National History Program
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Regulations & Pamhplets

CAP regulations & pamphlets that govern the heraldry and history program are provided here.  These regulations govern at the national level and cover the key components of the Historian Track, history program, and heraldry program.  Additional useful regulations are included here for your reference in publication and media creation, as many history sections may be required to produce publications, briefings, and media presentations.

Governing Regulation

» R110-1 Civil Air Patrol History Program
» R110-2 Historical Repositories
» R110-3 Civil Air Patrol Heraldry Program

Useful Regulation

» R1-2 Publications Management
» R10-2 Files Maintenance and Records Disposition


» P40-110 Historian Specialty Track
» P110-1 Civil Air Patrol Written History Guide
» P110-2 Managing Historical Repositories

A Note About Supplementals

Supplemental regulation may be present at lower-level organizations within the program.  The regulation presented here reflects the national standard for the history program.  Check with your organization to learn if there is a supplemental or additional history regulation at your level.  Supplementals cannot subvert requirements of national governing regulation.

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