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Helen I. Murray Scrapbook pt 1.pdf
Scrapbook kept by CAP member Helen I. Murray of Los Angeles Squadron 5, California Wing from 1944-1946

Army Air Forces and Aviation Exposition--Morris Field, Charlotte, North Carolina, 1946.pdf
Programs created for air shows and aviation expositions that were sponsored by the Civil Air Patrol

Notes for Aircraft on Submarine Patrol, 15APR1942.pdf
Documents used in Coastal Patrol training

Personnel File--Correspondence [Application for Commission]--26DEC1940.pdf
Documents from the Personnel File of Kendall King Hoyt

CAP Correspondence [Received]--Beck, Thomas H.--6AUG1941.pdf
Correspondence received in Civil Air Patrol capacity by Kendall King Hoyt

Brochure--Aviation Cadet Training for the Army Air Forces (1943).pdf
CAP Brochures from the 1940s

International Air Cadet Exchange Memory Book 1963.pdf
International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) Memory Books

CAP Presentation_93_001.JPG
CAP slide show briefing, c. 1993

%22Racing into the Future%22 Presentation, 2001.pdf
"Racing into the Future" Media Campaign

Aviation and You (1957).pdf
Aerospace Education Texts and Workbooks from the late 1950s.

NEC Minutes_2004_MAY copy.pdf
Minutes and supplemental documents from meetings of the Civil Air Patrol National Executive Council

National Board Minutes 2004_Winter.pdf
Minutes from the Meeting of the Civil Air Patrol National Board, 2004-2012

CAPM 50-2 Cadet Log Book and Guide JAN-1959.pdf
CAPM 50-2 Cadet Log Book and Guide, 1959

2014 Middle East Region History
Unit Annual Histories from calendar year 2014