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%22Racing into the Future%22 Presentation, 2001.pdf
"Racing into the Future" Media Campaign

Cadet recruitment poster

Join Civil Air Patrol Cadets - combined.jpeg
Cadet recruitment poster from 1944

1945 Encampment.pdf
Form detailing the curriculum at a 1945 summer encampment held at George Field, Lawrenceville, GA

Accent on Youth.pdf
Cadet Program Pamphlet from 1961

Aviation and You (1957).pdf
Aerospace Education Texts and Workbooks from the late 1950s.

Ambassadors with Wings
Air Force Special Film Project 251: CAP

Army Air Forces and Aviation Exposition--Morris Field, Charlotte, North Carolina, 1946.pdf
Programs created for air shows and aviation expositions that were sponsored by the Civil Air Patrol

2012 Southeast Region Annual History
Annual histories submitted by Civil Air Patrol unit historians for calendar year 2012

2013 MER History.pdf
Annual Histories produced by Civil Air Patrol units.

2014 Middle East Region History
Unit Annual Histories from calendar year 2014

Brochure--Aviation Cadet Training for the Army Air Forces (1943).pdf
CAP Brochures from the 1940s

Summer Activities 1964.pdf
Booklets related to national cadet summer activities