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CAP National Historical Journal

The Civil Air Patrol National Historical Journal (CAP NHJ) is a quarterly publication featuring articles, scholarly works, and stories of interest to the greater CAP community. The demand for quality publications reflects the mission of the CAP NHJ to raise the standard of academic and organizational excellence.

If interested to submit an article, please see the contact information and requirements outlined in the journal issues.

Unit Histories

The preparation of unit histories is an essential component of the CAP Historical Program and historians at the squadron, group. wing, and region level are asked to submit an annual history every calendar year.

Each year the wing historian who produces the best wing history is awarded the Colonel Lester E. Hopper, CAP Wing Historian of the Year Award.

Historical Monographs

CAP historians are encouraged to undertake extended studies of topics relevant to Civil Air Patrol history that result in the completion of a detailed written narrative. Historical monographs are reviewed by the Chief Historian prior to publication.

Special Studies

Historical reports less extensive in scope or non-narrative in format may be published as "special studies." Special studies are approved by the Chief Historian prior to any dissemination outside the unit of origin. Studies of this nature may cover a wide range of topics, including (but not limited to) command lineages, uniform and insignia regulations, lists of personnel or missions, CAP customs, and specific events.

Oral Histories

In CAP, our most valuable resources are the people--past and present--who have made our work possible. CAP historians are strongly encouraged to participate in the creation of oral histories with long-term members, former members, leaders, and aerospace pioneers.

Books and Articles

Numerous books and journal articles provide information about Civil Air Patrol History.

Expand Knowledge of CAP History

Do you have an interest in advancing historical discovery? 

Are you aware of books, articles, or studies not listed here?

Do you own unique CAP records or artifacts that you enjoy sharing with others?

Would you like to create an oral history about your time in CAP?

Contact the CAP National Historical Staff to participate in the research, the writing, the preservation, and the dissemination of CAP history.