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Col Louisa S. Morse Center for CAP History


As stated in CAP Regulation 110-1, the Colonel Louisa S. Morse Center for CAP History (Morse Center):

"maintains and oversees the CAP National Archives and the National Historical Collections (NAHC). It also maintains the digital historical records of Civil Air Patrol and manages the budget for the acquisition, storage, and preservation of additionalarchives and archival materials. CAPR 110-2 Historical Repositories provides additional guidance on the maintenance of CAP archives and historical collections, and specifies the responsibilities assigned to the Center, as does CAPP 110-2 Management of Historical Repositories."

Researching at the Morse Center

The Morse Center is not currently open for researchers to visit and work with the materials in the NAHC. Rather, we can be reached via email at or via telephone at (202) 750-1943. Please leave a voicemail if calling as the phone is checked remotely.

Guidance on NAHC Holdings

The NAHC does not have personnel files on individual members. These files by CAP regulation are destroyed after a member has left the organization for five years or more. What the NAHC contains in terms of textual and non-textual records are predominately files from CAP National Headquarters and select donations from individual members and subordinate units.

If you are unable to locate information among the digital files listed on this website, please contact the Morse Center and researchers will see what information is available to meet your needs.


The Morse Center is always interested in potential donations of CAP-related artifacts, textual and non-textual records. If you have materials you are considering to donate, please contact us as the email address or phone number listed above.

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