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Army Air Forces and Aviation Exposition--Morris Field, Charlotte, North Carolina, 1946.pdf
Programs created for air shows and aviation expositions that were sponsored by the Civil Air Patrol

CAP Correspondence [Received]--Beck, Thomas H.--6AUG1941.pdf
Correspondence received in Civil Air Patrol capacity by Kendall King Hoyt

Brochure--Aviation Cadet Training for the Army Air Forces (1943).pdf
CAP Brochures from the 1940s

International Air Cadet Exchange Memory Book 1963.pdf
International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) Memory Books

CAP Presentation_93_001.JPG
CAP slide show briefing, c. 1993

%22Racing into the Future%22 Presentation, 2001.pdf
"Racing into the Future" Media Campaign

Aviation and You (1957).pdf
Aerospace Education Texts and Workbooks from the late 1950s.

NEC Minutes_2004_MAY copy.pdf
Minutes and supplemental documents from meetings of the Civil Air Patrol National Executive Council

National Board Minutes 2004_Winter.pdf
Minutes from the Meeting of the Civil Air Patrol National Board, 2004-2012

CAPM 50-2 Cadet Log Book and Guide JAN-1959.pdf
CAPM 50-2 Cadet Log Book and Guide, 1959

2014 Middle East Region History
Unit Annual Histories from calendar year 2014

Cadet recruitment poster

Join Civil Air Patrol Cadets - combined.jpeg
Cadet recruitment poster from 1944

1945 Encampment.pdf
Form detailing the curriculum at a 1945 summer encampment held at George Field, Lawrenceville, GA

Cadet Program booklet from World War II

Accent on Youth.pdf
Cadet Program Pamphlet from 1961