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Each Civil Air Patrol unit may have their own historical staff reesponsible for compiling and collecting historical information and accounts in the unit's footprint. This exists not only at the National level, but also the Region, Wing, Group, Squadron, and Flight levels as well. The map below shows each Civil Air Patrol Region. Clicking on the emblem on the map will take you either to the regional page or to the region's history. Regions with no history posted will direct you to their home page.

Wings & Squadrons by Region

Listed below are units that have a history page of their own posted.  These units have composed an assortment of historical information on their individual organization.  Additional historical information may be available through these resources.  Note that units that have not made a dedicated history page are not displayed here.  The absence of a unit history page is not indicative of the absence or lack of a unit historian.  Check with the individual unit if you have additional historical questions. 

Northeast Region
Connecticut Wing
Pennsylvania Wing

Mid-Atlantic Region
Maryland Wing
North Carolina Wing
South Carolina Wing

Great Lakes Region
Illinois Wing
Indiana Wing
Kentucky Wing
Ohio Wing

Southeast Region
Florida Wing

North Central Region
Iowa Wing
Kansas Wing
Missouri Wing
North Dakota Wing

Southwest Region
Arkansas Wing
New Mexico Wing
Oklahoma Wing
Texas Wing

Rocky Mountain Region
Idaho Wing
Utah Wing

Pacific Region
California Wing
Hawaii Wing
Nevada Wing
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