The CAP National History Program

Our Mission

As stated in CAP Regulation 210-1, the Civil Air Patrol national history program:

"is intended to systematically collect historical data and prepare accurate, objective, impartial and useful accounts of the organization, development, administration, operations and other features of the Civil Air Patrol and its antecedents. The program's principal objectives are to provide historical information for CAP planning, operational and educational purposes; to preserve and disseminate the history of Civil Air Patrol; and to prepare and publish scholarly books and studies that keep the public informed about Civil Air Patrol and its cadet program, aerospace education and emergency services missions."

Our Work

The National History Program performes a wide range of activities to preserve the organization's past and inform its present. Civil Air Patrol historians at all levels within the organization participate in the national history program by resarching and producing unit histories, historical monographs, and special studies. Some individuals give presentations on historical topics to members and the public. Some create historical resources by collecting oral histories. Others collect records and artifacts of historical significance into unit repositories and preserve and display these remnants of the past. Still others interpret CAP history through exhibits, journal articles, historical reenactment, and public affairs efforts. There are many ways to get involved, and you need not be a unit historian or even a Civil Air Patrol member in order to participate.   

Our Staff

  • National Historian: Lt Col Richard Mulanax, PhD

    • Archives Division Senior Manager: Maj Colleen McCormick, PhD

      • Web Development Manager: Lt Col Jacob Gerstein

      • Website Manager: 2d Lt Albert Burckard

    • Heraldry Division Senior Manager: Maj Bernard Wilson

      • Heraldry Specialist: Maj Timothy Thornton

    • Historical Publications Division Senior Manager Maj Kurt Efinger, MA

      • Format Editor: Lt Col Douglas Jessmer

      • Copy Editor: Maj Marc Henderson

      • Graphics Editor: Maj Erik Koglin

      • Annual Histories Manager: Maj Gwen Brown

      • Social Media Manager: Capt Timothy Bagnell

  • Morse Center Director and National Historian Emeritus: Col Frank Blazich, Jr., PhD

    • Reenactments Manager: Lt Col Sean Neal

    • Oral History Manager: Capt Jessica Allen, MA