed contest for
CAP building designs. Officer coming to review CAP situation. Supper @ Frank Adams’
Saturday, January 6
Col. de Brier, Inspector General Div., here. Called @ CAP League office. Capt.
Goodfellow in from cold. Devon in; making progress on memorial airport plans
Sunday, January 7
Heavy snow. Earle in Conn. On duty in office. Col. de Brier in & interview some of the
officers. Worked on League bulletin.
Monday, January 8
Slept late. Thawing. Called on Tich. Earle had lunch with Mike Newell & saw Beck.
Rating with Risien. Col. de Brier saw Tich in PM & went up to deliver some papers &
was asked whether CAPL could finance CAP. Vincent Bendix cocktail party (helicopter
Tuesday, January 9
Slept late. Capt. Craver, AC/AS, Intelligence called & said we are doing ok. Wrote memo
on AAF posters, etc. Col Whytlaw called. Col. Aob. Left.

Wednesday, January 10
Clear & cold. Earle & I attended conf. with Popular Science staff re airports. Earle called
to Wash. to see Gen. Welch. CAP ok to Jun. 1946. Lunch with Colby. Checked art for
CAP pamphlet & saw Tich briefly. Wrote release on weather month.
Thursday, January 11
Wrote release on discontinuance of tow target work Mar., and continuance of all else.
Lederer promoted to major. Cold in apt all week – as low as 50°.
Friday, January 12
Earle to Washington. There for night on acct. of snow. Weather Bur. Men in re. “weather
month” project. Russian offensive starts.
Saturday, January 13
Earle grounded in D.C. Got material to Weather Bureau. Called @ CAPL. To
Washington in PM.
Sunday, January 14
Home. Drew chart for CAPL Bulletin. To N.Y. in eve. It had been snowing. Father went
to N.Y. for engineers meeting.
Monday, January 15
Final mark-up of training manual on history of CAP. Many returned WASPS booking for
jobs. Esther Forbes in re Air Trails story.
Tuesday, January 16
Heavy 24-HR snow. Ed Bull was to have lunch with me but was stranded in N.J. Got tow
target release out. Hewlett saw Beck and made wild charges; is going to sue Tich. We are
Jonahs about the good ship Whale.
Wednesday, January 17
Flew to Providence with Earle for R.I. Wing mobilization. 1,100 uniformed members &
cadets in armory put on fine show.
Thursday, January 18
Flew back to N.Y. in A.M. Got nice letter from Tim Beck. Saw Tich who agreed to settle
with Hewlett for $200. Went to engineers dinner with father. Beck asked return of
President’s letter.
Friday, January 19
Earle off for Lansing in PM. I finished notes for speech. Col. Blee sick.
Saturday, January 20
Beck got back pictures of lamp from CAPL office. Johnson made speech in Lansing,
backed by Tom Walsh. Steers left morning.


Sunday, January 21
Stayed home. Herald Trib. reporter called re tow target story.
Monday, January 22
Tow target story in N.Y. Times & Trib. Earle back. Budget in preparation. Hawgood says
talking about League financing half.
Tuesday, January 23
Skipped a day somehow. Earle in D.C. re budget [Hoyt penned in this entry just below
the 22nd]
Wednesday, January 24
I wrote directive on aid to returned AAF veterans. Sudden snow. Sunshine, & then very
cold. Heat & elevator in apt oic now.
Thursday, January 25
Down to zero°. Earle had cold trip back from Wash. & is down with flu almost. Got
budget ok including search & rescue. Weather release cleared but held up due to trouble
getting film strips. Supper with Earle.
Friday, January 26
Some warmer. CAPL publications nearly to press, I hope.
Saturday, January 27
Haddaway called from Dallas. To Washington in PM.
Sunday, January 28
Went to Tex’s farm in PM. Found swell postwar house site. To N.Y. in eve.
Monday, January 29
Earle’s 50th birthday. I took him to Yale Club for lunch. N.Y. schools closed because of
fuel situation.
Tuesday, January 30
Earle saw Wm. Dwight Sullivan, chairman of Am. Legion Aviation Comm. who had
been poisoned on CAP by Roscoe Turner. Arranged “parade” pix @ Armonk. Toilet
stopped up.
Wednesday, January 31
Earle to Washington. Risien made nasty phone call re bulletin. [Illegible] about high
school libraries. Alexander B. Royce, chairman of Airlines Cm. for U.S. Air Police talked
@ AWA lunch.
Thursday, February 1
Proof on League pamphlet. Maye out with bad eye. Went to Nassau Sq. drill @
Woodmere, L.I. with Col. Dawson & other HQ officers. Back @ 200 AM.

Friday, February 2
Sun shone. Proof on League News.
Saturday, February 3
Huntington, W. Va. people in re troubles. Devon in re pix for Life.
Sunday, February 4
Worked on airport story & layout for Feb. issue of League News.
Monday, February 5
Maye in with pack over one eye.
Tuesday, February 6
Earle back from good meetings in Omaha, Des Moines, & Kansas City. Wrote League
statement & had it mailed to ANS. Lies in NAA ltr. of Feb. 3. Saw Tich briefly. Mrs. T.
sick. League pamphlet to press.
Wednesday, February 7
Sent material to Life Magazine per Devon’s suggestion. Supper with John Shennett
Thursday, February 8
Got desk fairly clear in hope of going on trip.
Friday, February 9
Earle delayed till tomorrow on Fla. trip. I can go! Wrote Orlando radio speech. Marked
CAPL News proof for final.
Saturday, February 10
Off from the snow at La Guardia Fld. In the C-45 with Earle, Howard, & Stanley the
crew chief. Lunch @ Greenville, S.C. AAB. Night @ V.O.Q., Tallahassee AAB. (Harry
Playford with us).
Sunday, February 11
To Jacksonville for big show at airport. Some 20,000 there. CAP supper & party. Round
table radio program at lunch.
Monday, February 12
To Orlando for another show on field & CAP dinner.
Tuesday, February 13
To Tampa for afternoon show. Supper at Harry Playford’s hotel, “The Tides” at St.
Wednesday, February 14
To Miami for business min’s lunch. To West Palm Beach for night.


Thursday, February 15
To Bartow Field to fuel & to Winter Haven for lunch. Earle went on with plane & left me
to finish tour. To Lakeland in Taylorcraft. Flew in helicopter. Made speech @ dinner.
Friday, February 16
To Lantana after delay. Big party at clubhouse. At Ike Vermilya’s for night.
Saturday, February 17
Lantana to Miami in Ike’s car. Pan Am cocktail party. Dance in eve.
Sunday, February 18
Final show at airport. Shark interested in rescue mission. Off in evening on Eastern Air
Monday, February 19
Arrived N.Y. at 0509 with heavy sunburn. Gen. Giles commended clipping service 14
Feb 45. Worked on Mar. issue League News. Gale from Nashville.
Tuesday, February 20
Idaho Wing rpt. received re Jap balloon. Lunch with Girl Scout representative.
Wednesday, February 21
Carroll Cone spoke windily at AWA lunch. Betts & Louise here for week-end.
Thursday, February 22
Gen. Giles commended clipping services. Took Maye to dispensary because of bum eye.
Meeting of committee on awards & insignia. Betts & Louise went to show for which I
could get only 2 tickets.
Friday, February 23
Rain. Went to cocktail part re play including a CAP character. Supper with Betts &
Saturday, February 24
Sunny. League office preparing for mailing of first issue of “News.” Some favorable
returns from pamphlets coming in.
Sunday, February 25
Betts & Louise left to catch morning train. I took Sunday office duty instead of next
week. Nice mild sunny day to no avail.
Monday, February 26
Was to have lunch with Tich but he got tied up. Haven’t seen him for some time. League
paper out at last. League Exec Cm met to take funds from Morgan Bank.


Tuesday, February 27
Working on March issue of League paper which will be much better than 1st one.
Wednesday, February 28
Earle in Phoenix. Lunch with Colby who is going to Newfoundland.
Thursday, March 1
Earle in Santa Fe. Surprise dinner for Bill Atkinson at New Yorker Hotel.
Friday, March 2
Earle in Ft. Worth re. training command.
Saturday, March 3
Finished my week of duty.
Sunday, March 4
Slept late for first time in 4 weeks. Have had crick in neck for several days but it is
getting better.
Monday, March 5
Earle back after 3 wks. I slept in morning. Mar. issue pix to engraver & most of copy to
Tuesday, March 6
Mimeograph stopped again.
Wednesday, March 7
Bill Lear spoke on aviation radio at AWA lunch. I took Adams, Geo. Haddaway, & Bill
Green here. Working on intel & PR regulation
Thursday, March 8
Got hot water bottle to cure crick in neck. Put out restricted memo re transfer to AAF
training command.
Friday, March 9
Last copy in for March issue. To Wash. in P.M.
Saturday, March 10
Went to press club to work out income tax which was not much because of overpayment
last year.
Sunday, March 11
At home. Mar & Grace came for dinner. To N.Y. in eve. Train 1 ½ hr late.
Monday, March 12
Finished paging proof for March issue. Search for Mr. Childs’ film of British cadets.

Tuesday, March 13
Mild sunny day. Went to rifle range at Roslyn near Mitchel Field & qualified with pistol,
tommy gun, and carbine.
Wednesday, March 14
Went to Newark for Red Cross luncheon. Col. de Brier told Earle plan has been decided
for management of CAP & we are to move to Ft. Worth forthwith. Maye out with flu.
Thursday, March 15
Earle to Dallas for regional meeting of wing commanders.
Friday, March 16
Col Redit called re draft of CAP. Fine spring day. Saw Tich for first time in weeks.
Cocktail party, fuel & lubricants committee, N.Y. Board of Trade supper with Zacharoff.
Saturday, March 17
St. Patrick’s day. Col. Monroe home with sore throat. Nice spring day. Buds out. Worked
in PM to get out request for survey re draft.
Sunday, March 18
Another nice day. Talked to rental agent about apt.
Monday, March 19
Earle back from Texas; held staff meeting re transfer which looks like good deal. Had
steak supper @ Alcook’s with Mac Clifford.
Tuesday, March 20
Saw Petroleum Administrator re gas pumps for N.C. Got March issue of League paper to
press. Annual dinner of Wings Club.
Wednesday, March 21
Seven officers from Ft. Worth arrived to discuss transfer. Still warm.
Thursday, March 22
Rain & colder. Have got sore throat, same as Col. Monroe, et al. Officers finished conf.
Outlook some better maybe.
Friday, March 23
Warm again. Earle to Texas. Worked on survey of members drafted. Went home early
with right bad cough.
Saturday, March 24
Mailing of March issue League paper starts. To Washington in PM.
Sunday, March 25
Sunned myself in backyard & got rid of cold. To NY in eve.

Monday, March 26
Lunch with Col. Angus, Air PWR League. Wad wants to work out a meeting with CAP
League. Tichenor concurs. Monroe in Wash.
Tuesday, March 27
John Brown & Rex Hayes here to confer with Hughes on flight proficiency program.
Attended Natl. Aviation Committee meeting of the Girl Scouts.
Wednesday, March 28
League money coming in. Lunch with Henry King & had a long talk with him in the
Thursday, March 29
Wrote story on CAP aircraft for “Planes.” Positively hot. Trees coming out fast. Betts
arrived for final visit prior to pending move to Ft. Worth.
Friday, March 30
Another gorgeous day. Earle grounded in Ft. Worth & can’t come to N.H. meeting which
Tich washed out on by having teeth pulled & not telling anyone till too late.
Saturday, March 31
Betts & I went to D.C. in P.M.
Sunday, April 1
Fine weather still. Back to N.Y. in evening.
Monday, April 2
Earle back from Ft. Worth where he won a big battle. All’s swell for CAP. Rain. Wrote
memo to wing commanders re transfer.
Tuesday, April 3
Fair again. Worked div April issue of League paper. Earle to D.C.
Wednesday, April 4
Earle back from Washington. Got going over because I helped with CAP League paper
which I must do no more. Chilly & cloudy.
Thursday, April 5
Not working on League paper.
Friday, April 6
Earle & I had lunch with Col. Angus. Got League financial figures.
Saturday, April 7
To Wash. in PM. Called Earle re Nevada matter.


Sunday, April 8
Went to party at Tex’s in eve.
Monday, April 9
Stayed in Wash. to see Gen Welsh & Senator McCarran.
Tuesday, April 10
Cleaning up office preparation to leaving.
Wednesday, April 11
Wrote memo on merger of CAP League and Air Power League.
Thursday, April 12
Got formal orders to go to Ft. Worth. Talked to Earle who is in Denver & he wants me
there by May 1st. Roosevelt dead; Truman is President.
Friday, April 13
Sunny & warm. Cleaning up back correspondence.
Saturday, April 14
To Washington. Mrs. Hammond had asthma attack in night.
Sunday, April 15
Rainy. To N.Y. in PM.
Monday, April 16
Paged up Apr. issue of League news.
Tuesday, April 17
Called on Col. Angus in hospital re League merger. Clark Luther, Wichita here. Farewell
office party @ Henry Hudson in eve.
Wednesday, April 18
Trying to see Tich re League merger with poor results. Cleaning out office. War Dept.
announces 15% cutback in aircraft production.
Thursday, April 19
Still trying to see Tich.
Friday, April 20
Finally got Tich on phone. He doesn’t want to consider merger until he talks with Gen.
Arnold. Rewrote release re transfer.
Saturday, April 21
Stuart Welch & John Brown here re Burma flying ambulance unit for American field
service. To Washington in P.M.

Sunday, April 22
To N.Y. in PM
Monday, April 23
Office is a shambles with stuff being moved. No word from Earle so will go to Ft. Worth
on train.
Tuesday, April 24
All packed & ready to go. Got my railway ticket.
Wednesday, April 25
Movers cleaned out apartment. Rain. AWA luncheon. To Wash in P.M. Free of N.Y.
Thursday, April 26
Stayed home.
Friday, April 27
Went in town to club for lunch. Mother & father came for supper. Finishing binding part
of book on CAP. Father & mother came for dinner.
Saturday, April 28
Earle in Boston. Mar & Grace came to celebrate false report of Germany’s surrender with
Sunday, April 29
Left for Ft. Worth on sleeper.
Monday, April 30
Changed trains @ Memphis in eve.
Tuesday, May 1
Saw Geo. Haddaway & Tom Ashley while train laid over @ Dallas. Arr. Ft. Worth early
PM. Night @ Officers’ Club.
Wednesday, May 2
Capt. McAllister of public relations found me a room at the Hickman Hotel, a 4-story
walkup. Saw Col. Hinton, PRO, in PM.
Thursday, May 3
Got on my chinos and it turned chilly. Borrowed a typewriter from Pub Relations so my
secretary could start work. Am using my portable.
Friday, May 4
Col. Johnson & Col. Blee not heard from for week, arrived in eve.


Saturday, May 5
Still fair & cool. AAF announces reduction of aviation cadet program.
Sunday, May 6
Col. Blee & I in office in PM.
Monday, May 7
Earle learned that Gen. McN- is going on foreign duty after all that has been done to get
him acquainted with CAP. Churchill announces surrender of Germany.
Tuesday, May 8
V-E Day at last. Office worked as usual. CAP Bulletin, 1st to be issued from Ft. Worth,
went to press.
Wednesday, May 9
Finished copy for May issue CAPL News. V-E ceremony in Will Rogers memorial
Thursday, May 10
Rain in AM. Getting a cold.
Friday, May 11
Movie on priority system for getting out of Army. Credit cards signed. I am about the low
man on the totem pole. Dave Kratz here. Cocktail party for Gen McNaughton, who is
going overseas. Gen. Curry retiring from Army was there. Earle entertained Generals &
wives afterward.
Saturday, May 12
Capt. Paul McGee here. Went to Army Air Field in PM for demonstration of new B-32.
To Consolidated Aircraft cocktail party & dinner afterwards. Several old AWA friends in
town. Have got a cold.
Sunday, May 13
Mother has been sick. Slept all morning. Hot (91°) in office. In PM to write letters. Earle
at Houston for big mobilization of 1,200 CAP cadets. Gen. Powell had statement I wrote
but didn’t go. Steak supper with Garnie in Officers’ Club.
Monday, May 14
Wrote outline of CAP public relations program. Further briefing in war room re getting
out of Army. Officers’ desires are minor consideration. Lt. Col. Gresham, CAP, here.
Tuesday, May 15
Thunderstorm in night, rain in AM. Wrote proposed directive for survey of CAP
organization. Cold pretty well gone.


Wednesday, May 16
Chilly. Wrote outline memo on CAP which Gen. Powell wanted for all officers. Galley
proof came for May issue of CAP League news. I paged it up and sent it back
Thursday, May 17
Earle to Chicago. Wrote memo on new screening which may give draftees from CAP a
chance to go in the AAF. Freight car containing DOR files, which should have been
expressed, found at Tarrant Field. Went to CAP round rally in evening. They had a
liaison plane on Main St.
Friday, May 18
Warmer. Wrote public relations memo to CAP units outlining current opportunities for
publicity. Recoordinated long pending memo on channels with public relations to iron
out points raised by Col. de Brier. Got direct channels for mailing of “News Material.”
Saturday, May 19
Clear; not too warm. Col. Risien called from Wash. to needle Col. Blee re revision of
W.D. regulations re CAP. Leavell of Ft. Worth Press in for Southern Flight manual.
Sunday, May 20
Earle @ CAP rally @ Fargo, N.D. Sat around mostly.
Monday, May 21
Col. Blee in conf. with several officers on regulations. Earle couldn’t clear for Ft. Worth
so went to Washington.
Tuesday, May 22
Writing long round-up on CAP Forest Patrol. Took long walk north of town in eve.
Wednesday, May 23
Earle took off from Washington in AM & arrived in mid-afternoon.
Thursday, May 24
Col. de Brier screwing up conference. My files came at last. They were sent by freight
instead of express & the box car got lost.
Friday, May 25
Earle & Col. Blee planned to fly to Washington re regulations but ha. [sentence ends
here] Geo. Haddaway invited me to S.A.E. dinner, Texas Hotel. Went to Okmulgee,
Okla. on sleeper.
Saturday, May 26
Arrived @ 0600. Slept @ hotel till noon. Meeting of Okla Wing officers. Dinner &
hangar dance in eve.


Sunday, May 27
At airport & little after 0700. Flew 50 min. in Aeronca. Airport dedication in PM.
Couldn’t get plane ride away because of winds. Took midnight sleeper.
Monday, May 28
Arrived in Ft. Worth 0815. Debate still raging on whether Natl. Commander should be a
civilian. Shot shots for typhoid & tetanus.
Tuesday, May 29
Sore arm but not so bad.
Wednesday, May 30
No holiday here. Work as usual. Earle right worried over outlook.
Thursday, May 31
Cols. Johnson & Blee flew to Washington & dumped in my lap the preparing of agenda
for conference with representatives of the 5 training commanders & all staff sections here
re CAP.
Friday, June 1
Called into conf with Generals & Colonels to hear Col. de Brier read his letter re CAP
clarification. Got conference questions mimeographed.
Saturday, June 2
Rehearsal for conf. My schedule worked out ok.
Sunday, June 3
Took long walk thru Trinity Park & Forest Park. Swam in Municipal pool. Earle flew
back from Washington. Things look better.
Monday, June 4
In final flurry of getting written answers from staff sections for conf.
Tuesday, June 5
All day conf. with representatives of 5 training commanders & staff sections of HQ
AAFTC re CAP. Got copy of ltr 29 May from Pres. Truman to CAP League.
Wednesday, June 6
Bert Rhine called Earle re Calif. bill to give CAP $216,000. HOT. Wrote directive on
100,000 cadet quota, revised from 250,000.
Thursday, June 7
Capt. Neblett, San Francisco GP., here. AWA meeting in Chi. I couldn’t go. Col Suarez
agreed to return authority for most CAP to Natl. Cmdr. Hot & windy.


Friday, June 8
Earle off to Little Rock for Ark. Wing maneuver. Working on pics for Jun issue CAP
League news. Shots for cholera & typhus.
Saturday, June 9
Cleaning out desk & files for inspection. Heavy wind in night.
Sunday, June 10
Arms sort of sore from shots. Worked on house plans. To club for steak supper & in
office to work on League news copy. Earle to Minneapolis.
Monday, June 11
Rain in AM. Mailed forest patrol story, League news. Earle phoned in from Kansas City
(weather between there & Ft. Worth bad) & was told to go to Washington, so he got to
Cleveland for night.
Tuesday, June 12
Much wind & rain in night. Working on answers to questions for rpt. of last week’s conf.
& more file cleaning for inspectors.
Wednesday, June 13
PRO worked last night on statement re CAP ceasing to be auxiliary soon. Earle back in
eve. CAP item not in budget. Officers’ dancing class.
Thursday, June 14
Cleaning up for inspector; let conf. questions slide in view of uncertain future.
Friday, June 15
Back on conference questions again since commands are hollering for them.
Saturday, June 16
2nd cholera & typhus shots. $50,000 item for CAP in appropriation bill reported in
House. Finished draft of conf. questions. Earle started for Davenport, Iowa but was
turned back by a front.
Sunday, June 17
Rain. Had to stay in all day.
Monday, June 18
Earle in Tarrant Field hospital with bad throat. Clean copy conf. rpt. finished. Getting it
Tuesday, June 19
Earle has tonsillitis; is better. Still coordinating rpt.


Wednesday, June 20
Wrote CAP history for files of the expiring OCD. Officers’ rhumba class.
Thursday, June 21
Garnie & I had supper @ Tarrant Field, saw Earle. Chemical warfare demonstration in
Friday, June 22
Got conf rpt through A-4 where it has been 4 days. Carroll Smith called. Heavy heavy
Saturday, June 23
Got proof from CAP League news. Went to field in PM & had supper with Earle. Our bill
came out of committee & all’s well. Rode back to town with R.L. Bowen.
Sunday, June 24
Finished League news paste-up. Rex Hayes here. Went to field in PM. Supper with Earle
& Col. Blee.
Monday, June 25
Earle back in office. Getting right hot. Hard to sleep @ night, hard not to in daytime.
Tearing apart report of conference.
Tuesday, June 26
Hawgood says bill has not been acted upon by House; may impose limit on AAF funds.
Wednesday, June 27
Working on CAP history in instalments.
Thursday, June 28
Earle in Santa Fe.
Friday, June 29
Copying rpt. of June 5th conf to get clean draft for Chief of Staff. Still rumors that we
have no funds but Hawgood says House gave us $500,000 & Senate action is delayed by
filibuster on another bill. Took ½ day off for swim @ field & row on L. Worth.
Saturday, June 30
Got ltr. from Angus re League merger. Earle off for trip to East. Finished copy of rpt.
Now Col Blee has to write a synopsis. Marion had 2 teeth pulled. CCA dance.
Sunday, July 1
To field with Col. Blee in PM for row and swim. Supper with Maj & Mrs. Frank Adams.
Earle in Wilmington for Del. Wing prayer meeting @ field.


Monday, July 2
Arms & legs badly sunburned. Lucky I wore a shirt while boating yesterday. Earle saw
Tich in NY.
Tuesday, July 3
Earle in Washington. Sunburn subsiding. Changed hotel room from No. 13A @ $2 to No.
123 @ $1.50.
Wednesday, July 4
Business as usual. Got final clearance on June 5 conf rpt. & began cutting stencils. Earle
in Columbus.
Thursday, July 5
Col. Blee up for quizzing re tow target liquidation. Boudreau made 50 min phone call re
same. Said Congress has given CAP $500,000. Earle, who was to have returned from
Atlanta, ordered to Washington.
Friday, July 6
Angus called from NY re Air Force Day Aug 1. Earle on griddle in Wash. I took ½ day
off & went to field for swim. Col. Suarez told Col. Blee all except Earle are relieved of
CAP duties until further notice.
Saturday, July 7
Shuffled papers all day. Revised press mailing list. Earle called from NY to tell me to get
going on directive for Air Force Day which I had to do outside office hrs.
Sunday, July 8
Rain as usual for Sun. Cleared late in day – too late to go to field. Worked on book.
Monday, July 9
Still cutting paper dolls. Earle back in eve. Has amazing offer which changes whole
Tuesday, July 10
Put out 2 ltrs re Air Force Day on Aug 1st. Gen. Arnold wrote commands to work with
CAP. CE Wilson sent wire to all charter members of Air Power League. Earle relieved
Col. Bob Proctor in eve. Gen. Arnold approves new plan. Bert Rhine & Frank Beers here.
Wednesday, July 11
Got copy of Arnold ltr to commanding generals directing cooperation with CAP in Air
Force Day. Earle in hot budget conf. Gen. Staff got the news & said no but Bob has
different idea so has Secretary of War.


Thursday, July 12
Draft of regulations approved to set up CAP HQ separately with much freedom [illegible]
as in OCD days. Earle to leave Aug 1 on foreign duty several mos. Col. Blee to be acting
Natl. Cmdr. Talking to Angus re Air Force Day.
Friday, July 13
Earle off to East. Got out directive on budgetary economies. Have sty on eye.
Saturday, July 14
About caught up on correspondence. Blee getting squared away with the generals.
Sunday, July 15
Geo. Stone called to get Tich’s no. Went swimming in lake with Col. Blee. Earle got
Columbus deal set for membership records.
Monday, July 16
Earle in Buffalo. Gladys jittery for word whether she will go overseas with him. Got ltr
Tich to Proctor siting obstacles to merge. Carnie & Isobel left.
Tuesday, July 17
Earle in Wash getting briefed. Got call from Barnabas that Kansas Wing is sagging.
Wednesday, July 18
Finishing long delayed article for Kiwanis mag.
Thursday, July 19
Earle still in Wash. TC staff memo printed as of consolidating CAP functions under Natl
commander. Talked with Angus.
Friday, July 20
Earle in NY with Proctor; seems worried about League deal. Byrd in D.C. yesterday.
Phoned from Dallas & [illegible] this.
Saturday, July 21
Hot & sticky. Earle in NY. To Wichita on sleeper.
Sunday, July 22
Maj. Bentley Barnabas flew me to Anthony for hectic meeting with wing officers. To Ft.
Worth on sleeper.
Tuesday, July 24
CAP League liquidation voted today. Earle back in eve.
Wednesday, July 25
Gen. Sullivan said CAP projects would get top priority. Phoned Colo, Nebr, & Iowa
Wing commanders preparatory to visits.

Thursday, July 26
Earle left after lunch. Gens. had conf. in PM & gave CAP high priority. To Denver on
PM train.
Friday, July 27
Spent day with Harold Smetaills – supper at inn in mountains. On sleeper to Omaha.
Saturday, July 28
Lunch with Nebraska Wing officers. To Des Moines in eve.
Sunday, July 29
Saw Don Johnson & went to Dallas on C-47; bus to Ft. Worth by supper.
Monday, July 30
Cleaning up desk. Col. Blee getting out many directives.
Tuesday, July 31
Got orders for trip East. Flight proficiency program ready. CFTC Exec?
Wednesday, August 1
Air Power Day. Luncheon, Gen. Kraus spoke & CAP was praised. General Arnold’s
broadcast slighted CAP. Uniform lost in hotel but found it.
Thursday, August 2
Got to Ft. Worth Army Air Base at 0730. To hitch-hike East but no luck so went to
Dallas & caught quick ride to Memphis; thence to Nashville for night.
Friday, August 3
Talked with Tenn. Wing offices. Was flown to Louisville for evening meeting with KY.
Wing. Night at Bill Rinehart’s house.
Saturday, August 4
Got ride in C-47 to Indianapolis & then with Col. Marriott in C-45 to Washington.
Supper with Betts.
Sunday, August 5
Stayed home. Talked with MD Wing people on phone.
Monday, August 6
Saw various press people. To NY in eve.
Tuesday, August 7
Spent most of day with Col. Angus, Air PWR League.
Wednesday, August 8
Lunch with Maj. Cooke. Saw Donovan, etc.

Thursday, August 9
To New Haven for lunch with Conn. Wing officers. Dinner & evening meeting in
Newark with N.J. Wing officers.
Friday, August 10
Lunch with Devon & C.B. To Washington in PM to get some material for Angus.
Saturday, August 11
To Reading, PA, Army Air Base by train for PA Wing mobilization. Gripe meeting in
eve. & dance night in CAP barracks.
Sunday, August 12
Governor & Gen. Hornsby, etc. attended fin mobilization of 1,000 on field. Rode in
General’s bomber to Mitchel Field & then caught ride to Atlanta. In V.O.Q. for night.
Monday, August 13
Capt. Lasko has been grounded in Atlanta & Col. Blee had gone in another plane so I
went to Ft. Worth in our C-45. Lt. Col. Cunningham, new Exec. Officer, here.
Tuesday, August 14
End of war. Riotous celebration in Ft. Worth.
Wednesday, August 15
Holiday but we worked as usual.
Thursday, August 16
Friday, August 17
Off on sleeper for short trip.
Saturday, August 18
Spent day with Rex Hayes in Little Rock. Flew in L. plane. Sleeper to New Orleans.
Sunday, August 19
LA Wing review and lunch with wing staff on streamliner to Jackson.
Monday, August 20
Lunch with Miss. Wing staff. Went to Jackson AAB & caught ride in Navy AT-6. Night
@ Shreveport.
Tuesday, August 21
To Ft. Worth complete with parachute. Got note from Earle. Col. Blee on trip. Col.
Cunningham filing papers to get out of Army. Gladys leaving.


Wednesday, August 22
To Dallas to catch ATC to Memphis
Thursday, August 23
Grounded by weather. Got C-47 to Montgomery and AT-6 to Birmingham for dinner
with Ala. Wing.
Friday, August 24
Flew on airline to Atlanta with Hayden Brooks. Conf with GA Wing. Arrived Columbia
by bus about 3AM.
Saturday, August 25
Conf with SC Wing & by train to Charlotte.
Sunday, August 26
Betts arrived by train.
Monday, August 27
Conf. with N.C. Wing & on sleeper to Washington.
Tuesday, August 28
Stayed home.
Wednesday, August 29
Drove to Richmond for conf with VA Wing. Caught ATC at D.C. & arrived Macon @
Thursday, August 30
Up at 8:00 to catch plane to San Antonio thence to Waco by AT-4 & Ft. Worth by auto.
Friday, August 31
Col. Blee @ Minneapolis & called back immediately to consult on postwar plans for
Saturday, September 1
Had to go to W. Va. to pinch-hit for Col. Blee at mobilization. Went to Dallas on bus &
had all-night planeride on ATC to Dayton.
Sunday, September 2
Airline to Pittsburgh & an old CAP tow target plane took me to the 4-H Camp at
Jacksons Mill, W. Va.
Monday, September 3
Was judge for competitive drill. Col. Starr flew me to Dayton where I caught ATC for
another all-night ride.


Tuesday, September 4
Back in Ft. Worth. Very weary.
Wednesday, September 5
Getting out newsletters, etc. prior to trip.
Thursday, September 6
PT-17s being cut from 300 to 144. Off on midnight train.
Friday, September 7
On train all day. El Paso in eve to change trains.
Saturday, September 8
Conf. with Ariz. Wing people in Phoenix.
Sunday, September 9
Los Angeles to Lockheed unit & Lomita Flight strip. Supper with Rem.
Monday, September 10
Los Angeles. Supper with Col. King. Wing staff meeting.
Tuesday, September 11
Capt. Arth, Liaison Officer, flew me to San Francisco for lunch with members & then to
Reno for evening meeting with Nevada Wing.
Wednesday, September 12
Arth flew me to McClellan Field near Sacramento where I caught ATC to Portland.
Supper with Devaney, Haas, & Maj. Arnold.
Thursday, September 13
Portland. Gen. Arnold was in Eugene but the fellows missed seeing him. Sleeper to
Friday, September 14
Day at field with Wash. Wing officers. Sleeper to Boise.
Saturday, September 15
Col. Davis wrote ltr on missing aircraft search. Took me for ride over Arrowrock Dam
(Col. Blee et al. @ meeting, Burlington, N.C.). All night bus ride.
Sunday, September 16
Salt Lake City. Liaison officer flew me to Ogden where I caught ATC to Topeka. Bumpy
ride. Sleeper to Ft. Worth.


Monday, September 17
Col. Blee grounded in N.C. by hurricane. Navy training aids being withdrawn. Col.
Glenn here as exec.
Tuesday, September 18
Col. Blee & Lasko came through on instruments, arrived in eve.
Wednesday, September 19
N.C. meeting a great success. The right people came.
Thursday, September 20
Working on Pub. Relations & Recruiting program.
Friday, September 21
Very tired. Got out news bulletin, etc.
Saturday, September 22
Saturdays off now because of reduction of govt. working hrs. Got rested up. Wrote
questionnaire on search & rescue. Quite hot – 90° in office.
Sunday, September 23
Wore some on mystery story.
Monday, September 24
Col. Cunningham gone. Went to CAP meeting @ Ft. Worth Army Air Field in eve.
Tuesday, September 25
Still hot. Cleaning up desk for possible inspection. Rain in night.
Wednesday, September 26
Col. Blee rewriting P-17directives because of orders not shown him by TC. More rain in
Thursday, September 27
Moved office from 10th to 11th floor. Caught up with correspondence for first time in
years. Got orders for eastern trip.
Friday, September 28
Off for Dallas in PM. Ron @ Memphis.
Saturday, September 29
Caught ride into Washington. Home for night.
Sunday, September 30
At home.


Monday, October 1
Conf with MD. Wing Commander, Baltimore, in AM; Del. Wg. Cmdr., Wilmington, in
PM. To NY in eve.
Tuesday, October 2
Saw Angus. Lunch with Ed Dakin. Found that Earle was in town and caught up with him
at airport just as he was leaving for Washington and Brazil.
Wednesday, October 3
With R.I. Wg. officers @ Providence.
Thursday, October 4
With Mass. Wing officers in Boston.
Friday, October 5
With N.H. Wing officers in Concord. Was flown in Stinson to Portland for night. Went to
football game with Lt. Ireland, liaison officer.
Saturday, October 6
My 42nd birthday. Not eligible to file my getting out papers. Flew in Reliant to pick up
Guy Gannett @ Moosehead Lake but ran into weather and he met us y car at Dexter. In
AT-6 to Concord.
Sunday, October 7
Weathered in at Concord.
Monday, October 8
In AT-6 to Montpelier for conf with VT. Wing officers. N.H. liaison officer flew me to
Schenectady to catch train. Night @ Buffalo.
Tuesday, October 9
Conf. with N.Y. Wg. officers at Buffalo. Took sleeper.
Wednesday, October 10
Conf. with Indiana Wg. Cmndr, Indianapolis. Got non-stop ride to Austin in nose of B-17
(Lt. Gen. W.D. Crittenberger). Arrived in Ft. Worth by bus midnight.
Thursday, October 11
Hawgood here to work on vouchers bounced by Comptroller Gen. CAA airmailed
inquiry re CAP program. Talked to Harold Byrd.
Friday, October 12
Writing newsletters etc. Angus called; is coming.


Saturday, October 13
Col. Blee & I went to Dallas for Harold Byrd’s annual football party which was very
Sunday, October 14
Got out pix for CAP spread in Air Power Mag.
Monday, October 15
Cleaning up desk.
Tuesday, October 16
To Dallas for conf with Harold Byrd and out on sleeper.
Wednesday, October 17
In Oklahoma City for conf with wing officers. To Ft. Worth on rocket in eve.
Thursday, October 18
Cleaning up for trip to Midwest.
Friday, October 19
Flew to Dallas with Col. Blee for Tex Wing meeting. Had long talk with Angus.
Saturday, October 20
Worked some in office.
Sunday, October 21
To Dallas in PM. Cloudy and gusty; usual ATC flights grounded. Had beers with some
old China fighters.
Monday, October 22
Off in C-47 in PM; evening in Vincennes, Ind. Caught sleeper to Chicago @ 2:30AM.
Tuesday, October 23
Chicago to Milwaukee for conf with wing commander. To Detroit by train. Arriving in
small hrs.
Wednesday, October 24
Conf. with Mich. Wing officers and supper meeting. Cold rain.
Thursday, October 25
Ray Baker flew me to Chicago in his Cessna. Saw Ill. Exec & by train to Springfield for
WNF [?] with wing commander. Night in St. Louis. Have flu almost.
Friday, October 26
Flew in PT-17 to Jefferson City, Mo. Slept clock around & got my strength back.


Saturday, October 27
In PT-17 with Mo. Exec. To Columbia to see wing commander. Then to Kansas City
where I caught a General’s plan to Dallas. Ft. Worth in evening.
Sunday, October 28
Worked on mystery story ltr.
Monday, October 29
Getting out bulletin, etc. Ready to leave. Wrote confi. Memo re. German youth program.
Tuesday, October 30
Off for west on sleeper in PM.
Wednesday, October 31
Santa Fe in PM. Supper with L.O. Meeting with wing officers. Off on sleeper
Thursday, November 1
Talked with Denver CAP officers. Off on sleeper.
Friday, November 2
Arrived @ Rock Springs, Wyo. at 4:00AM & slept in hotel till 9:00. Conf with CAP
officers. ETTC officers flew away in B-25 & left me stranded. Off on sleeper.
Saturday, November 3
@ Pocatello @ 0530 on the morning & missed train connection so flew by airline into
Butte in PM & got train. Finally got berth around midnight.
Sunday, November 4
@ Miles City, Mont. before dawn. Slept in hotel. Met in PM & for supper with wing
commander & L.O. Airline to Fargo for night.
Monday, November 5
Conf. with CAP officers in AM. L.O. flew me to Sioux Falls in AT-6. Spent night with
S.D. L.O. & talked with wing commander.
Tuesday, November 6
Got ride in C-47 to Minneapolis. Supper with wing officers. Off on sleeper.
Wednesday, November 7
No planes available out of Kansas City so had supper with group commander &
proceeded by rail.
Thursday, November 8
Ft. Worth in AM. Welsh gone; TC Generals have become suddenly helpful; gave us an
extra room & personnel. Marion Miller, my secretary, gone & will not return.


Friday, November 9
Got out news bulletin & cleaning up correspondence.
Saturday, November 10
Bert Isom in town; had lunch & supper with him.
Sunday, November 11
Slept. Worked on mystery yarn. Talked to Bert in eve.
Monday, November 12
Holiday for Armistice Day. Col. Blee and I worked transfer of CWO Hugh Ratliffe from
CAP rescinded. Col. Blee preparing 12-point program for T.C. aid to CAP.
Tuesday, November 13
Col. Blee got orders to report to the commanding gen. @ Mitchel Field re postwar plans.
Wrote memo on recruiting for regular army.
Wednesday, November 14
Left Ft. Worth in PM. East bound flights grounded by weather. Ron in Dallas.
Thursday, November 15
On transcon to Nashville. Saw Herb Fox. By airline to Atlanta. Ron there.
Accommodations lousy.
Friday, November 16
Talked to GA Wing commander on phone. Airline to Columbia to talk to Dex. Martin re
appointing a deputy wing commander to still unrest. Airline to Jax. Talked to Frank
Winchell. Airline to West Palm Beach. Night @ Ralph Cohn’s.
Saturday, November 17
At Lantana. To circus in eve with Zack Mosley. Night @ Cohn’s.
Sunday, November 18
Meeting with Fla Wing staff @ Lantana. Stan Hedberg drove me to Miami. Airline to
Tampa & to St. Pete for night.
Monday and Tuesday, November 19 and 20
No traffic moving so had to take train out of Tampa. Due to wreck on line it was 18 hrs
to Montgomery, Ala, where I conferred with officers of Eastern Technical Training
Command @ Mitchel Field.
Wednesday, November 21
Grounded at Maxwell as front passed over so missed getting to “Aviation Clinic” at
Oklahoma City where I was supposed to be a “consultant.” Caught B-25 to Randolph
Field, San Antonio, in eve.


Thursday, November 22
Braniff to Ft. Worth, arriving early PM. Thanksgiving dinner @ Officers’ Club; not bad.
Col. Blee had very successful conf. in N.Y. & Wash.
Friday, November 23
Col. Blee got memo on unification of armed forces rushed out with some few ideas by
Saturday, November 24
Slept in AM. In office in PM. Worked on mystery.
Sunday, November 25
Office in PM. Wrote King memo on unification. Betts wired Drs. exam shows nothing
serious but must rest.
Monday, November 26
Working on newsletters, etc. Wrote anniversary statement but Col. Blee thought
unadvisable to seek publicity now; work quietly.
Tuesday, November 27
Winding up 2 newsletters preparatory to trip. Col. Blee finished revising King memo
without much change in my wording after 1st ¶. Wowie. He is off in AM for trip till 15th.
Wednesday, November 28
Wrote 2nd King ltr. Bought battle jacket.
Thursday, November 29
The day of the Evership Pen deal in the PX. Angus wrote saying Air Power League is
backing unification.
Friday, November 30
Off for Denver on train in PM.
Saturday, December 1
Meeting with Colo Wing staff in PM.
Sunday, December 2
At CAP office in airport reviewing files on Donner case.
Monday, December 3
Capt. Sullivan, liaison officer, flew me to Colo. Springs for inquiry in Donner case.
Meeting with GP staff in PM. Flew back to Denver with oil leak.
Tuesday, December 4
Concluded inquiry & took train.


Wednesday, December 5
Luncheon mtg. in Omaha with Nebraska Wing. Liaison officer drove me to Des Moines.
Conf there & flew to St. Louis.
Thursday, December 6
To Springfield, Ill. meeting in eve. Capt. Zimmerman being transferred to NY as L.O.
drove me to St. Louis where I caught midnight train.
Friday, December 7
Lay-over in Joplin, Mo.
Saturday, December 8
Meeting of Mo. Wing staff in Joplin. Took midnight train.
Sunday, December 9
Ft. Worth in Am. Orders to go out again. Worked on aerial Pony Express, etc.
Monday, December 10
Cleaned desk. Got new blonde secretary. Joan Luce O’Rourke of Air Power League in
for supper. Off for eve. train.
Tuesday, December 11
Meeting in New Orleans. Off on evening train.
Wednesday, December 12
At Maxwell Field, Ala. to distribute 10,000 copies of pilot’s info. File to CAP. Got lift
truck to move big 5’ cube bales around for sorting. Got wires & letters re Pony Express to
Fla; ansd same.
Thursday, December 13
Crew of GIs working on PIF job. Rain.
Friday, December 14
Saturday, December 15
Flew to Jackson, Miss. With B.G. Upthegrove for CAP dinner & dance. Clear & cold.
Sunday, December 16
Presentation of D.S.C. to Capt. Whitten, our liaison officer. Old. Back in B-25 to
Monday, December 17
All GIs on base got flu shots so no work till PM. Rooming with Maj. Delmer Pletcher @


Tuesday, December 18
Got 4 federal prisoners & GIs & finished PIF job. Off on eve train.
Wednesday, December 19
Lunch with CAPers in New Orleans. Off on PM train.
Thursday, December 20
Ft. Worth in AM. Col. Blee on West Coast. Earle & Hawgood on phone from D.C. Wing
Cmdrs met to be Jan 10th.
Friday, December 21
All other staff sections in command had parties & got drunk. We worked.
Saturday, December 22
Foggy holiday. Got out Xmas cards to 48 wing commanders, etc.
Sunday, December 23
Clear & warm. Wrote some letters & worked on mystery. “Xmas Dinner” @ club.
Monday, December 24
Clear holiday. Worked on mystery, etc.
Tuesday, December 25
Eating places etc. mostly closed. Dull Christmas except got box from home.
Wednesday, December 26
No official word on wing commander meeting yet. Col. Blee in Portland after being
grounded in Boise several days.
Thursday, December 27
Local paper published Gen. Arnold ltr re wing commander meeting but our HQ has no
copy; no word. FIAGO. Working on WD citations for wing commanders.
Friday, December 28
Hawgood phoned to prepare Legion of Merit citations for Cols. Johnson & Blee; none for
me. Wing commanders wiring for orders & hotel reservations.
Saturday, December 29
At last got out bulletin with news of wing commanders’ meeting Thurs. Jan 10. Office
worked today in swap for last Monday off.
Sunday, December 30
Worked on mystery & in office a little.


Monday, December 31
Ditto. Col. B. still grounded on West Coast. To bed @ 11PM which was midnight back


1946 Diary
Identification information inside cover:
Name: Kendall K. Hoyt, AC
Residence: 4410 N. 38th St., Arlington, VA
Tel. No. (Home): Chestnut T123
Tuesday, January 1
New Years’ Day means naught in Ft. Worth, Tex.
Wednesday, January 2
Col Blee in Washington after long delay due to weather on West Coast so I get orders to
Thursday, January 3
Cleaning up desk preparatory to trip.
Friday, January 4
Off for Washington by train in PM.
Saturday, January 5
At St. Louis had reservation on one R.R. & ticket on another but got on coach & finally
got upper berth.
Sunday, January 6
Washington in PM. Home in time for chicken dinner.
Monday, January 7
On duty @ Pentagon. Worked on list of delegates, hotel space, etc. with Hawgood. Col.
Blee here but didn’t see him. Nothing decided yet.
Tuesday, January 8
Lunch with Col. Blee who has gotten most of his points approved. Averted ruinous
publicity release.
Wednesday, January 9
Saw Earle in AM. Dense fog. To press bldg.. in PM. Met with some of the wing
commanders; also with Air Power League pres. till 2:00AM. Phone calls all night from
arriving CAP offices.
Thursday, January 10
Wing commanders convened @ 2PM & heard AAF offer of help in continuing as a
civilian organization. Meeting of CAP officers. Air Power League dinner in evening. Sat
in committee meeting till 3AM.


Friday, January 11
Wing commanders in Am voted committee for postwar plan. Sat with committee in PM.
Prevented another publicity mix-up.
Saturday, January 12
Took Tex & Louise & Irv & Lois to supper.
Sunday, January 13
At home. Went to town in PM for talk with Earle.
Monday, January 14
Flew in C-45 with Col. Blee. Weathered down in Memphis so I went on by train.
Tuesday, January 15
Ft. Worth in AM. Wrote bulletin re meeting. Col. Blee didn’t get back till evening.
Wednesday, January 16
Writing minutes of meeting, etc.
Thursday, January 17
Got bad sore throat in eve but it cleared up in morning.
Friday, January 18
Wrote bulletin on jobs for vets.
Saturday, January 19
Spent PM in office working on postwar organization plans.
Sunday, January 20
In office cleaning out & working on postwar plans.
Monday, January 21
Sent Rex Hayes 9-point postwar outline.
Tuesday, January 22
Finished Jan 10th meeting notes. Finished bulletin. Packing for move to Washington.
Wednesday, January 23
Orders for move delayed. Working on plans for postwar cooperation. Natl. Rifle Assn.
President came in to talk about big CAP rifle program.
Thursday, January 24
Off for Mo. in eve.


Friday, January 25
Kansas City to Columbia, Mo. Saw Newland & to Jefferson City to see Green. There for
Saturday, January 26
To Columbia for Mo. Wing meeting. They voted to continue. Drove to St. Louis with
CAP officers & took sleeper.
Sunday, January 27
Little Rock in PM. To Hot Springs for supper with Rex Hayes.
Monday, January 28
Worked with Rex on postwar plans. Took sleeper in eve.
Tuesday, January 29
Ft. Worth in AM. Our orders for move to Washington still delayed.
Wednesday, January 30
Wrote 4th unification ltr. for Ike Vermilya. Working on postwar plan.
Thursday, January 31
Working on postwar plan. Last supper in officers mess, now closing; PX closing.
Friday, February 1
Expected summary of orders by TWX but of course it didn’t come. Got final (I hope)
bulletin from Ft. Worth ready.
Saturday, February 2
Slept late. Worked on plan in PM. Last weekend in Ft. Worth I hope.
Sunday, February 3
Cloudy. Worked some in office but didn’t get much done.
Monday, February 4
Rain. Got Army Commendation ribbon from Training Command but am not wearing it.
Tuesday, February 5
Clearing. To start home Fri. Running clean copy on postwar plan.
Wednesday, February 6
Getting cleared of post.
Thursday, February 7
Teletype orders at last though ambiguous. Finishing postwar report.


Friday, February 8
Got orders & left Ft. Worth at last. On sleeper.
Saturday, February 9
St. Louis in AM & on eastward.
Sunday, February 10
Washington before noon. Home at last. Snow in eve.
Monday, February 11
Meeting of CAP postwar planning committee all day.
Tuesday, February 12
Ditto. Conf. with Gen. Spaatz & Gen. Hall.
Wednesday, February 13
Committee finished program & adjourned in PM. War Dept. release – CAP Retains
Auxiliary Status after Mar. 31.
Thursday, February 14
Working on committee report.
Friday, February 15
Finished report .
Saturday, February 16
To Harrisburg in PM.
Sunday, February 17
Meeting with Pa. Wing.
Monday, February 18
Still @ Pentagon pending completion of set-up @ Bolling. Got out news bulletin.
Tuesday, February 19
Not much to do. Went to town to get started on details of postwar business.
Wednesday, February 20
Went in town to have dinner notices printed. Went in to talk with Earle in eve.
Thursday, February 21
Working on CAP book. Decided to rush out a condensed version. About 30 chapters.
Friday, February 22
Holiday. Stayed home & worked on book. Folks to supper.


Saturday, February 23
Ditto. Betts went to Mrs. Hummers funeral.
Sunday, February 24
Went in country to see baby goats. Had dinner party.
Monday, February 25
Finished speech notes for Gen. Spaatz.
Tuesday, February 26
Wing commanders arriving. At office @ Bolling Field in AM; Pentagon in PM.
Wednesday, February 27
1st day of meeting. Wing commanders went on Hill to invite Congressmen to dinner.
Thursday, February 28
2nd day of wing commanders meeting in Pentagon.
Friday, March 1
Last day of meetings. Dinner in eve. with President Truman, majority of both Houses, &
50 Air Corps generals.
Saturday, March 2
Tumult & shouting dies. Went in town in PM to see Earle. Harold Byrd mad about lack
of publicity @ dinner.
Sunday, March 3
Talked to Col. re publicity.
Monday, March 4
Rptd. For duty @ Bolling Field, 15 mi. from home.
Tuesday, March 5
To Pentagon to talk about CAP public relatns.
Sunday, March 10
Betts & I went to zoo.
Sunday, March 17
Rainy. Worked on book. Earle in Minneapolis with Gen. Anderson.
Monday, March 18
Harold Byrd in town to buy pipeline.
Tuesday, March 19
Rainy. Earle @ Wings Club dinner in NY & flew back with Gen. Spaatz.


Wednesday, March 20
Went across town to work on Skyways CAP issue. Earle back. Blee notified that Earle
will be National Commander.
Thursday, March 21
Earle @ Pentagon all day; didn’t get to Bolling.
Friday, March 22
Earle arrived @ Bolling @ last. We went to Press Club for lunch. In Pentagon in PM re
Army day radio.
Saturday, March 23
Sunny. Worked in garden, etc. Cherry blossoms out. Our plum tree in full bloom.