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As defined in CAP Regulation, wings are to submit annual unit histories to national for institutional memory. The Annual History Program is designed to encapsulate the core mission objectives of each CAP unit to illustrate and demonstrate growth as an organization, celebrate accomplishments, identify obstacles, and observe strategies that may shape the future of the organization. To view past annual histories for Calendar Year (CY) 2019, click on an item below.

Group Set Item Unit File Size Last Modified
AHP 2019 NCR-001 North Central Region    
AHP 2019 AK-001 Alaska Wing    
AHP 2019 AR-001 Arkansas Wing    
AHP 2019 CA-001 California Wing 3.07 MB 6 OCT 2023
AHP 2019 DC-001 National Capitol Wing    
AHP 2019 IA-001 Iowa Wing 623.88 KB 18 NOV 2023
AHP 2019 MN-001 Minnesota Wing 741.40 KB 6 OCT 2023
AHP 2019 MO-001 Missouri Wing    
AHP 2019 ND-001 North Dakota Wing 1.57 MB 6 OCT 2023
AHP 2019 OR-001 Oregon Wing 12.94 MB 6 OCT 2023
AHP 2019 SD-001 South Dakota Wing 5.95 MB 6 OCT 2023
AHP 2019 VA-001 Virginia Wing 1.00 MB 6 OCT 2023
AHP 2019 VT-001 Vermont Wing 7.70 MB 6 OCT 2023
AHP 2019 WA-001 Washington Wing    
AHP 2019 DC-060 Challenger I Cadet Squadron (District of Columbia)    

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